Let the protests transform into change

June 8, 2020 | 55 comments

As I watch scenes of protest being played out across my nation and in many cities around the world against brutality and racism, my heart weeps for change. How can this time be different? I wonder.

I’m not a political or social leader that can enact new policy, I know, but I’m a citizen of the population and what I think makes a difference, I decided. Change starts with me.

In my prayers for change, I look out into the thousands of people protesting, and the thousands of police charged with defending civility armed with shields and helmets, and I see children of God in every person. They have common ground to share. They have one Father-Mother to call their own.

I believe it is possible for people to get along with each other, to respect each other, to value each other, and honor each other’s individuality, regardless of skin color, when they see each other as equals.

Racism is not a person. It’s a false belief that one person is superior to another, and this false belief can yield to an understanding that all are created equal under one God.

We are all children of God! Material distinctions should never divide us. Our spiritual commonality serves to unite us.

I pray that all people see past skin color to the child of God within that is as worthy of the same love, respect, and honor as any other child.

One child of God is not superior to another. Everyone is equally worthy and needed.

I pray that the legitimate protests end not in vain but spark a revolution of thought that encourages people everywhere to see each other as equals, regardless of skin color.

The enemies to reform are not people, but selfish attitudes and ignorant beliefs. The good news is, that evil producing attitudes and beliefs can be changed and reformed with truth, love and understanding.

The first place to promote that change is with me and you.

“How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony!” Psalm 133:1, NLT.

55 thoughts on “Let the protests transform into change”

  1. Thank you for this message. We are all children on God, the same Father-Mother. The is nothing that can divide us.

  2. Great blog, Evan. It reminded me of a Spiritual sung in my youth. I don’t know the author but the Oak Ridge Boys did a recording of Standing in the need of Prayer:
    It’s me, it’s me, it’s me, oh Lord
    Standing in the need of prayer
    It’s me, it’s me, it’s me, oh Lord
    Standing in the need of prayer

    Not my father, not my mother
    But it’s me, oh Lord
    Standing in the need of prayer

    Not my sister, not my brother
    But it’s me, oh Lord
    Standing in the need of prayer.

    Not the people that are shoutin’
    But it’s me, oh Lord
    Standing in the need of prayer

    Not the members I’ve been doubting
    But it’s me, oh Lord
    Standing in the need of prayer

    Not the preacher, not the sinner
    But it’s me, oh Lord
    Standing in the need of prayer

    Not the deacon, not the teacher
    But it’s me, oh Lord
    Standing in the need of prayer

    It points a poignant finger at the mirror! Change starts with me.

    1. The words in this song teach me what is missing, simply pointing out the humbleness and humility needed to look within for THAT change most needed, to Love one another as thyself, the way God loves us all.

  3. The most important aspect to address IMO is fear. It’s the fear that one group poses a threat to another, a greater threat – and that justifies an aggressive response.

    Praying for all to see and respond to the child of God in each of us, is indeed imperative. We are all siblings, all God’s children – all worthy of respect and love. I’m so grateful for the examples of this that have emerged during this time.

    We are all spiritual; loved and protected by our Father/Mother God: the one and only true authority. Matter isn’t real. Matter doesn’t matter!

  4. Thank you so much for this. I am most grateful for these strong and important declarations of the equality of all men and women as God’s beloved children, and of the truth of Love. I join in praying for healing of racism, rancor between people of different races. God sees us all as equally precious and needed, so we must see each other that way too, irrespective of race. Cultural differences can be lived, without causing fear. To honor God, and through the love of God, we can express brotherly love and mutual respect toward all men and women. We can begin in our own hearts —humbly— and reach outward, and, based on Christly truth, we can lift our thoughts up to God’s view of equality among men and women. Racism has no basis in God, Love, so it must be healed.

  5. That is so good, James! I love that song.
    With regards to racism the thought came, that God doesn’t know anything about racism, rather He knows everything about His creations made in His image, perfect and beautiful and loving. I thank God for His so interesting creation, man, created in so nice various colors . I love them all, and they all express wonderful divine qualities. Thank you God for all our brothers and sisters you gave us!
    Am very grateful for your SpiritView Blog, which is so comforting and healing. Evan, you lead us to think more deep about all the important toppics, you bring up in this loving blog. Thank you!

