Never tire of counting your blessings

June 1, 2023 | 24 comments


Even if you have countless blessings, it’s good to count them anyway.

~ J.L.W. Brooks

Gratitude is one of the surest paths to health and happiness.

24 thoughts on “Never tire of counting your blessings”

  1. verse 1
    A grateful heart a garden is where there is always room
    for every lovely, Godlike grace to come to perfect bloom.

    Verse 3
    A grateful heart a temple is, a shrine so pure and white,
    where angels of His presence keep calm watch by day or night.

    Wow, the whole hymn is very good. It`s hymn no. 3.

    Thank you very much, Evan for this most important reminder, to be grateful for all God gives us, and God gives us all we need!

    The game in the foto is wellknown, I used to play it, too.

    1. Yes, Uta, that is a really lovely and instructive hymn. When we are grateful
      for what we have, it opens out consciousness to receive more blessings.
      I love the garden, and by loving it, God has given us free flowers that we
      didn’t plant – e.g. Welsh poppies, yellow and orange, aquilegias in various
      colours, pink and purple etc. – and they are occupying spaces where nothing has
      yet come up. So in our consciousness more and more good unfolds as
      we are grateful for what we have. We do have countless blessings – and they will continue
      to appear as we love them, nurture them like the flowers – and share them, of course.

      1. Following along the flower theme, I have so much to
        be grateful for! and here are a few quotes that tie in
        with counting some of these blessings;

        l. Friends are the flowers in the garden of life

        2. Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs
        from the soul ~ Henry Ward Beecher

        3. A gratitude-heart is to discover on earth
        a Heaven-delivered rose

        4. Gratitude – Expressing gratitude to a person
        who gives to us, be it a gift or kindness ~
        means we get to appreciate that person
        and their goodness all over again.

        5. Dear Lord,
        Thank you for the day before me. May I plant
        seeds of Hope and Joy along the path I walk today.

        and there are endless other ways for all that God
        blesses us with. Thank you all for sharing … is one
        of my most cherished.

          1. Thank you very much dear Maggie and Carol. Such lovely ideas about Gratitude, for the flowers and for friends, and I ad for the church and the uplifting services and for the wonderful members. Oh, the more I count the blessings the better I feel.
            Have a blessed day, dear friends!♡

  2. “What is gratitude but a powerful camera obscura, a thing focusing light where love, memory, and all within the human heart is present to manifest light” (My p.164)
    One of my favourite quotes from Mrs Eddy.

  3. Hymn 249
    Our gratitude is riches
    Complaint is poverty

    True gladness is the treasure
    That grateful hearts will hold.

    The whole hymn is perfect for gratitude.
    Unfortunately I can’t attach it.

    Science and Health p. 3 22-31
    Are we really grateful for the good already
    received? Then we shall avail ourselves
    of the blessings we have, and thus be fitted
    to receive more.

  4. Thank you Evan for this. Thank you all. Hymn 3 says it all. I am grateful for being a participant here. It brings great joy sharing here as we give little and receive more. Thank you Father Mother God.

  5. Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing I try to remember I have one job, to glorify God and that starts, for me, with being grateful. But yes, I have to work at it everyday, and night! Smiles to all! Thanks Evan!

  6. Thank you so much for the reminder to fill my day with gratitude. I have had a disastrous day (everything seems to have gone sour: no home Internet due to a glitch in the system, selling my car for less than it’s true value, relationship problems with my partner, loss of friends) and as I sat late at night ruminating my very sad day, I have just been so inspired by this post by Evan and all the cheerful grateful contributors. As I had a cry and sniffled I took out from my pocket what I thought was a tissue. As I rubbed my nose with it, I burst out laughing as it turned out to be petals of the sweetest pink rose. I had cleaned out a vase of roses but put some petals in my jacket pocket this afternoon. I meant to throw them away but forgot to take them out of my pocket. After reading of flowers and grateful hearts being a garden here I had a very fragrant bloom literally shoved into my face. BE GRATEFUL was the clear message!!!!! Thank you God for reminding me of my my pocketful of blessings.

