Mind knows where it is

January 26, 2022 | 26 comments

My family was up in the Blue Mountains in Oregon, during Christmas break to share time together and get some snowmobiling in. One morning, my son, and Kathy, my wife, were getting ready to go for a ride, when they came in from outside and announced, “The pack on one of the sleds is gone!” This was bad news. The pack contained all the licensing and registration information we needed to show any patrol that might stop us on the mountains, which they were known to do at random.

We decided that somehow the pack had unlocked from the sled and fallen off the day before when my son and I were out traveling over many miles of wilderness. The snowfall was very puffy, so anything landing in it would sink up to a couple of feet, plus it had snowed overnight. Finding it, from a material perspective, seemed ludicrous.

However, my son also confidently announced, “We’re going to go find it!” And I added, “That’s right, because Mind knows exactly where it is.” And I followed up with a prayer affirming they reflected the Mind of God that knew where the backpack was.

An hour later, they returned, with backpack in hand, and a story to tell.

They had retraced many miles of wilderness from the day before, and when it looked like the pack was nowhere to be found, on the last ¼ mile back, in a bit of a nook we had detoured to out of curiosity, they spotted the pack sitting on a rock. It looked like someone had found it the day before and placed it on a boulder so it could be seen. Of the four pins that locked it into the track of our sled, three pins had broken, and thus the reason the pack slid off. We had no explanation for why those pins broke, but we were glad to get the licensing information back so our trip could continue as planned. We were all quite happy.

Mind knew where the pack was and revealed the same to my son and Kathy who were expectant to see what Mind knew.

26 thoughts on “Mind knows where it is”

  1. Great thoughts for finding lost keys and lost sun glasses, too!!!
    I will save this!

  2. I had that experience of finding something.
    I prayed knowing nothing was lost. This went
    on for over a month. I prayed to know that
    nothing was lost and then look again, even
    in the same places.
    One day as I started this again, the thought
    came, you never listened.
    I immediately knew what it was.

  3. I love stories of found objects. I’ve found many “things” with Mind’s revealing. It’s come to me lately that this is true of health as well. Health can’t be lost or hidden. It is revealed as our normal and natural status by divine Mind and it can’t disappear or be lost. It’s as rightfully ours as is a a lost object! Mary Baker Eddy writes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (p. 548, line 6) about the Science of Christianity: “In this Science, we discover man in the image and likeness of God. We see that man has never lost his spiritual estate and his eternal harmony.”

    1. Grace thank you for sharing these wonderful thoughts that what is ours by divine right (given to us by God) cannot be lost to us, whether it is health or an object or a sense of peace and security or joy or anything else.

      The quote from Mrs. Eddy that you mentioned says man has never lost his spiritual estate. The word “estate” usually refers to one’s material possessions, but when I looked it up I also found synonyms such as Assets, Resources and Valuables, which can be seen spiritually as those things God gives us. So we always have them, whenever we need them.

  4. Thank you Evan and all! Wonderful ideas. Grace, thank you for your thoughts on applying nothing can be lost including health- and grateful for the wonderful articles shared! I will read now.

  5. Ten days ago, the night before we went out on holidays, one of our three dogs was gone; nobody had noticed when he slipped out of the house, so we had no idea where to start looking for him. My son and daughter, as soon as they realized he was not at home, left the house in search for him. Ten or fifteen minutes later we had no news; I was confident that we’d soon find him, but my daughter returned and asked me to go with her, in the car this time, and sweep the neighbourhood. I kept affirming that God, divine Mind, knows everything and we, by reflection, know too. Divine Mind was in control. Every idea was where it must be. We were all being guided by our Father Mother God. We drove around a nearby square where we used to take him for a walk. Barbu was not there either. Still claiming God´s guidance and dominion, I received a call from my son: Barbu was safely back home!!

  6. Much thanks to Evan, Susana and all the other contributors. While today’s “View” has some very practical aspects it also is a strong reaffirmation of Mind’s presence & power.

  7. First of all, I want to say thank you to Grace for bringing up the concept that health can’t be lost! I love being reminded of that.
    I have another “lost but not really” story to tell about divine Mind’s omnipresence! During the holidays, while our daughter, who lives in the Seattle area, was home for her Christmas vacation from teaching, she lost her car keys. They looked everywhere they could think of, including the snowy driveway and areas close by, but didn’t find them. This stretched into a week. In the meantime, they were using her husband’s car. She was so busy with the children, that she didn’t give it much thought, but one day when we were talking on the phone I found out they were still missing. She said she had prayed some: I said I would pray, too, and we visited about how divine Mind knows where everything is. Nothing can be out of its right place. A day later I had an intuition that the keys were out in the snow, but just hadn’t been revealed yet. Later that day she called to tell me that a neighbor had been walking his dog by their home. The neighbor did not know of the missing keys, but his dog got very interested in something in the snow. When he investigated, he saw the keys! Since he didn’t know who they belonged to, he pressed the button. The car in the garage started its alarm, my daughter and her husband came downstairs to see what was happening, opened the garage door, and found their neighbor and his dog standing there with the revealed keys! I love the way this happened, proving that God is always in control, and that Mind always knows, and is ever conscious and active in revealing what needs to be known to receptive thought.

