No big error and little error

October 11, 2023 | 35 comments


How big is error? Is there big error and little error? Does error have a size?

Error is a term used in Christian Science to signify any condition that appears real to material sense but is not real to spiritual sense. Disease, pain, suffering, lack, discord, hate, and their kin, are errors of mortal mind that appear real to material sense, but dissolve and disappear to spiritual sense.

When struggling with a problem, the human mind is often tempted to put a size to the error it is battling. If the error is a threatening disease, one may think, “This is a really big problem to conquer!” As if error has a size. But error does not have a size.

Error is a zero. A zero does not have substance. It is emptiness, nothingness, nada, zilch, zip.

A zero added to a number never changes the number. Four plus zero remains four.

A zero drawn the size of the St. Louis arch has no more sway or substance than a zero drawn microscopically. A zero is a zero. No threat, no danger, no substance, no matter what size mortal mind wants to draw it.

In divine Mind, error has one size—no size.

So, how big is your error today? Does it have a size? Or is it time to reduce it to its native size, of no size.

Truth is real and eternal! Error is not.

35 thoughts on “No big error and little error”

  1. Thank you Evan. Love this idea of “no size” as I apply it to the Middle East right now. THANK YOU. “reduced to its native nothingness”

  2. Heretic, a rebel, a thing to flout. But Love and I had the wit to win: We drew a circle that took him in!” This epigram from American poet Edwin Markham

    Every day is a win with SpiritView.
    Thanks Evan.

  3. Yes. I do make error into different sizes. Big error fir a disease. Small error fir a cut on my finger. Thank you. All zero.

  4. Perfect reminder – error is nothing! Realized I do tend to think of error in terms of big or little when in reality it has no substance. Thank you, Evan for this post.

  5. Thank you for addressing this. When something has hung around for a long time, it seems big,
    but is always actually nothing, for it never was created by the All God, good. If God, good, is the
    only Cause and Creator, the error must be nothing, for it has no source or substance in good.
    I love the comment made by an early worker, about a frightening aggressive situation: “It can’t be done!”, and it ended right away. He was very clear about what God, good, had made, and what He did not make, and this reality had immediate effect. A normal peace returned.

  6. This really puts error into perspective = nothingness = all matter.. “material thinking”..
    no size in matter. Love it.
    Some thoughts I have been pondering:

    “A problem can be dropped so easily if you understand that it is you holding the
    problem, not the problem holding you” – Osho
    “May the world be kind to you, and may your own thoughts be gentle upon
    yourself” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie
    Mistakes have the power to turn [us] into something Better than [we] were before..
    or we Seemed to be… because in Reality, we are Always Perfect.
    A Seeming mistake should be [our] teacher. A mistake is a lesson, not a loss. It is a
    temporary, necessary detour, not a dead end. We all Seem to make mistakes,
    “humanly” speaking, and each lesson is a stepping stone of learning in helping us
    understand God’s Love for us…more. The feeling of abandonment that we
    may feel/have felt, the emptiness or error of our thinking is really filled with
    divine Love and always has been, despite the zero that sometimes seems/seemed
    to be there.
    Today is fresh with no mistakes in it. We all start each day with a clean slate to
    pursue our heavenly God-given rights and Being as children of Father/Mother Love.

    1. An addition to your already wonderful list…(unfortunately, I don’t recall where I first read this or who to credit for it):
      A mistake is a life lesson, not a life sentence.

  7. Thank you Evan so much for this. So simple and obvious and yet we miss it. Just what I needed in my journey of Love and Truth.

  8. Evan this is a great topic, thank you. I think most of us, myself definitely included, have this habit of sorting error into sizes. We get alarmed at BIG error and don’t get too worked up about SMALL error. I surely need to ponder what you’ve taught us today. Zero is zero is zero is zero…..

    1. I “humanly” tend to accentuate the SMALL errors, too, Rose. The fear..
      the second I read
      … thoughts that diminish what Reality is
      – the economy, war, etc., it seems so many errors in the world…
      seems to always expel the Truth of One Mind into what Appears to be
      little minds-many and there appears to be this reappearing/ongoing
      challenge to know what is True. Expending all our heart and energy
      into what we love to think of our blessings, sometimes has us questioning
      what the Truth really is and that is when fear becomes more than just a
      zero.. it Seems to become a full-fledged monster, until we see it for what
      it Really is.

    1. Thank you, J, for another excellent follow-up article to Evan’s daily SpiritView. A short while back, there was another person (Angie) who did what you do. She researched CS periodicals and shared the articles that were compatible to Evan’s daily inspirational blogs. One day, Angie stopped contributing. I am grateful you picked up the baton, as the articles you share are always right on the money! My continuing gratitude to you, Evan, for the guidance and inspiration you provide to us with each and every one of your blogs.

