Learn to sail with God

June 22, 2023 | 24 comments

Lovely weather so far; I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.

~ Louisa May Alcott, Little Women, 1869

Travel with God’s hands on the helm of your ship, and you’ll make it through any storm.

24 thoughts on “Learn to sail with God”

  1. Thanks Evan. Just last evening during the Wednesday testimony meeting, a friend shared her experience of how she and her friend stilled the storm on the sea, when they were on a cruise. They were warned to take care, but instead they went to the deck and started singing all of Mrs. Eddy’s hymns. Shortly afterwards there was a calm and it was announced that there was no cause to fear and that all was well.
    It’s very important to attend Sunday service and on some years ago on a Sunday morning it started raining cats and dogs, heavy downpour and I was all dressed up to leave to attend the Sunday service, when a family member remarked. “Where do you think you are going in this heavy downpour, you won’t get trains. Drop the idea and stay back.” I assured her If there are no trains, I shall return home.
    I prayed with God is in control of the weather and the shepherd will take me safely surely to the church.I got a nice empty train, was very comfortable and train reached my destination earlier then ever….very soon sunlight broke through the clouds and the weather was beautiful. Thanks to Mrs. Eddy for her wonderful discovery and for the teachings of Christian Science. Thanks to God and to Christ Jesus our way shower.
    Grateful to Evan and all my friends of Spirit View for their lovely sharing of articles and beautiful comments which are so encouraging and good. Love you and bless you all.

    1. Thank you so much, Nergish, for sharing these wonderful testimonies. I love the idea of going
      on deck during the storm and singing all of Mrs. Eddy’s hymns, and the storm ceased. I did that once when I was feeling ill (you might call it a storm in my consciousness) and decided to drive to a friend as arranged. I sang all of Mrs. Eddy’s hymns all the way there as I drove, and arrived completely free.

      I also loved hearing about how you didn’t let the weather deter you from attending the Church
      Service. When we trust that God is in control of everything, including the weather, we are in
      control of our own lives.

      What a boon is Christian Science, the laws that free us from all false material conditions.
      Thank you Evan for your daily posts, and for everyone else who shares – and especially
      to Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy.

  2. Thank you Evan for this lovely reminder.
    When I think of mankind’s ongoing quest thru the centuries, for new lands, new adventures and unfolding ideas, I am grateful that it is all going on in Spirit. The developing ‘sense’ might feel mightily challenged as it sails forth into seemingly unknown territory, but our divine Mind is the only adhesion, cohesion and attraction, therefore the true man-ifestation is a foregone conclusion of perfection and pure joy. May we be Prophets in the true sense, seeing spiritually, and may our “record be true”
    “Though I bear record of myself, yet my record is true: for I know whence I came, and whither I go; but ye cannot tell whence I come, and whither I go.” John 8:14

  3. One day in my area there was a sudden weather and violent storm alert. We do not often have wild weather here, but we were getting warnings on TV and local mobile phones as well. People were told to bring in any loose items that were in their yards and tie down anything that was too big to bring inside. This is an extremely unusual type of warning for us. As the afternoon progressed, the wind was picking up loudly and heavy black clouds quickly covered the sky so that no blue was showing. By 5 pm it looked serious and I went outside to look at the now flashing lightning and see the trees blowing around. My immediate thought was “Wow THAT’S A LOT of energy going on up there!” Then just as quickly I remembered how Mary Baker Eddy stilled a very destructive storm that was coming for their town and how she expected her staff to pray about the possible destructive action of weather. I also thought of Jesus saying PEACE BE STILL and the immediate calm that followed . As I looked at it I suddenly felt very calm and said out loud “YOU do not impress me! “Let us feel the DIVINE ENERGY of Spirit, bringing us into newness of life and recognizing no mortal nor material power as able to destroy!!” and then …”we are subject to the DIVINE powers that be.” (S&H p. 249:6–9) I looked at the vast black sky and knew that God is greater and this is nothing but the manifestation of the fear that the TV reports had been ramping up about. As I went back inside and started making the evening meal, I knew that “perfect Love casts out fear” and so it cannot be a cause. About 5 -10 minutes later I realised there was no noise outside. I went back out the same door and the black clouds were now light grey and quickly being blown away revealing a big patch of blue sky in the middle. Within 10 minutes the wind has completely gone and we had a clear quiet starry night. I will never forget this! It has given me confidence in the magnificent all-encompassing power of God , LIFE , Spirit , ever since.

