Live abundantly

April 26, 2010 | 4 comments

Do you have an abundance consciousness today? You certainly can.

With frequent news of people lacking jobs, opportunity, money, hope, health, and safety, it can be tempting to think one exists in a world rife with lack. To demonstrate supply, it’s essential to never soak this negative mentality in, for you live out what you believe.

We live in God’s universe which is prolific in supply!

Centuries ago, people uneducated and ignorant, looked out over the earth and declared, “Look, the earth is flat.”

The earth never was flat, but their uninformed perspective thought so.

The same rule applies to supply.

A limited material view of earth and life looks out and declares, “Look, lack is everywhere!” It sees what it believes.

The truth is that supply is everywhere. Jesus Christ proved it. He found supply whenever he needed it and wherever he needed it. Food to feed the hungry appeared rapidly. Money to pay taxes was readily available. Safety in the midst of an angry mob was present. Health where incurable disease abounded was found quickly. Life in the face of death was demonstrated.

Life is filled with supply. We never ever lack, Jesus proved beyond question.

So, are you living in an abundance consciousness today? You are going to find what you expect.

God is All. All is God. God is supply. God is everywhere. God is all good, support, sufficiency, health, strength, confidence, life, mobility, vision, hearing, purpose and everything else that constitutes full happy living.

You always have God to lean on, depend upon and count on. You have it all.

Are you truly leaning on God, or are you believing in something less? The “less” is the lack.

The “bridge” to this allness and goodness is consecrated prayer, humble acknowledgement of truth and devotion to serving God.

Live in abundance today, and flourish. Success is all a matter of how fast you are willing to accept it what you already have been divinely given.

Think abundantly, see abundantly, and live abundantly. It’s more fun!

For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.” Jesus Christ

4 thoughts on “Live abundantly”

  1. What a wonderful reminder! Thank you so much for your abundant gifts of inspiration and love to all of us. So grateful to you Evan.

  2. How wonderful to be reminded of these important facts today Evan – thank you! And thank you for your recent lecture in Boston on the same topic. It was outstanding!

  3. Thanks, I read it one day later, but I had a so nice experience right yesterday when this article was written, about overcoming lack by accepting the God`s allness.
    The blessings are there, available for all of us, at anytime…

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