Let prayer be your routine

November 5, 2018 | 21 comments

“True prayer should be a way of life, not just a case of emergency.”

~ Unknown

Prayer is much more than saying the “right words,” affirming spiritual truths and spending quiet time with God. Prayer is how you live your life. It’s an action, not a speech.

Expressing love, voicing truth, showing compassion, healing one’s neighbor, are prayers in action. There is nothing superficial, shallow or temporal about this kind of prayer. It changes the world for the better, and you too.

Let prayer be how you live your life, not theory about how you’d like your life to be.

21 thoughts on “Let prayer be your routine”

  1. Thank you dear Evan, wonderful again!
    Yes, but the valuable quiet time with God and the speech with Him lead us to the right, joyful doing and acting which healeth and blesses us and all.

    Am grateful for this blog as it lifts us always up to loving spiritual platforms where I have a solid stand! A blessed day for us all – I am looking forwarrd to it 🙂

  2. MBE says “desire is prayer” (S&H)so every time we want to do right we are praying.
    This thought has helped me with the Bible command “pray without ceasing.” (1 Thess 5:17 KJV)
    Thank you for this post.

  3. Yesterday morning the word “fresh” came into my thought while I was praying. Every day is fresh with new ideas sent from Love, which carry us through our day, Nothing is routine, nothing is the “same old, same old”. That gave me a new view for each day. Thank you, Evan for your “fresh ideas” each day.

  4. Expressing love and compassion is truly prayer in action. But very often we don’t realize this as part of prayer. We pray and study for hours together, but when it comes to expressing love and compassion or extending help and support, we back out or make excuses. The funny part is, people don’t realize they are missing on an opportunity to be Godlike and good. “The good you do and embody gives you the only power obtainable”.
    “God never punishes man for doing right, for honest labor and for deeds of kindness.”
    Thank you so very much Evan for this lovely truth you shared today. We must know that doing good, being kind, showing compassion, praying for healing a neighbor and for world problems, is definitely part of daily prayers. In fact our prayers are incomplete without good deeds going hand in hand with daily prayers and meditation.

  5. Thank You, Evan, for your Expansive Ideas! Yes, Prayer is so much more than reading the Bible and Science and Health, the Bible Lesson, saying the Lord’s Prayer, reading Sentinels and Journals and Heralds, etc. Prayer is Living Life from the Heart of Compassion and Loving everything about this Wonderful Life we’ve been given….even the Ups and Downs….as that is How We Grow. I go to an Ecstatic Dance Group on Sunday mornings where we rejoice in Music and Movement and Fellowship and Honoring Ourselves In the Spirit. It’s sometimes called: “Sweat Your Prayers”!! May everyone find the Prayer that most fits with their desire to honor the Spirit of Life! Much Love, Bevi

  6. When alone
    I think of God…
    When busy
    I think of God…
    When I’m down
    I think of God…
    When feeling good
    I think of God…
    A careful observer
    might ask….
    Why think of
    God so much…
    So often….
    When this is asked
    of me … I think
    of God… yearning
    for the answer
    they will understand
    and satisfy…

    1. Hi Maximo, your poem is so lovely and near to God – thank you for it.
      May I please add as usual something to it?
      … and surely with God
      the answer is already at hand!

  7. God is beyond our littlest or greatest need. This was proved at church yesterday. My husband and I arrived 45 minutes early as he thought he was ushering. Discovered he was scheduled for next Sunday and would not be available. We prayed to know we would find a substitute. I was standing in the Reading Room when the phone rang. The caller was another usher saying he was running late.. I asked if he could exchange for next Sunday and he said that would really work better for him! I was able to fill an absent post at the back door, and the service and attendance were wonderful..I just spread my arms up to God and said, “How did you know.?.?” Such a smal thing, but answers to prayer are immeasurably great

  8. True prayer is a way of life. Thank U, Evan & all. A great message for another beautiful Monday. I’m so grateful

  9. Thank you , Evan and all.
    Years go I was told “For one look at error…take 10 looks at the Christ.”
    I am grateful for the Word….brings comfort and understanding….but also we do need to “practice, practice, practice”…Be the living expression of God…Life, Truth, and Love.

    1. thank you Kathy, that’s well said and a wonderful thought ,,for one look at error take 10 looks at the Christ.” The Christ is the healing Truth ever active in us – so good!

  10. Thank you, Evan and everyone for your comments. I keep a teeny tiny notebook that I carry in my purse for writing down inspiring messages to look at during the day. I’ve written down a few from today’s posts. Thank you!

  11. It’s not just the reading and studying….it’s the really living our prayers…putting our prayers into practice.This blog was so helpful and uplifting to me today. Thank you so very very much.

  12. Evan, this was just the advice I needed this morning. Thanks Ellen for sharing your experience. And, to all of the others who have contributed.

  13. Thanks, Evan, and all. As the old saying goes, “Action speaks louder than words.” We can let the light we’ve gained from praying shine out on all we meet, and prompt us to do or say that which blesses them.

  14. A practitioner told me years ago that a person could know the Bible and Science and Health by heart and study for hours a day but if they don’t put what they have read into practice every hour of every day they really have not learned. Someone on TV said “Don’t be a Sunday only Christian.” Something to think about! Maximo, your poem is lovely.

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