    1. Awww, Dear Ozzie Sheila,
      I think we have all had days like that, but coming here is a real
      blessing for you, as was finding the rose petals in your pocket.
      You really have more than a pocketful of blessings, you have a
      greenhouse full of them, … no, you have a universe full of them.
      Here you have friends and Love, endlessly.
      From Helen Keller, ” Love is like a beautiful flower which I may
      not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place to
      delight just the same.”
      And from another quote I love, “The beauty of the rose lasts
      but a moment, but it’s memory can last a lifetime.” As you
      had written, “Be Grateful was the clear message”. Remember,
      you have a Universe full of blessings on into eternity. There is
      no limit to God’s blessings for you and everyone. : )

      1. Thank you for your kind words. Inspirational concept of pocketful to greenhouse full to universe filled with blessings. I think once we express gratitude, blessings grow exponentially with no limit! ❤️

  7. What a precious comment Ozzie Sheila! May you continue your day with an abundance of blessings!

  8. So after wiping my nose with the rose, I actually took each of the 50+ petals (it was a dense rose) and acknowledged aloud a blessing that I was grateful for.

    1. That is awesome Ozzie Sheila. You allowed sad emotions to be turned around into an opportunity to express thanks for 50+ blessings! Good work.

      I appreciate all the gardening references today. I had been thinking about painting some plaques with inspirational garden quotes to put up in our local community garden, lots of good material here!

      Here’s another I came across:
      “The kiss of the sun for pardon,
      The song of the birds for mirth,–
      One is nearer God’s heart in a garden
      Than anywhere else on earth.”
      -Dorothy Frances Gurney

      Grateful to be here with all of you and to Evan for giving us this gift of a spiritual home to meet in each day.

      1. So glad you are feeling better, Ozzie Sheila. And I love that garden
        quote, Rose, and the idea of your copying some to put in your
        community garden. I thought the 5 I came up with might be too
        many, but I hope you can use some for your growing inspirations.
        And yes, this certainly TIS a wonderful “gift of a spiritual home to
        meet in each day.” For that, I give deep gratitude!

  9. absolutely thank you Evan these daily reminders are just exactly what everyone needs along with the lesson and expressing gratitude we’re more well off than we think. WHAT ARE LEADER SAYS IS MY DAILY NIGHTLY EVERY MOMENTLY DIRECTOR OF WHAT’S TO DO TO BE SAFE HAPPY AND THOSE SWEET DWELL UPON OUR BLESSED AS WELL THANK YOU AGAIN EVAN AND ALL THE PARTICIPANTS ADDING BEAUTIFUL COMMENTS

    1. Dear “J”, thank you very much for this wonderfully helpful and uplifting article!
      The Bible is truely a well of comfort and healing. It assures us of God’s abundant provision of all our needs, how great! But the Bible also reminds us often to glorify and thank God for his eternal Goodness!

      1. Dear Uta, (We ran out of reply links above) where I was going to
        thank you for your message and the wonderful garden hymn
        you mentioned. Flowers are such beautiful expressions of Soul.
        I remember a time when I was with a group and we had been
        on a nighttime tourboat visit to honor those from the twin towers
        in Sept. Someone asked me, “Hi ~Whyare we stopping?”
        It was beautiful and we were at the site and I remember it being
        one of the most reverent moments, where everyone said a long
        silent prayer and the tour boat gently and respectfully threw in
        the water, the most beautiful flower wreath. I was so grateful
        to pray about what Real Life is really all about and how
        appreciative I was of just being there, surrounded by prayers.
        It was very special and lovely endearing moments. Out of the
        darkness shone those two beams of light together, surrounded
        by the illumination of all the city lights, with everyone going
        about their lives in harmony. Life Eternal.
        It was awesome and the Statue of Liberty, lit in all her glory in
        the harbor was also a majestic and a very spiritual experience.

        1. Dear Carol, thank you so very much for letting us participate in that holy, sacret moments at that memorial place in New York. You described it so nicely that I could imagine it a bit, so uplifting, thanks a lot!♡

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