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January 26, 2021 | 19 comments


Do you ever get depressed and discouraged about lockdown orders and social distancing rules limiting your engagements because of the pandemic? If so, there’s a way to see beyond it all and gain inspiration coming from God that enables you to prosper anyway.

Here’s a piece I wrote for the Christian Science Sentinel, titled, “Keep on singing,” that explains how to do this.
Published January 21, 2021.

19 thoughts on “Keep on singing”

  1. ‘I love Thy way of freedom Lord
    To serve Thee is my choice
    In Thy clear light of Truth I rise
    And listening for Thy voice
    I hear Thy promise old and new
    That bids all fear to cease –
    My presence still shall go with thee
    And I will give thee peace.

    Though storm or discord cross my path
    Thy power is still my stay
    Though human will and woe would check
    My upward soaring way
    All Unafraid I wait the while
    Thy angels bring release
    For still Thy presence is with me
    And Thou dost bring me peace.

    I climb with joy the heights of Mind
    To soar o’er time and space
    I yet shall know as I am known
    And see Thee face to face
    Til time and space and fear are nought
    My quest shall never cease
    Thy presence ever goes with me
    And Thou dost give me peace……hymn 136

    Thank you for today’s uplifting blog Evan.
    Love to all❣️

    1. By: Violet Spiller Hay. Founder of First Church of Christ Scientist, London, England. A studnt of Mrs. Eddy. You can hear her voice if you “Google” her name. She left this hymn which keeps me singing too! Hymn #136 Heavenward

    2. Thanks Barbara and David, what a powerful and freeing hymn. To be honest as the “pandemic” goes on, I’m feeling more free than ever in my life. I decided from the beginning that this was an opportunity to really delve deeper into understanding God and our relationship with each other and God. Not going to lie, I have had to work several times to unclasp resistance to many aspects. But each time, as I get a false sense of self-importance and self-righteousness out of the way and accept a little more humility and grace as both my gift and duty, the freedom from new levels of understanding is so incredible.

      One real eye opener for me was when Evan asked the question in his Sentinel audio talk a while back, “what are the real issues underlying everything going on?” Immediately I came up with fear, human ego, belief in evil as real, and control. Then treating thought on those things seemed so much more easy to feel like I’m making a difference in realizing the blessing and spiritual lessons that we are meant to get out of all this. We have such a gift from God,

  2. It’s 3 am here & I’m up praying for healing of a loved one….then this arrived! Oh, this is so uplifting & perfect, my thought immediately changed to really KNOWING the joy of God’s complete creation- well & whole & free! We ARE free of fear, of old beliefs of suffering.
    How grateful I am for this article and the perfect delivery right when I needed fresh inspiration.
    And thanks to Barbara for the reminder of one of my favorite hymns. I memorized & used this when I was learning to fly decades ago- it’s known as “the pilot’s hymn” – countless times I’ve sung it through weather or other flying difficulties – and, of course, in every day circumstances. Like today!
    Love to all

    1. Annie in your sharing one can really feel your change of thought to really knowing.. it reminded me of Mrs. Eddy’s statement about the birds: “ The fowls, which fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven, correspond to aspirations soaring beyond and above corporeality to the understanding of the incorporeal and divine Principle, Love.”
      S&H 510:28f
      Birds soaring and our knowing will never leave us confined or limited..

  3. So grateful for posting this Evan as I was unable to open it when first posted on the Monitor page. Very inspiring. It brought to mind hymn 533 in which the last line of each verse is ‘How can I keep from singing’. It also reminded me of the wonderful duet you played with your friend Olin to the tune ‘You raise me up’ – see May 20 SpiritView. Music can never be confined and is such an inspiration in times of trouble. It certainly does raise us up to soar and sing!

  4. Thanks Evan, for including your article,
    and MBE’s statement, “The enslavement
    of man is illegitimate”

    Hargreaves. “God is the singer, we are
    the song.”
    Thus the song is continually being sung
    even if we are unaware at times.
    We are the song God sings.

  5. Evan,
    Lovely article! What a wonderful Bible story and so relevant to our times! Wonderful how we can apply those same principles to our situation today!
    I love what you have shared, “God is the singer, we are the song.” We are love being expressed, love in action.
    Thank you all who have shared wonderful ideas today!

  6. Evan, thank you for your skillful composition and orchestration of SpiritView! Your blogs unleash thought to climb the heights of Divine Mind, and reveal the beautiful harmonies of Soul. So deeply thankful for all of you. We are “like brother birds that soar and sing….”!!!

  7. Thank you once again for this melodic subject! Poetry and music, rejoicing, uplifting exprssions of Spirit. God is singing and we are his song! A great way to picture our reflection of His likness. In happy refrain with one another arm in arm. Never isolated from our heritage and free to demonstrate the power of His lovingkindness. We will live and sing with one another in perfect harmony.
    Sing into the face of adversity. And it will be disloved, unheard in the atmosphere of perfection.
    Perfect peace unto all, this blessed day.
    On this day in 1620, The Mayflower set sail for the New World, from England.
    Reaching Cape Cod in November, with one hundred aboard, they set the framework for the first colonies in America. Fifty survived the cold winter with the help of the Indian tribes.
    A new place for the freedom to worship as they pleased. The nesting place for a new song.
    Thank you almighty God for those who set out to pilgram this new place for Christianity to prosper.

  8. As a mom of a pilot I love Hymn 207 Mothers Evening prayer by Mary Baker Eddy. “……..Thou Love that guards the nestling’s faltering flight! Keep thou my child on upward wing tonight………Beneath the shadow of His mighty wing…………” Very comforting to me. Let us all keep on singing. Thank you all,

  9. When troubled, “Sing until you feel like singing”. Singing always lifts your thought and maybe that’s how the birds fly – they’re always singing.
    Thanks Evan for the uplifting words.

  10. Thank you for the link to your article. Very helpful thoughts! We are NOT alone. I had looked in my Jan 18-25th Sentinel and did not see it. Evidently there is a lot online now that I don’t have access to.

  11. Evan, thanks for keeping our thought lifted high and soaring with God. I love that image. Heartfelt greetings and love to all Spiritviewers!

  12. Am very grateful for this wonderfully lively block SpiritView. Thsnk you very very much for it, dear Evan! Thanks for your article here!
    What a gorgeous idea, to sing hymns! And the healing result of singing praises to God is seen in the biblical stories where angels open the gates of the prison .
    Today’s prison is an error to be overcome. When I am tired I sing hymns, mostly by MBE and that is healing.
    Thank you Barbara for the loved hymn 136.
    And thank you Trista for the link to Evan’s wonderful talk on Sentinel Watch in November 2020.

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