      1. Very kind of you to say Cheryl. We are all on this spiritual journey together; and I so appreciate Evan’s blog, and the inspired comments and articles that are shared by all. 🙂

      2. Cheryl I agree with you. I too remember Angie and always appreciated her and the articles she shared and I hope all is well with her. I also very much appreciate dear J for the time she takes to find wonderful articles for us, it is a loving act (thank you J).

    2. Thank you so very much, dear “J” for that article by Bob Cochran. Looking forward to study it tomorrow, as here is midnight and bed time! 🙂
      I also love and appreciate Evan`s so helpful and healing SpiritView! And I am deeply grateful for sharing inspiring and loving ideas with you and all!

  9. Thanks Evan sir. God has not created fear and can never be experienced by His creation.Acknowledging fear = Dishonour God , the Only Power.

  10. Brilliant! Evan, you’ve taken what could be taken as an obscure term and clearly illustrated what it is and is not. Your explanation will surely help new readers of S&H to clearly understand the term.

  11. Thank you, J, for the link to that extremely helpful article. I have forwarded it to myself for further study and inspiration. And thank you, Evan, for bringing the subject of fear to our attention.

  12. Loved the idea- Zero does not have substance. it is emptiness, nothingness. In divine Mind, error has one size- no size. Thanks Evan, I do habit of giving size to problems but uplifted by today’s thought.Our leader has also written in Science & Health: we may well be astonished at sin, sickness & death……But why should we stand aghast at nothingness?

  13. This is the last paragraph of that article for those who don’t read the entire article:
    Ultimately, since God is all-powerful, fear, including all its “seedlings,” must be an illusion, and like any illusion, it can only affect us if we accept it as real. Recognizing and acknowledging the omnipotence of God, good, destroys fear in all its forms, and very often this not only brings the healing—it is the healing.

  14. Evan, Would you consider further addressing how to understand gigantic seemingly evil and erroneous world events such as war atrocities and massive human suffering? I seriously struggle with integrating what appears to me as true human tragedy against the concept of a higher understanding of spritual truth. Thank you for any insights you can provide in any future daily topics.

  15. I love Spirit View! I am so grateful for every word and everyone who contributes following Evan’s love-filled, powerful messages. We can help each other going forward as we are all trying to clearly, spiritually face the intensity of world events. Thank you all

    1. Yes, Doni, It really helps.
      Not understanding
      how there can Seem to be so much error/hatred in the world. Isn’t it almost
      like being on different planets? Sometimes feeling like these errors are so real
      and disturbing…feeling like a stranger in a strange world. Some are blatant –
      some are hidden, but all are crying for our prayerrs.
      Rereading; searching for trying to understand Truth more than ever needs it –
      spiritual thinking – desperately. Needing to change this state of consciousness as
      some who would do us harm seem to be living amongst us or are we
      the ones who need changing – of spiritual thought? within the passages of what
      is the meaning of Truth/ sometimes I really wonder how to understand this clearly,
      with the world bombarding s with mixed messages and evil.

  16. oh wow Evan and all combined This is so needed today and I’m so grateful I had it to read about the nothingness of nothing zero This is terrific Thank you Evan Thank you everyone Love you all


  18. Thank you very much Evan for this specially needed topic that error is a zero, a nothingness!:)
    I remember that the CS teacher where I took CS class in Berlin, said that “a big zero is the same zero than a tiny zero”. I wrote it down so that I never will forget that truth; it is very comforting for me.

    Thank you Evan that you will address similar topics according to what Cynthia desired up here! I will be looking very much forward to these topics so as I look forward every day to your valuable SV and I also love it very much, thanks for it endlessly!
    And always thank you very much, dear SpiritView friends for your inspiring and interesting comments! 🙂

  19. Thank you Evan and all ❣️❣️❣️
    The love you all express calms me ❣️
    More grateful than I can say.
    Yes Lori it all seems to be fear to me as well.
    Much love❣️

  20. I love this clear Truth! It’s short, sweet, and absolute. It cuts the fear with its seeming ‘simplicity’. It reminds me of the saying, “No means no!” Zero means zero! No equivocating, either way. Thank you, Evan!

  21. This is really interesting, I have been battling with this subject for more than five years,an empty error
    My Gladys passed on 2019, early 2020 hoodlums came and demolished my mini estate, looted my belongings in my absence, me and my family of 12 were rendered homeless, a friend gave me a house temporarily, I am the 1st Reader in my Branch, and have applied all the truths I know, I am still frustrated, stressed and depressed. I was brought down and friends deserted me. With your teaching I am relieved. Thanks

  22. Oh thank you Evan This is so good. I’m going to print it out in a large size and post it somewhere in my house where i can see it everyday. I think my CS teacher told us that same idea back when I had class, and I wrote it down in my notes! I love it and had just sort of forgotten it.

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