Helping our new cat find peace and love

January 8, 2021 | 57 comments


For over a year, my wife had been thinking about bringing a new pet into our home, so in the middle of last December we visited our local animal shelter to see what we might find.

My wife fell in love with a three-month-old male kitty that had been found abandoned in our community a couple of weeks previous. We filled out the papers and brought him home.

One problem. The kitty was terrified. He had been so calm in the pound, but once he was free to roam in our house, he acted like there was an enemy in every corner. He searched for hard-to-find hiding places, and wouldn’t let us get near him—ever. It was disheartening, to say the least.

I realized that he was probably bringing his last three months experience in the wild into our home with him. He acted like he had been taught to fear for his life and to not trust anyone, including us.

In my prayers for this little one to find comfort and peace, I mentally stripped the label of a scared cat from his individuality.

I knew that God’s cats are God’s beloved ideas, and they are born of Love, not of fear. I knew that this cat had a primitive spiritual origin in Mind that could never be lost, even temporarily for a few months when fighting to survive in the wilds of mortal mind. I prayed to see this cat in his right Mind, in the divine Mind, where there is only the comfort and peace of divine Love to know and feel. This Mind of God, which was the Mind of this cat, had no memories of a fearful past. It only knew the present love being showered over it.

Snickers, the name of our new cat, responded beautifully to our prayers. Each day there was progress as fear dissolved and trust took over. We didn’t human will his behavior, but let Love inspire him to find trust and faith on his own.

Two weeks later, Snickers was roaming around my office, jumping on my computer desk, walking across my printers, prancing on my keyboard, slinking through my bookshelves, and all kinds of other things that happy playful cats do. I was filled with joy when he jumped onto my desk and sat smack in front of me on my papers, and stared me in the face with a look of, “I trust you, and I’m here to be loved.”

57 thoughts on “Helping our new cat find peace and love”

    1. Thank you, Angie, for this outstanding article! Loved sharing it! Thank you, Evan, for the gift of SpiritView!

  1. How precious to bring that dear cat into your atmosphere of good feelings.
    And you fulfilled the promise in Mrs Eddy’s poem:
    “And for you make radiant room
    Midst the glories of one endless day.”

  2. I’m so happy for Snickers and you! As Science and Health says, “What blesses one, blesses all.” What a blessed kitty to share home, “the dearest spot on earth,” with you! Snickers is going to be such a blessing to you too. I believe they know when they’ve been rescued and really feel gratitude, although they may act like it was their divine right to be taken care of! Pets teach us so much! Thanks for sharing the Good News!

  3. Wonderful healing today Evan. Our pets are just like any member of the family and just represent love and loyalty as such.
    Some months ago my son ,who lives next door , bought a puppy and with a shared garden his puppy and our dog romped around endlessly. One day my son said he was worried his pup had ear mites and the vet said they were extremely contagious . He wasnt sure the 2 dogs should mix. However, with an open garden it was nigh on impossible to separate them plus with such warm days everyone had their doors open. We just let them play together. A few days later our dog was showing extreme distress with the same condition. Indeed we took him for a walk and he just constantly kept sitting down to scratch his ears. My husband said a vets visit was on the cards but agreed to wait til the next morning to make an appointment. My first thought was that not only was the condition a lie but nothing could interrupt the continuing companionship my dog was giving both us and this lovely pup next door. I wonder if the fact that an animal isn’t bogged down with intrusive negative thought as we can be sometimes.. but by the time his tea was put out the scratching had completely stopped and our dog showed no more evidence of distress. It was a beautiful answer to my prayers so quickly.
    I am so grateful for CS and how we can turn to God instantly for help. No appointment necessary❣️

    1. Thank you Barbara. I love how you proved a truth accepted as true, and trusted, is all that’s necessary to reveal the truth about any erroneous view. No laborious process is required if we’re just willing to trust the truth, as true, when it comes to us.

