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March 29, 2023 | 23 comments

Would you like to be more confident in your decision-making? If so, perhaps it’s time to better understand your purpose.

I explain in this video how understanding your purpose in life leads to clearer thinking and better decisions.

This vlog was filmed in the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado, when my wife and I visited the area in September 2022.

23 thoughts on “Know your purpose”

  1. This is a really wonderful thought to explore – thank you, Evan.

    This hymn seems to answer the question:-

    Who was that man in Galilee, / Healing and teaching beside the sea? / What was the power that made him strong? / How can we learn to sing his song?

    He told us, / I am the light of the world, / I am the light of the world, / So follow me and shine out / For I am the light of the world!

    Why are we here, and who are we? / What is his purpose for you and me? / Our little light seems small and dim / Next to the blaze that comes from him!

    He told us, / You are the salt of the earth, / You are the light of the world. / So follow me and shine out / For you are the light of the world!

    Christ is the light with which we shine, / Lit from within by this love divine. / Step out with courage, dare to go, / Give from the heart the love you know.

    He told us, / We are the salt of the earth, / We are the light of the world. / We follow him and shine out / For Christ is the light of the world!
    (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 600:1–6)

    1. Thank you for that hymn Maggie it’s a favorite of mine and I enjoyed reading those words today.
      The hymn seems to say that our purpose is to recognize our inner Light that God/Love puts in us and let it pour out everyday. Each day He will show us how.

      I wonder if we each have one overarching purpose for our entire lives or if it changes over time or there are smaller purposes along the way.

      I heard a TV preacher say that if we forget everything she was teaching to just remember this one idea, Trust God and Do Good.

    2. Thank you for giving us this lively, joyful hymn this morning, Maggie ❤️
      Now we can sing it ~ & radiate its message~ all day❣️
      Thank YOU, Evan & all

  2. Thank you for your insight into what makes our purpose. That really hits home for me as I have been struggling with the need to know what matters. I have also enjoyed watching The Chosen as it is the best one I have seen regarding Jesus and the apostles.

  3. How very special to be treated to these wonderful vlogs!
    Like a seagull or an eagle flies on heavenly wings of God’s
    direction in Spirit, so, too, can we glide through thought
    and enjoy the now, wherever we are or wherever we go.
    With Spring coming, and being retired, I love seeing the flowers
    come up in the garden for those who go by on the road to enjoy …
    (Wish I could share them with you all here, as each is so precious
    in it’s unique beauty), as are each of us, with such spiritual qualities.
    Enjoying the unconditional love of the dogs, beautiful scenery, deer,
    birds, butterflies, bees, learning the Truth and praying for the challenges of
    the world and enjoying the Love shared here or wherever we are, is
    so appreciated and gives my life purpose.
    Thank you for sharing that lovely hymn, Maggie and all for inspiring thoughts.

    1. I wonder if perhaps the comment in the vlog “…as you figure out your purpose…” is simply an invitation to go deeper into communion with God to discover a more individual way for each of us to truly live the: “glorify God and live in his Kingdom now” purpose. I know I can stand to go much further with it!

  4. Thank you Evan. Our purpose is living the Christ by following the footsteps of Jesus .I have this experience that when we are honest in decision making,we would always get things right. In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy we read on page vi: 1-2. To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings.

  5. I love the Chosen. There is an app called Angel which shows all 3 seasons. I think its the best one of Jesus so far. Thank you Evan for mentioning it.

  6. I also love The Chosen… the most life changing thing I have EVER seen. Ive always liked Bible movies but THIS “ series” throws everything else into the shade. I say “ series” in quotes because it feels soooooo real , so true and authentic it feels superficial to call it a series . It is a LIFE presented to us with enormous sensitivity that truly brings out how we each have our purpose in life and though it often seems hard, we need to DO OUR PURPOSE ! I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who wants to really feel how it probably was back then. The actors do not seem like actors at all, so perfectly “ chosen” for their roles . After reading the Bible all my long life I NEVER EVER actually FELT that kind of spiritual presence and the enormity, the authenticity, the depth and breadth of peoples experiences when they interacted with Jesus as I have watching the first 3 seasons ( twice) No wonder he changed the world . This series has changed millions of lives actually . The actor who plays Jesus is a deeply religious spiritually sincere man who really feels the intensity and power of the responsibility of portraying the best msn who ever lived here. Keep watching … it just gets better every single episode but don’t waste time listening to the director at the start . A good sincere Christian man but terribly hyped up and it ruins the gentleness and power of the episode . Thanks Evan gif mentioning this as it should be compulsory for all Christians to watch ☺️

  7. Thanks very much Evan, for your wonderful Vlog of yesterday! Yes, I understand that my purpose is to follow Christ Jesus in that, what you said to express and glorify God and to live in God’s Kingdom, in the consciousness of Love forever!

  8. Evan I love your videos so much. I really hope you can consider joining Tiktok to share your videos….there could be an easy way to edit them to fit the format but you could reach millions of people. I hope you might look into it and don’t believe the negative fearful hype – tiktok is a platform like no other. It is the most educational tool on the planet and the most democratic. I’d love to chat about it more if you are interested and if any of your readers here agree with me please chime in! I can’t tell you how many inspirational videos and educational videos I’ve watched on this platform. The algorithm will reach spiritual seekers of truth. I would be happy to show you what I mean….much love!

    1. That’s a good idea Tricia – I don’t use tTicToc but regularly post SV on Twitter – these wonderful spiritual truths need to go out into the ether of human thought – as they are already doing in the consciousness of all who read /share them ..The leaven of Truth !

  9. Thanks Tricia! I am aware of Tik Tok and have wondered about using it. But mostly, it’s a time issue for me. I have my hands full with my practice, and what I’m already doing online. But I will keep your recommendation in mind! And who knows what might unfold… Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thank you Evan and thank you one and all for the inspiring thoughts and suggested hymns and articles. Wonderful wonderful wonderful! So perfect with which to start my day .

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