Live in a surplus not a deficit

February 24, 2010 | 3 comments

There are reports of deficits, deficits, and more deficits everywhere you read or look in the news media these days. Have you noticed?

The US federal government deficit is so large and numbing, that one trillion dollars lost here, another trillion lost there, don’t seem to matter anymore. Pensions are underfunded. State governments stagger under debt. Countries around the world are on the brink of bankruptcy. Deficits seem to be the norm, a way of life, to be expected.

One lesson a student of Christian Science learns, is to not go along with crowd-thinking when the crowd accepts lack and suffering as normal or unavoidable. We live out what we accept as true, and deficit existence is not any fun.

I doubt few would argue that deficits are good or shouldn’t be reversed. But in the meantime, while politicians, business leaders and those in decision-making positions figure out how to eliminate deficits and get budgets back into the surplus, it’s important for the everyday individual to come out from deficit thinking and not be influenced by it’s devouring suggestions.

The onslaught of bad news about growing and burdensome debt must be counteracted with spiritual truth to prevent that bad news from becoming our own way of thinking and expectation. We need to mentally dwell in the surplus of God’s omnipresent goodness that meets all human needs.

It’s like a patient who called me with complaints about being unemployed. I told him that just because the rest of the world believed in unemployment, didn’t mean he had to believe in it and experience it. God was his employer, and God keeps His workers fully employed. He found a job quickly despite a high unemployment rate.

The same rule applies to avoiding deficits. Just because the rest of the world struggles with deficit thinking doesn’t mean an individual tuned into spiritual reality needs to suffer. We each can make a decision, as Paul instructed, “To come out and be separate,” from the way the rest of the world thinks.

We live in a divine economy where there are no deficits. The goodness of God does not shrink, disappear or evaporate. It is infinite, unending, constant, and continuous. It manifests itself in forms of ever-growing and increasing evidence of supply.

The goodness of God is not a sum of money we spend. It is the infinite wisdom, intelligence, understanding, patience, contentment, gratitude and love of divine Mind that is abundantly available at all times to everyone. Through spiritual mindedness and devotion to God, not to self, we discover the presence of this ever-present supply and benefit from it. It meets human needs.

When we look to God for supply, we find surplus. The goodness of God is so huge, so magnificent, so bounteous, and so present, that it exceeds any view the human mind has yet to fathom. It truly is grand, and in an acceptance of it, there is no possibility of a deficit.

Be a surplus thinker! Be one who lives out from surplus. Don’t accept deficits as normal, unavoidable or inevitable. They are not. Any suggestion of lack is pure illusion, an unwillingness or ignorance to accept the bounty God has at hand to care for us.

When teaching thousands in the desert, and then faced with thousands of hungry people to feed, Jesus Christ resorted to surplus thinking to meet the need of the moment. He did not see the need as monetary. He did not take a loan out to borrow money and buy food. He did not incur a deficit. He knew God had met the need. He quickly found ample bread to feed the crowd. There was a surplus of food leftover from his spiritual demonstration of supply.

With all the hype and fear in the media today about deficits and budget holes, this is an especially pertinent time to strengthen one’s mental footing in the truth about God’s economy. In God’s economy, there are only surpluses, never deficits.

Live in God’s surplus, and enjoy the bounty.

3 thoughts on “Live in a surplus not a deficit”

  1. This was just what I needed today to help handle the belief of lack in our prison ministry not-for-profit activity. We know that right motives “give pinions to thought….” and a right spiritual idea cannot be deprived of it’s manifestation in abundance!

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