    2. Did you hear me chuckle? YOU GIVE YOUR dog TEA? I am astounded, and puzzled, does your dog drink the tea? The picture of your dog and drinking tea has tears running down my cheeks, with the humorous picture I’ve envisioned!! Just the thought of serving tea to a dog makes me chuckle, then giggle, then laugh. Thanks for sharing how your dog likes tea. I needed to pivot at that moment, with a whole new scene, than the one I was having at the time!!!! Thanks again, and have a happy happy New Year, I look forward to your sharing again, much love,

      1. Dear chilesands…now I’m laughing! It’s just how I refer to my dogs last meal of the day…however, Charlie is a Labrador and would drink tea if given the chance! But, an extra laugh in the world is just so necessary now . This forum is so wonderful, full of Good News and happiness. Sending Love.❣️

    1. Dear SV Fan,
      Thank you so much for this reminder to keep military people, and veterans, in our thoughts and prayers! Also our brothers and sisters in jails and prisons, who face unthinkable circumstances every day, sometimes for decades. Love is the only true presence and power, the only Mind.

  4. This is a wonderful treatment, not only for the cat but for anyone suffering from PTST. I know of many people who had rough beginnings according to the human scene and these Truths are a perfect solution to take away fear. Thank you Evan for giving us such clear evidence that applying God’s of One Mind, no past but the Spiritual one, does heal.

  5. I want to also thank Angie for sharing link to Susan Booth Mack’s article…what a blessing for me today!! J

  6. Snickers looks so contented in the photo, one can almost hear him purring.
    He Knows now he is at home in Love, as we all are. Companion animals, especially dogs, give such unconditional love.

  7. I think this is my favorite article you have ever written. It is so perfect to envision for people just as much as sweet animals. wow thank you.

  8. Evan,
    Thank you for sharing this healing! Snickers looks so confident, happy and at peace! Animals are such a blessing and are so receptive to love!

  9. How very precious. One that touches the heart. Something certainly needed right now. Love’s blessings to all.

  10. I Love this! Like Kathy, I’d prayed for a year about getting a kitty, adding to my little family of 2 dogs. I was brought together 5 weeks ago with a rescued kitten, and we’ve been happily blending into a newly energized family with this playful and affectionate family member. I gave a testimony last week about the harmonious merging!
    Thank you for sharing your important lesson

  11. I love Evan’s testimony; a big thanks to you and to all commenters. Mary Baker Eddy tells us, “God gives the lesser idea of Himself for a link to the greater, and in return, the higher always protects the lower.”
    (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 518:13–15)

    Also reminded of hymn 182 in the Christian Science hymnal, “Make channels for the streams of Love, where they may broadly run; And Love has overflowing streams, to fill them every one.”

    As I type this, my rescued tuxedo cat joined me on the table and reached out with his little kitty tongue to send love to all.

  12. What a beautiful pussy cat, and wonderful that you were able to see through the false image
    and show him the love of God which you reflected upon him which caused him to lose his fear,
    and enable him to become a treasured family member.

    Several years ago a beautiful young cat appeared daily outside our house, and spent some
    time every day playing – chasing leaves, and jumping on and off the tree – just very kitten-like. so I guess she must have been quite young. We put a cardboard box outside for her to sleep in at
    night because it was very cold. She used to use it.

    A friend who had been a vetinary nurse saw her one day and said she thought she was
    pregnant, and really should be indoors as it was so very cold. So I tried every day to make myself known to her by taking out food and offering it to her from my hand. She would spit at me, and grab it and run off. I did this for some time, and eventually I managed to ger her inside, but she was
    still very wild and evasive, and frightened of us.

    Well, the upshot was, we went on loving her, knowing her to be God’s spiritual idea, and
    we were representing God’s care for her. Eventually she had her kittens, and she became
    really docile – she was a wonderful mother to her kittens. If we picked one up, she would
    snatch it back and take it away to her bed. We kept one kitten, and found homes for the
    others, and she became very loving with us, and would sit on our laps and purr loudly.