  4. Thank you all for your comments and your insights this is our hope in glory. I treasure this site for many reasons and greatest one is the absolute confidence in God’s Universe.

  5. Thank you Diane W. Another lovely demonstration of the power of divine Mind over material false fears.

    In perfect peace, with tumult stilled, / Enhavened where no storms arise, / There man can work what God hath willed; / The joy of perfect work his prize.
    (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 93:4)

    We can put up our spiritual sails and journey on safely, making challens for the
    streams of Love.

  6. Thank you Evan. Thank you all for your lovely testimonies. I woke up one night, and there was heavy down pour of rain which sounded like a waterfall. A thought came that this will lead to a flood. Immediately I refuted this thought and declared, that God does not know of such rain and I cannot know it too. I declared, All is infinite Mind and it’s infinite manifestation for God is All- in – all. 468 of Science and Health. The rain stopped immediately. There was calm. Such rain never came again, until the rainy season ended. God’s presence and power was seen as ever available.

  7. Dear Evan what a timely message!! We are on our way to join friends for a day of sailing in Maine.
    The sun is shining and the sky is blue. We know that God’s Love will fill our sails. Thank you

  8. As a pilot, I really must rely on God’s presence to carry me so many seeming storms. I’ve witnessed a sudden opening of the clouds, a shift in wind, and, of course, that wonderful sense of calm when I consciously acknowledge God’s power and presence.
    When I was just learning to fly, my Mother sent me a copy of him 136, which I memorized, and later learned, is referred to as “the pilots hymn.”
    Here it is:
    I love Thy way of freedom, Lord,
    To serve Thee is my choice,
    In Thy clear light of Truth I rise
    And, listening for Thy voice,
    I hear Thy promise, old and new,
    The bids all fear to cease:
    My presence still shall go with thee
    And I will give the peace.

    Though storm or discord cross my path
    Thy power is still my stay,
    Though human will and woe would check
    My upward-soaring way;
    All unafraid I wait, the while
    Thy angels bring release,
    For still Thy presence is with me,
    And Thou dost give me a peace.

    I climb, with Joy, the heights of Mind
    To soar o’er time and space;
    I yet shell know as I am known
    And see Thee face to face.
    Till time and space and fear are naught
    My quest shall never cease,
    Thy presence ever goes with me
    And Thou dost give me peace.

    And of course, so many’s favorite hymn 148;
    In heavenly Love abiding,
    No change my heart shall fear;
    And safe is such confiding,
    For nothing changes here.
    The storm mirror without me
    My heart may low be laid;
    But God is round about me,
    And can I be dismayed?
    (this is the first stanza)
    These two hymns, and so many other wonderful assurances I’ve learned through studying Christian Science have protected and cared for me in all circumstances, quelling , whatever storms arise – – whether they arise in the environment, within relationships, or my own thought.

    I’m so grateful.

    1. LOL, Annie, Our comments passed in cyberspace and
      Hymn # 148 came to mind at the same time. After I typed
      and posted my comment, I had seen yours. As you mentioned
      Hymn #136 is a great one for this topic, also. Thank you!

  9. Thank you all for the smooth sailing angel thoughts shared here this morning!
    So helpful and beautiful and calming. I actually enjoy God’s rain and it
    refreshes everything to it’s natural state of divine harmony. When thunderstorms
    approach, it can be a bit scary and seeing them off in a distance I always think
    and pray with the hymn #148:

    “In heavenly Love abiding, No change my heart shall fear;
    And safe is such confiding, For nothing changes here.
    The storm may roar without me, My heart may low be laid;
    But God is round about me, And can I be dismayed? …
    “Bright skies will soon be o’er me, Where darkest clouds have been,
    My hope I can not measure, My path in life is free;
    My Father has my treasure, And He will walk with me”.

