Let God be your “here”

July 9, 2018 | 16 comments

Are you in your right place today?

Many people believe they are in their wrong place. Perhaps in the wrong job, the wrong city to live, the wrong relationship or marriage, or the wrong financial situation. They mentally fuss and fume about what to do about it.

There is a solution!

If you ever feel stuck in the wrong place, move your sense of place from matter to Spirit.

In Spirit, there are no limits to how much of God’s goodness you can experience in the moment you are in. It doesn’t matter what job you hold, what address you claim, or who you’re living with. If your thinking is in the right place, your experience will rise to it and improve along the way.

There was a time when I felt strongly that I was in the wrong job, but I couldn’t see a financially feasible way out. At first, I was discouraged and despondent; but then, I started to apply the rules of Christian Science to my situation.

Rather than seeing myself locked into a physical circumstance, I saw myself as a spiritual being reflecting a Spirit-God. I moved my sense of place from matter to Spirit.

My sense of “here,” became spiritual, rather than physical. God was my “here,” rather than the office I commuted to each day.

As I kept my thought illuminated with spiritual light and love, my days grew brighter and my experience happier. I still felt I was in the wrong human job but started to trust that God always kept me in my right place. My number one job was to stay spiritually inspired and let God lead me as God saw fit. And that’s what happened.

After several months of steady, inspired prayer, and being grateful for everything I already had with God, one day, the divine command came clearly to resign and move to another city. I was obedient, and all the human details fell into place better than any human mind could have ever imagined.

So, when your thinking is in the right place, you will always be in your right place.

Let your sense of “here” be God, and you’ll always be in the best place.

16 thoughts on “Let God be your “here””

  1. Thank you Evan, Beautiful post. This example is how I know that God is leading the way. When all the elements fall into place which I could never manage or even in some cases imagine.

  2. Evan, what a wonderful post; it reminds me of a poem I LOVE (from a Sentinel a long time ago I think):

    I am the place where God shines through,
    for we are One not two,
    He wants me where and as I am,
    I need not fear, nor will, nor plan.
    If only I’ll be relaxed an free
    He’ll carry out his plan through me!

    Thanks so much for this reminder! I’m always in my right place doing good, knowing Good, feeling Good!

    1. Thank you Sharon for sharing this particular poem. I have researched the poem Sharon shared. Neil Patrick Carrick, the author, was somehow made popular by Edwin Markham, Universalism in Poetry. As a child many times healing came through these words, as Nana, my grandmother would be called on to care for me, and all her grandchildren, all through childhood, and this was her first thought to calm them and me, and share God’s Love with us, then she would treat us by reading citations from the Science and Health and the Holy Bible.

      1. Hi, so glad to hear this poem! It’s wonderful, and I will treasure it.

        However, I must respectfully disagree as to its origins; it might indeed be by poet Edwin Markham (d. 1940), as contemporary minister Neil Patrick Carrick says in his bio of Markham, but there doesn’t seem to be any direct evidence of that. Its author is unknown.

        Another good poem is Markham’s for sure, as Carrick quotes:
        “He drew a circle that shut me out-
        Heretic, a rebel, a thing to flout.
        But Love and I had the wit to win:
        We drew a circle that took him in!”

  3. Thank you Evan! Praying this way helped me when we wanted to buy our first house and couldn’t seem to afford anything in our area. Instead of being discontented and critical of our rental, I started being grateful for every little thing. I claimed all the qualities I wanted to live with, beauty, light, spaciousness, functionality, love, as being present spiritually. I expressed more love for my present surroundings- even painted and did some home improvement projects. One day we got a call that a new home in a new development had opened up ( they had been sold out) the price was under market value and affordable to us. We were able to buy a brand new home which met the needs perfectly of our growing family. So grateful for the teachings of CS!

  4. WOW! Such healing words of Love and inspiration, and so important to remember every moment of every day! Thank you Evan! And thank you for all the lovely and helpful comments!

  5. Thanks so much, Evan, for this thoughtful and inspiring blog. I have moved many times in my life some unexpected, some forced by circumstances, but I have ALWAYS been my right place – even now in a cozy, 587 sq. ft. condo in the city, having moved a year ago from a 4 bedroom home in the mountains. I am close to family and church – what could be better! Thank you God!!!

  6. After having been together for about 40 years, we have seen quite a lot of situations. If I looked at mortal mind’s history, it is mind boggling we are still here.
    But lately we have had moments of profound gratitude, that with all the hand wringing and loss of sleep, and all the rest that goes with worry and fear, we were protected and led to where we are. I know where the credit is due and we just did the footwork. I pray each day that I will be able to relax more, stop whining, and follow. It is an everyday practice.
    I feel stuck in my job and I need to see I am where I need to be and the path is being prepared for me,knowing my needs and happiness better than my small sense can appreciate.

  7. Susan Pocklington has an album called Rest in His Love with a song entitled “I am the Place” with the words to the poem mentioned by 2 sharers. It is very inspiring and beautiful and can be found on CD Baby. Singing with the song is such a wonderful way to rejoice in our true being and purpose. Thank you so much for this and all your BBs(blessing blogs,) dear Evan!!!!

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