Look for the opportunity

January 28, 2021 | 33 comments


There isn’t anything good about the pandemic, in and of itself, however, it is an opportunity to prove the power and supremacy of God to triumph over the claims of the pandemic and keep one healthy, strong, and well supplied.

One does not need to suffer from the pandemic. With an understanding of spiritual truth, one can prosper despite it!

Look for the opportunity to prosper and run with it!

Health, happiness, and supply are spiritual, coming from God. They are not material states that can be taken from us. They are spiritual gifts that are permanently embedded into our being to be lived and demonstrated daily.

The pandemic does not come in between us and God, our source of infinite unending good. The pandemic is not a threat to health, happiness and abundance coming from God.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “The Christian Scientist has enlisted to lessen evil, disease, and death; and he will overcome them by understanding their nothingness and the allness of God, or good” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 450).

If there ever was a time to demonstrate the nothingness of evil and the allness of God, this is one of them!

Don’t waste a milli-moment entertaining pandemic-mania. See the present times as opportunity to prove the power and presence of God at work to keep one healthy and strong despite the pandemic. Stick with Truth and prosper.

33 thoughts on “Look for the opportunity”

  1. Page 293 of Science and Health contains wonderful truths to counter this “unreal material mortality” of pandemic, which “disappears in the presence of the reality.”‘
    Don’t we want that? This page brings out the falsity of both mortal mind and body — nobody is subject to either! It brings out that the gases and forces — like the air that is supposedly poisoned or the movements and actions of this supposed evil –are substance-less counterfeits of the REAL movement and atmosphere, counterfeits of what’s actually going on: “the spiritual forces (influential movement, armed might, conscious allness) of divine Mind, whose potency is Truth, whose attraction (what we are drawn to) is Love, whose adhesion and cohesion (what sticks to us, what holds us together) are Life, (which is doing what?) “perpetuating the eternal facts of being. (And what are these facts? Look at the bottom of the page:) “universal harmony, the entireness of God, good, and the nothingness of evil.” What has always and will forever be true here and now and everywhere.
    Good stuff!

  2. Evan your comment of not letting anything come in between myself and God is so helpful. No not disease nor anything that would make me ill at ease such as hurt feelings, the belief in lack, or discord of any kind.
    The Bible speaks of Jesus taking down the vail of the temple so everyone, not just the priest, could have access to the holy place.
    Or, Paul saying nothing can separate me from the love of God.

    1. Amen, to not allowing wedges come between good and us. Twice I’ve tried to disappear my cell phones, one was my workhorse cell phone, fully loaded, the other hadn’t even activated.

      Both were located and returned to me, while I leaned whole totally on the Divine Mind, My workhorse cell phone hadn’t even left my home, had run out of power, so was silent, but there is was lying on the floor after I’d stood up from my seat, and the cloth over the table was hanging over it, keeping it out of sight. BUT, my husband saw it, lying where it was not making a sound. I laugh at how that appeared, and I saw no good can be hidden nor turned into bad. My consciousness was lifted by the experience, into total TRUST on divine Mind.

      The un-activated cell phone had slid onto the floor in a public place, until it was discovered, but my good friend who worked at the same location texted me to ask if I had lost a cell phone. I had not even known that one was missing but it was restored to me, after I returned and claimed it at the business where it had dropped to the floor.
      I am on my knees grateful for the joy of this proof.
      Proof as John stated, letting nothing come between us and good from God.

  3. Thank you for these comforting truths, Evan. I saw so clearly today that Spirit is impenetrable because it fills all space. The belief that there is a mortal mentality with it’s material construct has no space in which to operate, therefore mental contagion is impossible in Mind. There never was a mortal “me” an “other” to suggest a parallel universe apart from Spirit, so no mortal scandal could be imaged forth in everpresent Love. It never started, so therefore we are “still with Thee”, enjoying the fact that “We live in an age of Love’s divine adventure to be All-in-all.” My. 158:9

  4. For many years I sang Mrs. Eddy’s hymn “Oh gentle presence” (formally known as MBE’s poem “Mother’s Evening Prayer“) and I as a child, I’d always puzzled over the phrase “God is good and loss is gain”. OK no problem with the first part, God IS good! But what about “and loss is gain”? Hold on — what?

    As I was preparing an exercise for my Sunday school class, it all became clear… we were going to systematically read this hymn and discuss each phrase and each clause to really bring meaning to her beautiful poem. When I got to this part, I realized that many times in my experience I had benefited greatly by something that appeared to be lost to human sense. A lost earring and it’s subsequent retrieval that proved the power of CS prayer to a skeptical family member; losing the idea of food as a god — and the subsequent gain of better health, better fitting into my clothes, and joy at the improvement all around, that’s just to name two or so gains! I really could go on and on…

    Losing the false fear of a virus is a huge spiritual gain and we can all prove this with one realization— that God is good and God is ALL, therefore all is good. In the Lord’s Prayer, Christ Jesus says “Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven”. This closes the loop for me…. as this tells me once we realize the spiritual truth, God’s will IS done (NOW…, not “might be done one day”) on earth (in our experience) and is reflecting the Truth in heaven (spiritual sense). I saw that every word counts.

