Stripping evil of its disguise

October 12, 2023 | 53 comments


The outbreak of mass violence and killing in Israel has been alarming to millions of concerned people around the world.

In searching for where to go in my prayers for peace in that region, I find strength in these words written by Mary Baker Eddy, “Human hate has no legitimate mandate and no kingdom. Love is enthroned” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 454).

It certainly looks like hatred and evil are ruling with the upper hand, but that is an appearance we must see through. Hatred is not supported by God. It does not have the power it claims to wield. It is destined to turn on itself, self-destruct, and yield to rational, sane Love.

Eddy goes on to write that evil’s claim to power is a disguise that needs to be stripped away. She continues, “That evil or matter has neither intelligence nor power, is the doctrine of absolute Christian Science, and this is the great truth which strips all disguise from error” (Science and Health, p. 454).

As I hear news about the Middle East, I pray to know that evil does not have the upper hand. To see that it is not the destiny of hatred to rule the people who live there and make their lives miserable. It is the destiny of Love to rule over mankind and make it possible for neighbors to get along with each other and work together as one.

Truth sets people free. Hatred is not a truth to fear. It’s an error to be stripped of any claim to truth.

Many changes will need to happen before full peace is restored, but we need to start somewhere. Getting a clear spiritual perspective gets thought headed in a healing direction.

53 thoughts on “Stripping evil of its disguise”

  1. Thank you Evan – a wonderful re. – focusing of where thought must be , and what our part is in helping to dissipate/destroy the aggressive claims of evil . I am so grateful that Eddy has given us a clear explanation of how animal magnetism claims to work in human affairs . We have much spiritual work to do – we have a clear pathway before us and this inspiring site is an important footstep on that pathway .

  2. “Watching before the news” and editorial in the Christian Science Sentinel by Tony Lobl July 24 2023 gives helpful advice about how to approach the news. I don’t know how to share that link but I expect someone on the blog will be able to do that.

    Thanks Evan for your uplifting daily blog – it always meets my need.

  3. Thank you, Evan.
    This came to me yesterday:
    “…there am I, in the midst of them”… leading, strengthening, loving, opening the way

    1. Thank you, Evan, for addressing the horrible events in the Middle East. And thank you, Dottie, for this hymn. I was not familiar with it.

      1. Dottie thanks very much for for Hymn 86, so appropriate right now; the full 2nd verse is:

        Oh blest is he to whom is given the instinct that can tell,
        That God is on the field, although He seems invisible.

        Thank you Evan for your help in guiding our Spirit View at this time..

  4. Thank you Evan and all. I read hymn #113 this morning, the second line, “Send Thou forth Thy power and love, In beauty of holiness; We would here commune with Thee, Eternal God, Be… Thou near to bless”.

  5. A battle on the playground and a war are seemingly small and enormous forms of error, but both (as we have been reminded here) are zeros. It can seem so hard to see hatred and revenge and self justification and selfishness as simple mistakes of mortal mind, but a pure sense of peace pervades the spiritual universe, untouched and unmoved by claims of ugliness. Hymn 148 says, “for nothing changes here.” (The whole hymn is perfect,) Was it Fred Rogers who said, advising his child viewers, that in any tragedy, to “look for the helpers”–the medics, firefighters, nurses, aid workers? Spiritual understanding lifts our vision, denies the, to human sense, “obvious” and heals thought, our own first, and others by shared light.

  6. Dear Evan, thank you so much for your insights, they are so incredibly helpful. In praying I too focused on a hymn, #144. “In atmosphere of Love divine. We live,and move, and breathe…..” To me the “We” not only includes me but family, friends, church, my community, my country but every single person in the world including those challenged with this war.
    It goes on to say, “The mortal sense we must destroy”, yes indeed we must destroy this hatred that seems to have taken over and see its nothingness…the zero!
    With much love for all in the Middle East, May they feel God’s love ❤️.

  7. this is one of my favorite go-to’s when temptation of any kind threatens. it’s easy to remember and, the message is powerful. I love hearing the authority in the author’s voice when listening to her read it.