    This hymn has been so comforting to me in so many ways
    and I have turned to it very often.

  10. Thank you Evan….for this and all your insightful and opportune Spirit Views. And I am increasingly appreciative of comments that have provided so many original insights and personal experiences involving the daily topics. They are all very relatable.

  11. Hi all dear SpiritView friends!
    You know, today I feel as if I’m sitting together with you all in a testimony meeting with all your really wonderful demonstrations and with the suitable hymns to this meeting. I stand in awe to your testimonies today and I feel very blessed by it. Thank you all very very much for your loving and healing comments.
    It is just raining here, and I call it a blessing rain, as we need it a lot. But in God’s realm cannot happen a destroying rain and thunderstorm, what we often here in the news after such a thunderstorm. The rain God gives us blesses the whole earth and therewith God’s children as well.

    Thank you very dearly, Evan for your lively, loving and healing SpiritView Blog!♡

  12. Coming from this state where there are four seasons, each has it’s
    own unique wonders, but also sometimes storms, that can appear
    quite ominous. These challenges can take the form of wind, drought,
    blizzard, downpours, extreme heat, extreme cold, thunderstorms,
    hail, etc. But knowing that we are protected by God’s almighty
    presence is always comforting and His loving care is so appreciated.
    On a side note, my neighbor appeared, to pick up a lot of cat food I
    had stocked up on and was so glad to give to her as she knows someone
    who is not well off, who takes in strays and could definitely use it. She
    had been away and I’ve had it in the hallway for her, so was so glad to
    have her pick it up and put it to good use.

  13. Took sailing lessons with a friend. Went with her and husband on a two day race to an island and back. Big party on the island. My friend and I skipped and went to bed. Next day people who had been at the party were feeling lousy and did not eat. My friend and I were refreshed and had a hearty breakfast. No wind that day and the fleet was just bobbing like corks. Finally the skipper went below to sleep and handed the boat over to my friend. We had been taught that even when there seems to be no wind, there is still puffs of air movement that you can detect and get power to the boat, but it takes great concentration. We did this and after a couple of hours we had left the fleet way behind. Only one boat was with us. The biggest boat in the race with the best sailors on it. We felt comforted that they were there to guide us. Up ahead everything was white. We watched the other boat sail into the cloud and we followed. Inside was a white squall. It was literally one minute no wind and blue skies and the next we were flat on our side. We had never been in such a whirlwind, but knew what to do from our lessons. We put up the smallest sail and reached the marina in about 45 minutes. I wanted to go in, but the finish line was just past the entrance. And the big yellow boat was just crossing it. Many boats had to be towed in–some masts broke.

    Life lessons: 1) get good training. Study the Bible and Science and Health
    2) keep yourself pure. Don’t follow the crowd. You will be stronger and more alert.
    3) When things are easy, don’t kick back. That’s the time to really buckle down and be vigilant. Then you will spend less time in the storm.
    4) Don’t give up just before the finish line.
    5) Follow Christ leadings. Always there to guide and encourage you.

  14. God bless all who ‘sailed’ in the Titan submersible, and on the Titanic also. There is no death. God’s blessings on all of us as we sail through life’s adventurous lessons.

  15. From Prose Works, I love this sentence: “into His haven of Soul there enters no element of earth to cast out angels, to silence the right intuition that guides you safely home.”
    Years ago my family often sailed on Long Island Sound. We were out one beautiful afternoon when we noticed black clouds gathering down at the NYC end of the sound. My mother had the intuition that we should head back to the Harbour and call it a day. My Dad listened to her and we began to sail for home. We got our keel boat moored , took the sails down, and hailed the motor launch to carry my parents, my little brother and me back to the pier. No sooner had we climbed up to the platform at the end of the pier when a powerful unpredicted squall suddenly hit with such force that we all had to grab anything stable to stay upright. It didn’t last more than 4-5 minutes, but many other keel boats that were involved in races out in the Sound capsized and sunk, it was a costly process to retrieve those boats later. My mother was the devoted Christian Scientist in our family. I know we were all grateful for her alertness on that occasion

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