    I’m sending tsunamis of love to you all today and always as I celebrate the omnipotence of God — reflected in ALL of God’s children’s (our) lives!! Thank you Father-Mother!!

    1. Thank you for these inspired thoughts Janet. I am celebrating, along with you, the omnipotence of God reflecting NOW in all our lives!

  5. Thank you soooo much Evan for this sharing! This is exactly what I need. And another Thank you dear “commentors”, wow! what a blessing for sharing your thoughts especially this one from Janet. Thank you, Thank you!

  6. Thank you Evan for powerful message. We have a choice to make in how we view and accept things. God is indeed All!

    Thank you fellow Spiritview contributors.

  7. When I saw your picture today …close up… it made me think that this is what God is doing…keeping a close watch on us all! Slightly off your topic Evan , but a comforting thought anyway!
    ‘I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my Loving eye on you ‘
    Happy day all❣️

  8. Thank you Evan and Everyone for your comments. I’ve read the citation from Science and Health that Evan shared today many times, but today when I read it the word “enlisted” jumped out at me. That word “enlisted” made me think as a Christian Scientist I’ve “volunteered” to have as my “purpose” the lessening of evil, disease, and death in human consciousness, because those have never existed in the divine Mind. But how exactly do I do that, I wondered. It occurred to me that I do that by ridding those errors out of my consciousness by “understanding their nothingness and the allness of God, good.” And then it occurred to me that once those errors are removed from my thinking, that has to have an effect on my actions and that newfound freedom expressed will benefit humanity!

    Sometimes it’s easy to think “I’m just one person…what real effect can I have on a worldwide pandemic?” But I’ve heard numerous stories of a Christian Scientist being in a room full of people about to be entertained by a hypnotist and the hypnotist not being able to hypnotize anyone in the room because of the one Christian Scientists’ clear understanding that there is only one Mind. Then think of Jesus ability to feed the multitude. That Bible story makes it clear that at least all of the disciples, if not all 5000 men plus women and children, believed there was not enough supply for that many people. But Jesus’ one clear expression of Truth changed the belief of everyone so that everyone was able to experience God’s law of supply.

    So let’s all take that pledge seriously and every moment ENLIST to understandingly keep our thought clear of evil, disease, and death by “understanding their nothingness and the allness of God, good” and know that doing that will produce immeasurable blessings to others.

    1. I’ve heard it said that one with a God is a majority. So I’m happy to see you make this point Brian, that one person, understanding there is only one Divine Mind, and aligning thought with that one power of Truth, can have great impact that spreads far and wide. Truth can dissolve any appearance of what is untrue. Evan reminded us yesterday in his video post that error (un-Truth) has nothing to do with God. We have everything to do with God. Thanks Evan for the statement that God is our “source of infinite and unending good, permanently embedded into our being.” Much love to all of you

    2. Brian, thank you for your comments, especially the one about the thoughts of a single Christian Scientist in a room being able to prevent a hypnotist from being able to hypnotise people, as it made me recall something that took place when I was a young child.
      In Sunday school we had discussed how declaring the truth could prevent something evil from taking place, so when a hypnotist came on to the stage and announced that he could control people’s actions by hypnotising them, I immediately declared that God was the only presence and power and that nothing apart from God was present or had any power. It felt as if the Sunday school discussion had prepared me for this moment, so I acted on it, and the hypnotist immediately ‘felt the power of the word’ and said someone in the room was working against him. He asked for this to stop so he could get on with the show, but I continued to declare what I knew was the Truth. Then becoming angry, this man looked up towards the balcony where I was sitting with my family and told me to stop, so he definitely felt threatened by the Truth. Being only about 10 years old I became afraid and told my mom I needed to go to the bathroom, so she walked out with me, but she couldn’t understand why I was crying and I couldn’t properly explain it to her.
      The show apparently went on, but I refused to return and I now wish I’d had the maturity of thought to face that error. However, I realize I can face it even now by refusing to be hypnotized by all the error that is going on due to this pandemic we all seem to be facing. The opportunity is not lost, as this is one and the same error we are experiencing now and I’m glad to be able to handle it far better now than I did as a 10 year old child.

  9. Thank you all for that immunization this morning.
    Throughout this recent challenge I have been everywhere, public places. Apprehensions are continually in need of dismissal. This mornings offering is in time to not only protect, but as it was well put, to “enlist” the obligation to come apart from the material world and be seperate.
    Demonstrating abundant protection fron every ill. Bringing whever we go the confidence and light to a troubled world. Immunizeed, safe in Love abiding. “Clad in a panoply of Love”. Keeping thoughts full of Truth and Love.
    Thank You all this morning for this immunization.