    JULY 18, 2022 ISSUE
    2+2 still equals 4
    Lona Ingwerson

    “Trust in Truth,
    and have no other trusts.”1
    You can, you know.
    The lies, the errors, the limitations, surround us;
    we’re all aware of that.
    You’ve got something to trust when they pile on.
    You have the Truth.
    Trust it.
    When 2 and 2 look like 5,
    just trust in the 4.
    That way, when 2,000,000 and 2,000,000 come together,
    you’ll know the answer,
    and you won’t be impressed by the zeros.

  8. For those who have last loved ones or have family in harm’s way denying the existence of evil must be beyond comprehension. But as onlookers we must stay the course! Evil (or the appearance of such) will never be the victor as history has proven. And Evan’s thoughts and suggestions in today’s View provide an excellent platform on which to build our prayers for peace and reconciliation.

  9. Thank you Evan and all. Isreal needs our prayers and support. God Himself will teach them, God will put His word in their minds and will write it in their hearts. They would come to this Truth. Let us keep on in our work. Seeing good continually will make it appear in the hysical. Thank you once more for this.

  10. The Truth(s) shared here are very much needed, both individually and
    collectively. Thank you all for so much Love expressed. Truly needed these
    days, especially.
    Having a seeming war going on in my own thinking – this all helps so much to sort
    out the conflicting error(s) that at times, Seem So Real.
    When evil is rewarded, it continues and becomes even more aggressive. We
    Seem to be seeing this played out on the world stage. But it is like that …
    like a “play”, isn’t it? …where, when seen in its spiritual light (when the lights are
    turned on, so to speak), when the play has ended, the Truth/God’s existence and
    Love/Harmony is turned on and our thought exits the un-reality theater, posing to
    be Reality and the perception we had is realized when we exit the “material”…
    the un RReal into the Real.
    Hymn #148 … Thank you, William E. was what I had poured over constantly
    when going through a very troubling, dark and uncertain period in my life. It
    continues to be a favorite for the calm and hope it brings.
    Day by Day, Truth by Truth, Loving spiritual Hug, by Loving spiritual Hug …
    zero Will equal zero when any conflict tries to impede upon our Peace and
    Harmony and Love.
    Looking up to a higher source of perspective today, where thoughts can be
    shared openly is a healing treasure.. …. plus, the tranquil peacefully contented
    Truth shared here, brings about a wonderful sense of hope. Thank you All!

  11. A provocative book about the subject in which love triumphs over barriers of mistrust is the one by journalist Sandy Tolan, “The Lemon Tree”. I recommend it for those wishing to look at a carefully researched story about two famiies, one Arab the other Jew.

    1. I have been recommending this book as well. Thank you for recommending it here. My takeaway from reading the book and from reading the ‘news’ of what’s occurring in Israel, Palestine, Ukraine, Russia, and all other places where there is violence, is the absolute necessity for those of us aware of the Allness of God’s good to hold to this Truth and recognize that all ARE God’s children. And, there are not minds many but only the one Mind, God good governing all. And, that God IS omnipotent, supreme and (to quote MBE) “no (other) power can withstand divine Love.”

    1. J thank you for your loving acts of researching and sending us these wonderful articles. The one you shared yesterday on Uprooting the Seedlings of Fear was especially helpful to me. Lots of Love.

      1. Thank you Rose, and thank you for your lovely comment yesterday too. XO

        I’m so glad you found the article helpful; I did too. In Bob Cochrane’s podcast last week, and the article yesterday, both physical issues he referred to were healed when he addressed fear…and he said, “recognizing and acknowledging the omnipotence of God, good, destroys fear in all its forms, and very often this not only brings the healing—it IS the healing. As I was reading more on fear, I loved these ideas:
        – It is only at the level of mortal thinking that there could seem to be a cycle of fear & disease.
        – Cast out fear not by willing ourselves to be fearless, but by understanding the nothingness of fear in the light of the allness of a loving God and of His tender care for His creation.
        – If we were always perfectly conscious of God’s presence and power, we would never be afraid. Right where the thing we fear SEEMS to be, is divine, infinite Love. There is nothing to fear.” (Harriette Hill)

  12. The call for all of us is to retreat to our prayer closets and lift thought above the shockwaves of mortal mind and the horrific broadcasts of evil. Only glimpses of Truth and Love can change what appears to be atrocious and unforgivable sin in the world. As Tony Lobl’s editorial elucidates, we begin with changing our own thought and perspective, In our prayer closets we can elevate consciousness to feel the superiority and power of divine Love, and then counter specifically the claims of evil. Each one will have his/her own unfoldment of what to affirm and deny.
    In my own prayers, I am lead to vehemently declare that hate and the desire to dominate others have no motivating force, and no person or personality to carry out the schemes and designs of a suppositional evil mind opposed to God. There is only One infinite, benevolent, causative, powerful, and operative Mind, and his image and likeness man.