  6. Jesus was quite clear that we should put God first and love one another . We are all the perfect manifestation of the all knowing..all present ..all loving God. Every such thought held is never lost but will bless us all. In Truth there is no separation , no colour, no hatred and we must hold steadfast to this, knowing that we are all the beloved children of God. Thank you for today’s blog Evan. I often think that The book of Psalm has a beautiful answer to every human circumstance ! And then MBE enlightens us with the spiritual interpretation ….true blessings.

  7. Dogs don’t see color, stripes, spots, size, weight, male, female. They just want to love and be friendly to everyone! Surely we are just as able to see the spiritual goodness of one another, aren’t we?!

  8. Ellen thanks for the reminder that “fear” is the leading error in racism and James thanks for the healing words from “Standing in the need of prayer”.
    My prayer is “Lord open my eyes that I may see the good good in all men.. that my heart will be open to the lessons of love “.
    I remember in High School learning a poem that included the words”Love and I had the wit to win we drew a circle and took him in.”.
    Thanks Evan for this platform to share ideas so we can all draw a bigger circle and take each other in.

  9. This is what I hear folks saying about the riots, “What good is this going to do?“

    Thank you, Evan, for the answer!

  10. Evan, I am so very grateful for your bog and for all of the wonderful contributions that are shared. It has contributed greatly to my spiritual growth. John, thank you for mentioning this poem. I have it on my refrigerator door. Love to all, Karen

    by Edwin Markham (1852-1940)
    He drew a circle that shut me out —
    Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.
    But Love and I had the wit to win:
    We drew a circle that took him in!

  11. Circle of Infinity
    Lyrics by Carolyn Kardinal
    Music by Carolyn Kardinal

    Within the circle of Infinity
    Our lives unfold in ageless harmony.
    No unfinished line nor crooked beam,
    No ragged edges nor tattered seam.
    Unbroken threads of Life’s tapestry
    Reveal the freshness and promise of divinity.

    Within the circle of Infinity
    We find abundance, strength, and purity.
    Being unfolds in the beauty of Soul,
    Undisturbed, unchanging, whole,
    Timeless as joy, blooming eternally.
    Complete and perfect in reality.

    Man cannot lose his high estate;
    He cannot fall or have an uncertain fate.
    God’s creation has his purpose defined
    That emanates from immortal Mind.
    No lack, no sorrow, no insecurity,
    Just deathless life, undefiled and free,
    For man to God is reconciled,
    By Christ as God’s beloved child.

    Within the circle of Infinity
    Our lives unfold in ageless harmony.
    No unfinished line nor crooked beam,
    No ragged edges nor tattered seam.
    Unbroken threads of Life’s tapestry
    Reveal the patterns of Life’s continuity.

  12. Every day begins and ends with Love! Starting the day by loving God, staying focused on reflecting Him throughout my day (wherever I may go and with whoever I come in contact with), and thanking Him for His presence as I go to sleep at night knowing He is governing all. Ask God each day – How can I right now – love more, listen more, interact better with others, dispel any lingering false beliefs that have accumulated over time, and appreciate all? When we listen, God will guide us. We are able to make today the very best by asking God to show us the ways in which we can do better every single day. We have the solution for a better world – God is present everywhere and loves all of his dear children equally. It is up to us how to make good decisions and changes in each of our days for an even better tomorrow. Love to all! Know how much each of you are embraced with Love today!!

  13. Thank you for this message Evan and for all the loving comments made. Racism in its many forms was going on in Jesus’ day and before – you would think that by now the world would have come to its senses!! What came to me when I read this blog was a verse from hymn 196.
    “Let all that now divides us
    Remove and pass away.
    Like shadows of the morning
    Before the blaze of day.
    Let all that now unites us
    More sweet and lasting prove,
    A closer bond of union,
    In a blest land of love.”

  14. Evan,
    Thank you for this timely post. “Change starts with me.” In our community, there has been some discussion on Nextdoor, where neighbors get together and chat about different subjects that effect our neighborhoods. Late last week, A man came forward wanting to discuss race using the book “White Fragility” via Zoom. One by one neighbors signed up. Maybe in the future our local police department can also sign up to be in those discussions and to learn and see. There is common ground. But there is more than just talk about justice and reform that needs to take place as the departments try to distance themselves from these events. They need to listen and understand their stories. All members of our community need to be treated as equals with equal opportunities and equal rights to protection under the law. It is a start.