  10. When at a Wed. evening testimony mtg at The Mother Church, decades ago, I am still struck by a young woman’s sharing of her total conviction of “the presence of the power of God, and the POWER of the presence of God”. We can expand that in our thought by using the synonyms and other attributes of God. So let’s stand and rejoice in the PRESENCE of the power of all-embracing Love, and the POWER of the forever presence of inspiration and health.
    Thank you to Evan and all the wonderful comments shared today in our SpiritView family.

    1. Powerful comment, Cathryn! Will dwell on this today. Thanks so much for all of the other wonderful comments as well.

    2. Thank you Cathryn, this is a very simple to remember and yet powerfully accurate spiritual truth! So good to have these little nuggets to hand when a swift application of truth is required.

      Thank you Evan for this SV, so helpful and has led to so much wonderful sharing from my fellow viewers


    3. Cathryn, That quoted phrase comes from a much loved article by L. Ivimy Gwalter called “The Activity of the Christ” (Dec. 1957 Journal and vol . I of Classic Articles.). “The Christ is the presence of the power of God and the power of the presence of God. The Christ is never static. The manifestation of God’s functioning presence, which is the Christ, never ceases. It is never congested; it is never confused, obscured, obstructed; nor can it ever be reversed. It never comes to an end, never overworks, never wavers, never stops. Thus being never grows old; it never wears, out; intelligence never lapses into senility and disease; Love never changes into hate; Life never ends in death. The Christ, God’s divine power and action, is present under all circumstances, at all times, in all conditions. The Christ is law to every situation.” What a powerful reminder as we resolutely face down every pandemic claim and persist in knowing only God’s Allness. I so appreciate today’s blog and all of the comments.

  11. Thank you! Thank you! What a wonderful start to my day. I appreciate every comment and am so grateful for this podcast . I am blessed to live on a hillside overlooking a lively lake where I can enjoy a “view” from every window in the house, but BEST of ALL is the SPIRIT VIEW! I am immensely grateful for this viewpoint!

  12. Very good, useful thoughts here Evan. So many instances recently of the error that man can be separated from his supply, his safety, his health, his freedoms, etc. and keeping in thought that we can’t possibly be separated from the love of God, that it’s baked in as part of us, is freeing.

  13. Thank you for reminding me that the need for prayer is an opportunity to lift up our thought and learn more of the truth that has already supplied our need. I will no longer say, “I really HAD to pray about that!”. Instead, I’ll take this opportunity to pray more and be grateful for the spiritual gain coming from everyone’s prayers.

  14. Well said Evan! Don’t get caught up in the pandemonium or pendemania! Don’t believe in chaos. Doing so doesn’t help anyone. Focusing on good helps everyone. I’m using the quiet time out from normal life to deepen my study of Christian Science. I’m also noticing all the good unfolding around me in my neighbourhood with neighbors reaching out and supporting those who need extra help during this time. Nothing can stop God from unfolding good in whatever form it takes, and now I see spring flowers pushing their way up through darkness into light, they were never stopped from moving forwards with the good gift they have to offer us, and we needn’t be either.

  15. Evan’s message and all of the comments this morning are the building blocks of an impenetrable fortress from the “pandemic-mania” of today’s thought-world. “Clad in the panoply of Love, human hatred cannot reach you.” MBE. The pandemic is just one phase of the Adam dream,- the belief that we are material and subject to the prolific evils of the fictitious human mind. But the truth is we are NOT material! Like the young man in the photo, we look deeper into reality, beyond the physical to the God view. As has been brought out by other commenters, the truth that God is Spirit and man is spiritual and perfect dilutes and reverses the claim of contagion, and we demonstrate our immunity and freedom.

  16. THANK you all from everyone!!!!! I keep chuckling over that dear little one “looking for the opportunities”!!!

  17. Thank you, Evan, and all of you for your comments. This time of pandemics is a very good opportunity to practice what we know about Christian Science, for us and for everybody in the world. It is time to fight against all the false beliefs of animal magnetism and overcome them. GOD WITH US.

  18. Let’s quarantine error! Prevent its spread (error’s spread of nothing claiming to be something). Gather, bind, and burn the tares/error — using it for fueling a cozy campfire. Keep/gather the wheat (spiritual love) into our barn (consciousness) and dwell in the house/consciousness of Love forever. Forever includes today. 🙂 So grateful for Evan’s uplifting blogs & vlogs and for everyone’s supportive comments. SpiritView is a heavenly state!

  19. Loved the picture of the child . Sometimes you need a magnifying glass to see the good at hand..I just had to deal with some untruthful charges
    To my account by as a operator. All was resolved and my disturbed
    Thought calmed by knowing Gods control over the universe.
    Thanks for uplift once again

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