    I have always treated any problem for my various cats with Christian Science, and I have
    never resorted to taking them to the vets. I have seen many healings of various kinds
    through knowing the truth about them, and loving them. Sometimes i would sing Mother’s
    Evening Prayer to them when they seemed tp be sick. They would always respond.
    Animals are so receptive to the Truth and especially the Love. We can know that if C.S.
    heals our pets, how much more should we rely on it for our fellow man, because we
    have seen it heal.

    Thank you, Evan, and thank you all the other responders. We can gain so much from
    observing our pets.

    1. Dear Evan – thank you so much for sharing Snicker’s story and picture. What a gorgeous furry friend.
      Also thanks to Maggie for sharing her wonderful story
      Both stories truly warmed my heart reminding me of God’s eternal goodness.

  13. I love the name Snickers!! Sooo sweet!! And the story is precious’

    Let us all who have been “fighting to survive in the wilds of mortal mind” in what has seemed to be such a threatening and fear filled year, find this same peaceful transition into the arms of divine Love in 2021!!

  14. Want to ad a thank you to Barbara for sharing the impressive healing of her son’s dog. And gratitude and love to all of you!

  15. Had tears in my eyes when reading this! Our pets teach us so much in practicing CS because they are so receptive to the Truth! Love to Snickers and all our animal companions!

  16. What a happy, happy story about little Snickers new adventure with your family. Truly heartwarming! Thank you so much for sharing.

  17. This brought tears to my eyes, because the exact thing happened to me when I adopted an abandoned cat a year ago. Thank you for sharing your story and reminding me that Divine Love always heals.

  18. Loved your sweet and powerful story Evan. Your last truth sentence really stood out to me. I expanded it a bit and wrote on a heart-shaped post-it “I trust You, Steadfast Love, and I’m here to be loved and to love.” This is so true for every part of. God’s creation and we can apply it to our dear members of Congress and everyone in govt,, our police forces federal and local, and every citizen. We are all protected from negative fears, thoughts and actions by feeling the love that is All.
    Thank you, SpiritView family, for all your love-motivated comments!

  19. Our sons cat Peppurr was found under a trailer in Texas. Her mother had been hit by a car. She traveled from Texas to Michigan in a backpack via motorcycle. She had many healings through Christian Science over her 18 years, 4 with us while son was in the USNavy. Her loving nature toward our prayers for her made her trials disappear almost instantly. We should all be so receptive to our Father’s care for us! Thanks to all those who add such spiritual substance to each day on Spiritview and to Evan for this daily bread. Ellen

  20. Thank you for sharing this sweet experience of Snickers with us. I love the picture of him as well (I assume that’s Snickers in the picture.)
    I love dogs & cats but I’ve never been able to commit to having a pet because I have to sometimes travel for many months at short notice and must just close the door and leave town, not knowing when I’ll come home, so having this responsibility is not possible for me, at least thus far in my experience.

  21. As a dear friend always says, “God associates His ideas.” I have always felt that with every rescue dog I’ve had. Isn’t a coincidence that we’ve come together.
    Thank you Angie for the joyful article today.

  22. Thank you for this “Spiritview”!
    Growing up I think I had a wary regard for animals. They sometimes seemed fun but also unpredictable and scary. My thought about them began to change when I learned about Christian Science. Over the years I have come to appreciate and love them more and more. They are such wonderful reflections of Life and Love.
    After watching My Octupus Teacher, my awe for animals has expanded even more. A wild Octupus and a man forming a loving bond – amazing!

  23. Thanks you so much, Evan, for sharing this precious healing and thank you for opening your home to this little one! Pets are blessings and give us love and companionship. I know Snickers is feeling loved and safe!!

  24. Five years ago I found myself alone and desired to get another cat. I thought about it for 2 years as I live in a mountainous area and my pets need to live indoors. I also desired a mature cat that was raised indoors so it took a while and I started to think I wouldn’t find the right one. I reversed that thought and prayed knowing God provides and I just needed to be patient and his provision would become evident. That week a picture of what I always referred to as a black and white cow kitty appeared in the newspaper for adoption at the shelter. I immediately went down to meet her and found Bessie who was 4 years old, had been kept at the shelter for 4 months, was always a indoor cat whose owner had to leave her. I immediately adopted her and she has been a perfect companion. Very loving and happy. I have had many cats and a couple of dogs over the years and have seen many demonstrations with pets and family. I am in my senior years so having found this loving cat has been a blessing.
    Thank you Evan and commenters for sharing your experiences with pets. Thanks for introducing us to Snickers.

