Don’t be impressed with yelling

November 2, 2018 | 23 comments

Have you ever been yelled at by another person for no obvious reason? Perhaps you state what is an obvious truth to you, but they don’t understand your perspective, and they react in anger, telling you how wrong you are and then they try to make you feel little or out of line? Its not a fun experience to go through, but if it does, there’s some spiritual perspective that can help you master it.

One truth I find helpful to remember is that loud yelling is no more impressive or influential than quiet whispering. A higher decibel level does not make anger more impressive, influential or scary. Error is error is error and no amount of yelling makes it a truth.

If faced with irrational yelling, face it down metaphysically with the truth that God is in control of the situation, not selfish temper. Know that there is one Mind only on the scene, causing everyone involved to express thoughtful discernment, rational reason, and respect for one another. Stay clear that man expresses the temper of God which is always patient, kind, thoughtful and considerate. Don’t be impressed by the “show” mortal mind is trying to put on in front of you. Refuse to be a mental audience for error, and spend all your mental energy on vehemently declaring spiritual truth about the situation that serves to defuse the anger, silence the outburst and restore peace and harmony.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “It requires courage to utter truth; for the higher Truth lifts her voice, the louder will error scream, until its inarticulate sound is forever silenced in oblivion” (Science and Health, p. 97).

Don’t let the yelling intimidate you or cause you to back down from what is right. Truth and Love must have the final say, and they will triumph when you hold your spiritual ground with what is right. The yelling can cease.

23 thoughts on “Don’t be impressed with yelling”

  1. This is good for any error being aggressive. Being that it’s getting aggressive only shows its imminent self destruction.

  2. Yelling is nothing but fear. When working with disturbed, angry children, I found that the ones yelling out were the ones most afraid. So, a calm voice usually helped the most. I also think pain is yelling. Yelling to be noticed and the still small voice of truth is most effective.

    1. Thank you so much for these calming and comforting thoughts, Evan. I have always loved, ” It requires courage to utter truth; for the higher Truth lifts her voice, the louder will error scream, until it’s inarticulate sound is forever silenced into oblivion”. Ohhh yeah…. sometimes error tries to scream pretty loudly, like in the graphic. It Seems pretty virulent, even encouraged, in so many ways these days, but it is comforting to know, that with one Mind, God, Love, the Truth will prevail. Thank you, Karen, for sharing this article, also. Very helpful.

  3. Gratitude Evan. This week’s lesson in Sc&H uses the phrase “ floodtides of Love…” it meets every need of mine…Thank y’all for your helpful thoughts and have a God-filled day!

  4. Also in this week’s lesson Ephesians 4:31, the word clamour is translated as shouting in The Voice and a couple other translations. Other translations use quarreling. Very timely.

  5. Behind Anger is always Pain, Hurt and Fear. Noticing our Anger, feeling it inside ourselves can be a useful tool to show us that we are Hurting. Feeling our Anger doesn’t mean we have to express it outwardly. We can Feel it, Deal with it and then Heal it, just by allowing it to BE and breathing through it. Anger isn’t Bad, it isn’t Error and it isn’t Evil. And we don’t have to feel Guilty when we feel it in ourselves. It’s a natural Human Emotion and we all have it to Feel at different times in our lives. The trick is not to suppress it or deny it, but to Allow it, Acknowledge it, Talk about it, Write it out. Scream into a Pillow, Beat the bed with a baseball bat, talk to a Professional Therapist if the Anger seems to be Extreme, Constant and Disruptive – in order to find out what’s REALLY behind it. It’s often some deep pain that is crying out to be Healed! Feel, Deal and Heal!

    1. Hi Bevi,
      Someone shared the following quote with me and I want to share it with you;

      “When you’re in a dark place. You sometimes tend to think you’ve been buried. Perhaps you’ve been planted. Bloom.”

      The idea that someone has buried you can cause a great deal of anger. But, the idea that you have been planted for a purpose dissipates the anger and encourages one to express all the beautiful qualities they are. Much love to you sister.

  6. Overtime I have responded less and less to yelling. One time, I thought what’s wrong with me? shouldn’t I be offended? Mortal mind is so creative. Ha

  7. I wish I had had these insightful comments years ago when a family member regularly screamed or yelled at me for over 30 years. However, I can go forward from today, and know that Love’s voice was actually present in all difficult situations. And always will be.

  8. I love the ideas here! Thank you Evan and contributors! The way I think about this is that if God is thinking Love and therefore we are manifested by God thinking us, it doesn’t really matter what error is screaming because it isn’t the Truth (or what a person listening to error is screaming, because it is not true). Mortal mind (the lie about creation) presents to us that we are created in matter instead of created by Mind. It actually isn’t a creative mind itself, just a misconception of life. So, a person believing this lie might scream at us if they believed in anything other than Love being in control. They also might feel very justified in feeling a great deal of fear and releasing those emotions on others around them. And, by knowing the Truth about creation, we can see them as God seems them – a loving child just held by a false belief that needs to dissipate. And, we can love them even when they are screaming at us because we can see right through it. That person might be listening into mortal mind’s “radio station” so to speak. If only they would change the channel over to what God is saying they would see it. In fact, we might find ourselves feeling a great deal of love and empathy for this person because they are not seeing the Truth and they are so fearful about mortal mind’s story of creation.

  9. I have always loved the expression that when error speaks, nothing has been said. Even so, when anger is yelled, nothing has been yelled! Right where that seeming aggressive material sound appears to be, is the still small voice of Truth uttering itself and pouring forth the Love that dissolves the problem, whatever it claims to be.

    1. I’ve never hard that expression, Jane. It is SO helpful. Thanks for sharing. I love Evan’s article and will remember especially “Refuse to be a mental audience for error.”

  10. Thanks to all for the helpful comments. Having been the recipient of abusive language and yelling, I had a lesson to learn. I’m so grateful for what I’ve learned: to not react, and, instead, to forgive. It has been a major turning point for me. I finally thought, “Thank you because you are making me see the real man, not what’s being presented to me.”

  11. Thank you, Evan…and all.

    More Love expressed..always the answer. And in reading this week’s lesson…..on sin being punished..not God’s man…..I zeroed in on one statement..”It is easier to desire Truth than to rid on’s self of error.”
    But we keep keeping at it! We do not condemn ourselves but the error of belief.

    1. You are right, dear Kathy, Love is always the liberaler and healer.

      With regards to the sentence you mention from this week’s lesson sermon, it is a bit funny – ha – that at least in former times, I vehemently jelled at the error I face to stop but nearly forgot to let truth in in order to heal the situation completely. I think today I could do better meanwhile, at least I pray to be able to do better

      Thank you Kathy and all for you helpful comments.

      Thank you, Evan for your SpiritView of today. What a wonderful lesson!!

  12. Thanks for the of the input on this subject. I have been on the receiving and giving end of yelling and angry thoughts. Wondering how to suppress my anger and see the other in a more spiritual light. This article has helped to show me where to begin and realize it it just error raising it’s ugly head. Another thought that was presented to me is -. there are too many minds or egos in the room. There is only one Mind, Ego that governs us.
    We are governed governed by spiritual laws and divine Principal. Thank you Evan for your daily inspirational thoughts that have helped me to see my true being as God”s child and how to turn a negative into a positive.

  13. Thank you all. I learned many years ago to just remain calm, know the Truth about the situation and calmly say “I am sorry you feel that way.” I then walk away and if again confronted the same with “no further discussion unless you can do so calmly”. God truly does meet every human need.

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