  15. Thank you, Evan, and thanks too to all have contributed such inspiring thoughts on this subject. We are so blessed.

  16. Thank you, Evan. I like that constructive protests, like constructive criticism, can lead to a “revolution of thought” and revised and better ways of accomplishing good. This may be happening in Minneapolis as they have committed to replacing their police as we know it today with a new publicly minded organization committed to public safety. It is a fresh way of thinking that is much more than a mere name change. Such transformative thinking certainly needs the support of the praying that knows the influence of divine Mind which is at work gravitating all to the reflective expression of divine Love.

  17. So many wonderful thoughts of unity shared here. Thank You all! As with so many things, the media tends to hype issues and fuel the fire, without first knowing the facts. It turns out the two gentleman had worked at the same place and racism may not have had anything to do with it. So this perhaps false premise has sparked such outcomes. We are all children of God and a lot of the divisiveness is just not true, that the media portrays. I am so grateful for this blog, shared truths and this spirit view of things that puts in perspective our real harmony and love for each other.
    Leigh Ann, what you had written about dogs is so true and they love Unconditionally. What could be better than that?

    1. Good observation Carol. I too, noticed mention of the years the two men, the policeman who kneeled on George Floyd’s neck, and George Floyd spent many nights over the years working at the same business as security for a nightclub. Media spoke about the fact that they worked in different physical locations, but for the same business. A false premise of “racism” could be a diversion from facts which could be revealed.

    2. Hi Carol,
      My perception is that the media just reported what happened and showed the video of it. Then the people who saw it came to the conclusion of racism. Then the media reported that the two men had worked for the same company doing the same job. It is those of us who watch and read that come to conclusions about what we see and hear.
      Many Blessings!

      1. Just because they knew each other and had worked at the same place doesn’t mean racism didn’t play a part in the officer’s action.

    3. Carol,
      Out of respect for Evan’s blog I will not write what I truly think about your post, other than your reasoning is so wrong. Have you not heard of all the police brutality and outright racism and hatred aimed toward the black community? Saying that the media hypes the issue is deplorable and I have no words for your remark about divisiveness not being true. I don’t share your truth.
      I’m sorry this has to be addressed on this wonderful blog but we have to stand up to blatant error.
      Thank you Evan for the wonderful words.

      1. I agree, Debbie, we must stand up to blatant error Wherever it comes from. To answer your question, of course, one couldn’t help but hear about racial injustice and no one is denying many forms of error exist from a mortal perspective and need to be addressed and healed. My point was, that a lot of times, media tends to stir up negativity ~ another type of blatant error, that tries to divide races, families, friends, over political leanings to gain power. From a positive and spiritual perspective, Most people want to get along, Are getting along, and Are Good people, including most police officers who truly want to help society. Divine power, the power of Love, is what heals… love and respect for one another. This is what makes us all equal, being One with God. (Just had to answer and clarify).

  18. Let us not be hypnotized, Animal Magnetism Unmasked. At the end of this article in Science and Health, the fruit of the Spirit moves. There is no law against it.

  19. Let us never lose our humanity, as Christ came to teach us.
    Without the humanity of Christ in our hearts, we are empty vessels.
    Christ died as a result of prejudice. Let us keep him alive in our hearts,
    and always remember that he taught us that we can transcend hatred
    with love. We are our brother’s keeper.

    Thank you, Evan!

  20. We are all familiar with what Mrs. Eddy said about abolishing slavery in our country: “The history of our country, like all history, illustrates the might of Mind, and shows human power to be proportionate to its embodiment of right thinking.

    A few immortal sentences, breathing the omnipotence of divine justice, have been potent to break despotic fetters and abolish the whipping-post and the slave market; but oppression neither went down in blood, nor did the breath of freedom come from the cannon’s mouth. Love is the Liberator.”

    A few sentences later she explained that “[t]he despotic tendencies, inherent in mortal mind and always germinating in new forms of tyranny, must be rooted through the action of the divine Mind.”