  13. Thank you for focusing on this important reminder about the powerlessness of evil, and how to pray for the violence in the Middle East. I made this the topic of last night’s readings in church. Our prayers are effective!!!

    1. Yes Bonnie our prayers are effective. Every clear Truth we ponder is one less error-filled thought in the world, one more on the side of Right, God’s side, the only side. All involved are guided rightly under the absolute direction and guidance of the one divine Mind and they hear His voice, as Grace so aptly said above.

      Also wanted to acknowledge a comment from late yesterday on SV from Mark D. Ngeri who was grateful for yesterday’s message on error, as he has been praying about some challenging circumstances and feeling very discouraged. Mark keep coming back and sharing on SpiritView. You are embraced in much love.

  14. Thank you so much Evan and everyone for all of these contributions. I have been looking at S+H page 340.” One infinite God,good, unifies men and nations, constitutes the brotherhood of man; ends wars; fulfills the Scripture, “Love thy neighbour as thyself;” annihilates pagan and Christian idolatry,- whatever is wrong in social, civil, criminal, political, and religious codes; equalises the sexes; annuls the curse on man, and leaves nothing that can sin, suffer, be punished or destroyed.”

  15. I understand that I can control my perspective on the horrific evil occurring, but can you address how I can possibly accept as UNREAL the fact that thousands of people have lost their lives through wars, natural disasters and the pandemic in just the past few years? Aren’t they all children of God that should not have suffered and died in these ways? If anyone can explain how to reconcile the concept of error as a zero with the gigantic toll of human suffering and lives lost, it would be an historic breakthrough in understanding for those of us still living our human existence.

    1. Cynthia your comment is very heartfelt and I’m sure that many of us, myself included, are grappling with this kind of question. Perhaps Evan, or others can chime in here to shed more Light. More Light is always the answer.

      1. I agree, Cynthia and Rose ~ it is one thing to declare what we’ve been learning
        through Christian Science about death and matter being UNREAL, as you say,
        or going on to another realm of understanding, but when faced with these
        horrors of barbaric proportions that Appear so real and so frightening that
        anyone could actually commit these atrocities, it becomes more difficult in understanding. I have lost friends through war, sadly and the circumstances
        they went through were so unfair, truly unfortunate and harrowing and also
        know friends who have passed with the pandemic’s ordeal.
        Having been with dear ones transitioning, in trying to comfort them, although it
        is somewhat “surreal”, at the time, I definitely can understand why you are
        questioning what you are and the traumatic ways that some seemed to have
        succumb to recently are quite unfathomable in scope of understanding how
        evil could be so cruel. I Know that we are taught that it is only our Belief and
        these dear folks are not in the physical bodies themselves, but the cruelty with
        which some have been “Seemingly” subjected to is just beyond understanding.
        Trying to comprehend can be quite an enigma at times.

    2. Yes, I also have to think about it, and that it cannot be intended by God to lose their homes.. But perhaps we can see it in this spiritual way, that the real spiritual man can neither lose his life which is God nor his home which is in God, Good. I mean, we do learn this in CS. In such a situation I pray and be still in order to get the right ideas about this from our heavenly Father-Mother God!♡♡♡
      I hope I could help Cynthia with some good thoughts. Much love to all!♡

    3. Hi Carol,

      The short answer to your question is that Christian Science does not overlook the atrocious evils in the world and simply call them unreal. When killing happens on earth, killing happens on earth. Christian Science teaches the need to face the evils head on with spiritual truth and take all power away from them, and give the power back to God. These evils are the effect of sin, and sin has to be uncovered, exposed, handled, and then it can be destroyed. It is not sufficient to simply say they are “unreal.” That is not generally helpful. Christian Science is about understanding the omnipotence of God so clearly, that evil’s claim to power can be proven unreal. But that’s the demonstration that needs to be made.

