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October 27, 2014 | 19 comments

In an effort to produce lectures suitable for airing on the world-wide web and able to reach large audiences around the world, my local branch church sponsored a series of five short lectures on October 11th.

Our church auditorium was converted to a studio with special lighting and sound equipment. Three videographers filmed the event. The seats were filled to overflowing with eager listeners, and the event was a huge success.

5 speakers stage from back

“Unforgettable,” was one word several participants voiced afterward. Enthusiasm was high. Joy expressed in every corner. Inspiration flowed freely and abundantly. Many people drove hundreds of miles from all directions to participate.

For speakers, we brought in Tony Lobl from London, England, Fujiko Signs from Tokyo, Japan, Stormy Falso from Marietta, Georgia, Chet Manchester from King Ferry, New York, and I was the fifth speaker. Each of us prepared a talk around twenty minutes in length centered on the topic of “Spiritual Solutions for Lasting Health.” It was such a privilege to listen to so many lecturers at one time speaking from their life experience on how Christian Science had transformed them and brought them to a better place. Content was fresh, easy to understand, and full of deep spiritual insight that left one pondering far after the event was finished.

And the even better news is that you will be able to watch the videos and hear the talks yourself! The Board of Lectureship from National headquarters in Boston coordinated video-taping of the event and is editing the videos. From my understanding, videos of each talk will be released one at a time over the next five weeks, starting today. You should be able to find them at Chet Manchester’s talk will be the first release. My video on, “The healing power of God,” is scheduled for November 24th.

It was a major undertaking for our small group of branch church workers to pull this together, but with the financial support of a sister branch in our state known for their generosity and desire to share Christian Science with the public, and our collective unwavering commitment to let the one Mind lead the way, the outcome was truly awesome.

5 speakers cscomtalks banner

Our hope is that other branches around the world will be inspired to hold similar events. There are two major benefits. One, the event is hugely attractive to local audiences and guaranteed to bring in many people wanting to understand Christian Science better. Two, it provides an opportunity for the production of high quality video that is attractive to web audiences and capable of reaching thousands of newcomers to Christian Science around the globe, far beyond your local borders.

If you are a lecture chairperson interested in holding a similar event, I’d be happy to answer your questions about how it can be done. Feel free to give me a call.

I hope you enjoy the videos!

19 thoughts on “Major Lecture Event”

  1. Very cool! I am looking forward to each one of these lectures.
    Gratitude goes out to the speakers and videographers.
    Thank you
    Thank God

  2. I can now truly celebrate my birthday by getting to hear a CS lecture – Nov 24th from my new home in Bend Oregon! Haven’t seen any scheduled lectures out here in the High Desert of eastern Cenral Oregon :(. Bravo lecturers for your newest WWW outreach!

  3. Thanks Evan for sharing these lectures here in your website. I just finished listening to Chet Manchester’s lecture it is the first lecture from this series. What a wonderful lecture!! I highly recommend it!…Beautiful Truths told in this marvelous lecture!..Love it!..I can’t wait to hear all the lectures!..especially yours Evan!..thanks again for sharing them! : )

  4. I listened to Chet’s lecture this morning from the Daily Lift. What a blessing. I really like the shorter lectures (about 30 minutes) but will listen again as it contains so many good ideas to ponder and put in practice.. Thank you Even and all who participated in providing this wonderful forum.

  5. Outstanding, and kudos to all involved! You can’t imagine how healing and spiritually fulfilling all these provisions are in reaching out to the public. I feel so blessed after listening to Chet’s first talk, and greatly look forward to the additional four this month. Thank you all!

  6. You can’t know how happy I am to hear that these lectures will be on the internet.
    The day of the lecture I was heading to Calif for a family visit and I was driving right
    through your lovely city heading south about the time the lectures were being given.
    Were it not for a tight schedule I would have loved to stop and participate. Lectures
    are so precious to me since I live so far away and lectures are so few in my area.
    Thank You Evan, for making this possible and for sharing this information on your
    website. I thought I missed out but feel truly blessed now!!

  7. A third major benefit IMHO is that churches (collectively and as individuals therein) working together can realize (make real in their own experience) the benefits of cooperation, outreach, growth in grace, and fulfillment of the commands of Matthew 10:8. Finding our own good in another’s need in other words.

    I will be listening and watching for sure! Thank you so much and thanks to all those involved!!! It had to be a labor of Love I’m sure.

  8. Thank you, Evan, and all who participated to make these lectures available to the WORLD!
    I loved Chet’s lecture this morning and will listen again. You continue to share Outstanding work and blessing to all. Thank you!

  9. Hi Evan, I was just elected on our lecture board at the 10th Church in Kansas City, Missouri. I really love this idea and would like to share it with our board. We are having a meeting tomorrow and I will share this idea and would love to work with you guys.

    My number is 816-589-7307.

  10. This is so perfect for a RR activity inviting folks in to theRR to share! Loved Chet’s lecture and look forward to having four more to look forward to enjoying. This is a generous gift.


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