    Mind, intelligent Love, still has all the power, and always has had it. So-called fear and hatred are not real, and never have been. We cannot be, and are not, enslaved by them. They are distracting lies of mortal mind.

    Our reflected thought, coming to us directly from Truth, and guided by intelligent Love, is still potent NOW to break all so-called despotic tendencies and tyranny.

    This blog is so helpful in reminding us of this every day! Thank you, Evan, and all contributors!

  21. Thank you, Evan. I especially like the statement, Racism is not a person. It’s a false belief that one person is superior to another. We know that God created us equal and there is no higher power than that.

  22. Thanks so much for addressing this evil, Evan. And, commenters, thank you so much. I have especially enjoyed the poems and lyrics. I would like to add some of the lyrics to the song from Godspell, Day by Day:
    Day by day
    Day by day
    Oh Dear Lord
    Three things I pray
    To see thee more clearly
    Love thee more dearly
    Follow thee more nearly
    Day by day
    When we are all doing that it will be Heaven on earth.

  23. ” The conceptions of mortal, erring thought must give way to the ideal of all that is perfect and eternal. Through many generations human beliefs will be attaining diviner conceptions, and the immortal and perfect model of God’s creation will finally be seen as the only true conception of being.” Science and Health pg. 260 line 7. Thank you Evan for fostering wisdom, love, and spiritual progress. These blogs are such a blessing to the world!

  24. Thank you Evan and commenters. This blog is so useful as it continually reminds us of what is needed in our thinking and doing – keeps us on the ball.

  25. AWESOME everybody!
    Thank you all for your thoughts & comments.
    Happy Mother Church Annual Meeting.
    God bless us, everyone.

  26. I hope and continue praying for change also. My hope comes from the fact that my adult children are so much more “developed” then my generation in that they really see the person before the color. My hope comes from the racially diverse demonstrators. We are all standing up to this evil false belief and it is about time. BUT there is much work to do. There have to be plans and REAL change this time.

  27. Yes! And now let’s all sing Hymn 521: “Let there be peace in earth and let it begin with me…”

  28. Thank you dear Evan and all contributors!! And as Shirley says …”Happy Mother Church Annual Meeting” … today is Big with blessings for the entire world. My heart is overflowing with Love for All God made❤️
    Most Lovingly, Cay Dee

  29. Yes, thank you Evan ! This about sums up how I have felt for so so so many years – what color is God’s skin anyway?
    As first reader this week’s topic – RIOT with the POWER OF GOD!!!
    Hymn 499 included – innocent one sinless and pure, nothing can ever divide thee.

  30. cOME thou alltransforming Spirit, Bless the Sower and the seed.
    I NEED TRANSFORMATION OF THOUGHT ON this issue as there is much needs to be done on both sides of the issue. Gratitude for the
    good advise for any household, or nation . TTHANKS FOR BRINGING TO LIGHT OUR OWN REQUIREMENTS. EVAN.

  31. Thank you Evan for this blog. Thank you also to all those other comments and special ideas. It’s not just the racism that needs addressing. I spent a good deal of the day yesterday watching the protestors at the state Capital building protesting the “vaccine bill” as it was being heard in committee before going to the full House of Representatives later this week. All of your comments will help me keep my mind in line with Love and divine Mind and know who actually is governing and has power.. Thank you also UTA about your comment “I thank God for His so interesting creation, man, created in so nice various colors.” –So many colors like the colors of flowers or the rainbow or trees. I also never thought about what color God is.

  32. Thank you Evan and all. The following Journal article has stayed with me ever since I read it and I thought I’d share it to show that even some Christian Science churches were segregated for many years. I think that shows how imposing “crowd thought” can be on us if we don’t guard against it. With all of the statements in S&H about everyone being a reflection of God, how else could members of a CS church still allow segregation if not that others were “thinking for them”? How important to only identify with what God is thinking!


    1. Thank you so much, Brian, for sharing this article. I remember reading it when it was first published… It is good to be reminded of it now.
      What a wonderful Annual Meeting we had, closing with M.B. Eddy’s hymn 304 sung by people all over the world, just as we had it in last week’s Bible Lesson: “We, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.” (Romans 12:5)
      … And thank you always, Evan, for your daily posts and especially for today’s words. I am joining my prayers to those of all the others.