  8. Thank you! My commitment for today: “expectant to see what Mind knew”/knows. Good ideas as I prepare for public testimony that will be limited in time much shorter than the information I want to give.

    And thank you for the reminder of a time that I was newly getting used to glass eye contacts lens and they have both fallen out at the top of a ski lift in a strong wind ever changing directions when there was frozen corn snow being blown for many yards. And many people with steel edged skis and steel pointed ski poles traveling that area that could damage the contact lenses it add more loose corn snow to blow and damage or hide the lenses. . Being extremely nearsighted I cannot see my hand much less contact lenses that would sparkle the same as the snow and would be much lighter weight than that rocksalt type snow that was blowing. And I had to be keenly aware of other folks who might crash into me when it was very noisy with the wind blowing snow/ice in centimeters cubes, and the machinery and the motor with the chairlift. So I couldn’t focus my eyes well enough to see or hearing for potential loose lenses scratching across the ice/snow or approaching danger. But I could focus my mind to listen to God and to trust God‘s guidance and to be willing to be humble and promptly and fully obedient. I quickly found them several yards away from where they came out my eyes and they were not damaged. I could warm them up and put them in my eyes without any problem.

    I needed the reminder of so many testimonies and so many examples I’ve experienced. Thank you for also reminding us that we can never lose our mind. Divine Mind is never lost.

  9. Thank you for this perfect SV! As my husband and I scraped off ice from the van the door closed and to my surprise it was locked, van was running in park and I had no way to get in. The spare key was no where to be found. I quieted down and listened. A quiet thought came to look in an area, and yes, the spare was there! No need to call AAA, God directed me!! Thank you God! Thank you Evan! Thank you all!!

  10. Thank you all for these wonderful demonstrations, made me rejoice mind knows where everything is.
    Thank you Christi yes nothing can be lost including our health! Love and hugs to all!

  11. “Every idea is where it must be.” I love that and all the inspiring demonstrations shared today. Grateful that all who contribute to SV take the time to share these gems with us. God is working His purpose out.

  12. Thank you Evan for the wonderful re-discovery of the backpack with its critical information, licence, permit, etc so needed out in that snowy wilderness area. And thanks to all of you for telling of your prayers and strong spiritual trust that MIND God has not lost anything!
    A friend at University, years ago, said something at our CSO Christian Science Organization on campus — that I have never forgotten: She said

    1. PS. This spiritual Truth is powerfully true for people who seem to be lost in poverty, hopelessness, injustice, abuse, pandemic, war zones of different kinds.
      GOD KNOWS EACH OF THEM and will show each one who they are,
      and what MIND, LOVE has prepared for them.
      God knows and God shows!!!
      EACH ONE loved, cared for, protected, and guided! Not lost!

      1. Thank you, Joy! I find it so essential to make my prayers bigger and include the whole world in universal, ever-present divine Love.

  13. Following Edith’s note about contact lenses, one of my lenses pinged out when I was dancing in a crowded disco. Everyone said I had no chance of finding it but I just kept knowing that nothing was lost to Mind. When everyone had left we checked the floor and I found it, unscratched!

  14. Thanks everyone for your comments and sharing today. SO inspiring and thanks for prompting these thoughts Evan. Loved hearing about your finding the item, “lost in the snow”….on a rock so you could “see” it! There is only ONE Mind (God) not many minds!

  15. Thank you , Evan, and thank you all for the wonderful proofs of God’s uninterrupted care. I remember a time when I had taken my toddler son to the neighborhood elementary school which, unlike today, had an open, unfenced campus. We had played on the grass, run and tumbled all over the large play yard. When it was time to leave, I couldn’t find my keys. My little boy was starting to fuss, and it was time to make dinner. I began looking frantically for the keys, but soon realized how difficult it would be to find them, considering the large fields we had played in.
    So I sat myself down on the quilt and prayed a simple poem from the Sentinel I had committed to memory:
    When there’s something I can’t find,
    I know it’s never far from Mind.
    After just a few moments considering God’s all-knowing presence, I got up off the quilt and walked forward. I found the keys just ten feet from my blanket. Rejoicing, I scooped up my son and headed to the car. There have been other proofs of finding lost or misplaced items, but this experience is a precious reminder of the importance of facing challenges with joyful expectancy.

  16. Wow the ways of out God are wonderful. All works together for good. God lead somebody to find the backpack and to put it thoughtfully on a high place that you could find it easely.
    Well, I also found things (among them also a key) very needed and seemingly put somewhere else by being still and listening for guidance and surely knowing that God, the All seeing and All knowing Mind will lead us to what we need. Nothing we need can be lost in divine Love’s harmonious Universe!
    Thank you, dear Evan for this lovely and interesting story of spiritual demonstration!♡

  17. Evan and everyone! Thank you so much for your sharing and clear spiritual conviction that nothing can be “lost” in God’s kingdom–where we all really dwell.
    Karen W.

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