  25. Thank you for this beautiful demonstration of Love in Action. This story really warmed my heart. Animals are amazing teachers for us. So important to see beyond mortal labels and ideas to the truth of Snicker’s (and all of ours) ongoing spiritual perfection.

  26. This brought tears to my eyes. Animals are such a gift from God. I find my animals always respond well to Christian Science and often read the lesson to them. Thank you for sharing this beautiful healing. Blessings to all today. Much love!

  27. My cat, Sweetie Pie, found us and we have had her for about 11 years. She is definitely a Christian Science cat. Twice in past years she seemed to be passing on (ate something wild) and within an hour of my call to a practitioner for help she was perfectly well.
    P.S. The best comb for the long hair is metal with two lengths of tines that can get to the undercoat. Sweetie Pie gets combed once or twice a day to keep the tangles out.

  28. Such an utmost beautiful cat, Kathy! I suppose you prayed to find the right cat. And I think this cat specially needed your home to be healed and comforted.
    Thank you, Evan for sharing with us this beautiful demonstration of God’s Love for all His wonderful creation – man, animals, plants etc. ! I love all your great testimonies as you show us through your prayers the true nature of God, the grand creater which is absolute LOVE, and Love is the healer. And you let us also clearly be aware, that all creatures of God naturally respond totally to the powerful divine Love! Thanks so much for it ♡
    In my schooltime I had a siamese cat. And I also wanted a new cat here where I live now, with a garden. But regrettably that would not be wise as the one neighbor has a big and a smaller dog and the neighbor to my other side has two luttle dogs. So I regrettably had to decide not to have a cat.

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments!
    Much Love to all!♡

  29. Evan, thank you for this beautiful demonstration. My daughter wanted a cat very badly. We went to the Animal Shelter and came home with a precious ball of orange fur. We named her Belle. Though she was was only three or so months old and tame while we held at the shelter, she rapidly displayed the symptoms of fear and distrust of me and my husband. (She loved to snuggle with Heather.) Two years later she is still Heather’s cat and skittish around us. Evan, Your beautiful testimony shows me another way to handle this situation. She is a good cat and deserves to be healed of her fear and feel God’s love for her. What a beautiful opportunity she has given me to prove this. Thank you for showing me how to heal the fear falsely draped. on her.

    1. Rosie, thank you for opening your home and heart to a new orange ball of kitten. I love that a new approach has come to you to include your daughter’s kitten into your loving home. I can feel the LOVE from here!

  30. What a lovely story to bless a difficult week. It reminds us that good is still omnipresent in small, simple joys and to look for those in perilous times. Thanks for sharing this reminder through a narrative.

  31. Thank you Linda for the spiritual truth you mentioned, namely … that good is still omnipresent … this absolute truth is what I just needed while it is over midnight here.
    Am grateful for the possibility here on SpiritView to give and receive helpful and healing comments!♡

  32. What a magnificent creature, showing love and happiness, trust and peace. Lucky cat to have found you and Kathy, Evan~

    1. Haha, I would say rather that Kathy and Evan where lead to that utmost beautiful kitty needing such a loving and hraling home!!

  33. We certainly have a lot of animal lovers on this blog. I have adopted older chihuahuas and cats. Cats always find me. I am without a cat since June.
    This cat was difficult and I just kept him for 13 years and prayed. He died a death of peace in my living room while I was away.
    I also adopted a 7 year old Chi from a puppy mill who was catatonic. with love she is now 12 and amazing. Some family members felt her sad to look at but are amazed. I adore her.

  34. Love, Love, Love!!!! Any animal experience always leaves me with a warmth of God’s sweetness. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience!

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