  33. I would be easier if it were just about racism, but unfortunately it is not. It is about political power and we all know that all power belongs to God. We should not ignore the aspects of focusing solely on physical aspects of human life such as skin tone or cultural disposition, but as Christian Scientist we need not be blinded by the political subterfuge that would deceive us from the purposeful error. Error needs to be exposed whether it be the mistreatment of a human life or a political purpose. As a Christian Scientist I can not condone responding in any other way than that which reflects Divine Love but neither do I need to be complicit with error in allowing it to hijack legitimate exposure of error.

  34. Mrs. Eddy states in “Science and Health”, page 512: 21, “From the infinite elements of the one Mind emanate all form, color, quality, and quantity, and these are mental, both primarily and secondarily. Their spiritual nature is discerned only though the spiritual senses.” I behooves me to examine the hue of my thinking, my spiritual senses.

  35. Thank you all for your comments. I love Kardinal’s lyrics, and have heard her singing them personally. She is so inspiring.
    About the protestations, it appears that we are only seeing two groups – police and protesters. And in doing this we conclude they all have the same attributes and they are antagonistic to each other. Wrong! We don’t need to call all bad or all good or all ANYTHING but LOVE. Each individual is God’s perfect creation of man and knows what is right or wrong.
    Pray, pray, pray, and know God is All-in-all.

    1. And deep gratitude for The Mother Church’s Annual Meeting. My computer seemed to have 3-second hesitations throughout the meeting, so somethings were missed, and we can go back to listen again. But the inspiring messages kept flowing. I loved meeting Mogi and Josh as well as the others on the Board and on duty to keep us together. I Love This Church!

  36. Thank you Brian for sharing Kay Olson’s Journal article. Kay was my teacher and I remember the day she related this story to our Association, as we met in that ‘very church’, with that balcony. After finishing listening to our Annual Meeting today, I feel this was the perfect day to share this story again. We are all one with God. He is creative Mind, just look around in nature to see just how creative our God is. We were ‘designed’ to love All that God made because God is Love itself. I am so grateful for the teachings of Christian Science!!!!!!
    Love to ALL, CayDee

  37. LOVE and JUSTICE are ONE. I am praying for the large majority of good policeman to hv the courage to stand up to the police culture which says you don’t confront an officer’s actions. Also the police unions need major changes because they make it almost impossible to indict an officer. With this week’s wonderful Bible Lesson, I’m replacing the word “God” with Divine Justice and Supreme Law–very healing. Thank you, Evan, for your willingness to open up the blog to this discussion for healing. What a beautiful day it’s been with our world-wide church family of healers, via our heart-felt produced Annual Meeting. What a privilege to be a part of it!! Thank you, all!!

  38. In keeping with Evan’s title about “transform into change”, I loved in (the Annual Meeting video)
    of the transformative power of love expressed between the father, Guillermo Calderon Rincon, and his son, Guillermo Andres Calderon Roja, when the Board of Directors traveled to Bogota / including Venezuela. When the children of the father began to study Christian Science, the father expressed he was the most fortunate man. The son expressed he had the fortune to be side by side with his father. How moving! Reports from the field have always been my favorite by far!

    The transformative power of love is an individual commitment for change. A book I still have from the City College library is titled ONE PERSON, NO VOTE – How Voter Suppression is Destroying Our Democracy by Carol Anderson, who is a Professor and Chair of African American Studies at Emory University. Not just voting, but seeing that each person has the right to vote is a basic right.
    I could list many books on social justice that opens our eyes, as White Fragility was mentioned, so:
    The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander or if you are not up to reading, then find all of these authors on YouTube for illuminating discussions.
    As well as American Lawyer Bryan Stevenson’s book: Just Mercy. All EXCELLENT READING!

    1. “Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson! Excellent place to start to understand and uncover the egregious error working in our justice system. Error has to be uncovered in order for it to be healed. Our prayers must result in taking practical steps to help society be fair for all mankind. One easy practical way to help is to get involved with the non-partisan national postcard writing project to help voters get registered. Look up “national voter corps”. with love, L

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