      I will give your question some more thought, and write some future blogs on it. It’s an important question many people get confused about on how to answer. Thank you.

      1. Thank you so much, Evan, for your inspired input. Your answer clarifies
        in more detail what probably a lot of us are confused about.
        I gain such insight by your and other’s messages and really appreciate so
        much love that you put into these blogs that are so very helpful to all of
        us here, who are always learning from them. I have so much to learn and
        really appreciate your help in understanding, especially difficult topics like
        this one presents.
        Thank you again, So Much. With love to you and all

  16. Thank you very much, dear Evan for this wonderful spiritual insite into the Truth of the situation!
    It is very helpful for me!

    Thank you Alison Matthews-Hunt for the passage from Science and Health on page 340. This passage was the end-passage which Mimi Oka, First Reader of TMC, read last Wednesday in her inspiring reading. For me it is one of the most important utterances Mrs. Eddy made for the peace in the World! I love that passage very much as it is such a wonderful assurance of the ONE infinite GOD, Good, unifying men and nations …! I am very grateful for Christian Science which teaches us “that it is the Spirit which quickeneth and releaseth us,” so in that sense from the Bible.

  17. Thanks Evan, a good message – it compliments the Bible lesson I read last night at church and the follow-up testimonies (Lesson topic: How do we detect and reject wrong thinking, wrong thoughts? The fundamental error in all our so called “physical” senses try to take in is the false belief that there are two powers and with wars it is the “other” power, evil that is in control, that the one power, God, good, is off doing other things or sitting it out.

    We need to affirm our belief, trust and understanding that there is only one God, good, period. And then start with God to understand the truth and ask, “God what do you see going on here in _________ (fill in the blank). God certainly isn’t seeing wars, sickness, hate, etc. , He can’t since he created all and all that he created is good and the only real. As Evan says in this Spirit View the ONLY way these challenges get addressed is through our knowing the truth! It is that stance that will move the world toward ending hate and disharmony of every type. Let’s stop being aghast at nothingness (to paraphrase what Mary Baker Eddy states in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures). And we need to ALWAYS remember, the only legitimate thing for us to see is what God sees.

    1. Thank you Larry – wonderful the truth : “the only legitimate thing for us to see is what God sees”.
      And actually as God`s likeness and reflection, we cannot else but see what God sees, Peace and Love!

  18. Such a beautiful compilation of God-thoughts here – all helping to dispel the
    errors that Seem to be happening around our world. All of these wonderful
    healing thoughts Have to be making a difference.
    I am heartened by the fact of so many differing walks of life, realizing and coming
    together for Good … some from least expected places. I believe there is an awakening
    happening and it is such a blessing to experience and see. Love conquers hate. Love is
    the still, small voice whose whisper can be heard above the loudest of error’s thralls of
    war and violence.
    In a follow up to what I had written before about the world’s stage… the mask
    above reminds me of the drama logo with the sad and happy faces. On the
    “tragedy side” would be mortal/little minds supposedly creating so much
    hardship, suffering, despair, havoc in the world… hiding behind a mask of
    evil/destruction/mayhem. But on the “happy side” of the logo is what God/Love
    holds dear… like the Genesis creation of everything made Good, in His/Her image
    and likeness… The Only side, Really. On that is the True perfection of Harmony,
    Peace, Lovingkindness… we might think of scripts from the scriptures, Mrs. Eddy’s
    works, hymns, reflections of Love~ what I am sure all here would want to experience
    and to have peace restored.
    Thank you for taking command of this topic, Evan and for all of the shares helping
    to deal with these issues, spiritually.

  19. Thank you Evan. Reading today’s SPIRITVIEW and all of the comments are a calm to fear.
    Thank you everyone. ♥️

  20. The concept that “Accidents are unknown to God” (S&H p.424:5) has long been a challenge for me, but I think I’m finally understanding it. It seems to me that conflict, whether or not it seems to be between 2 people or millions of people, is also unknown to God and therefore can have no reality. Mortal mind wants to present a bigger, scarier picture, but non-the-less, it is still . . . nothing.

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