No shutdowns in divine Mind

December 3, 2020 | 38 comments

With a resurgent wave of Covid cases in my region, government officials have been issuing stricter stay-at-home rules for residents. Businesses have closed, events canceled, family gatherings restricted and travel highly discouraged. It’s been a repeat of what happened eight months ago when Covid first broke out.

To keep my thought in a positive place, I remind myself that there are no shutdowns in divine Mind! We live in a universe of Mind, not matter, and our thought is free to stay productive and profitably engaged no matter where we happen to sit or stand.

A physical location does not determine where our thinking is located and what it does.

Despite any lockdown orders, we can stay actively engaged with useful, worthwhile activity that produces profitable, happy, and healthy results. Our physical activity may be shut down, but our spiritual activity can increase, and it’s our spiritual activity that matters most in the long run.

If you’re facing similar lockdown orders these days, be proactive with your prayers and refuse to let your thinking be shutdown. Stay spiritually engaged. Look for ways to be productive and useful. The opportunities abound if you seek them.

A physical location does not govern your mind. Divine Mind governs your Life and gives you abundant opportunities to think, learn, discover, grow and be useful.

Divine Mind, your Mind, never shuts down. Mind is ever active, and as a child of God, you exist to express the on-going activity of Mind that is ever joyful and health producing.

Stay active! It’s your divine right and ability.

38 thoughts on “No shutdowns in divine Mind”

  1. “The Lord reigneth; let the earth rejoice.”
    No evidence before the material senses can close my eyes to the scientific proof that God, good, is supreme.” Miscellaneous writings p. 277: 22‐24.
    Kindest thoughts to Spv community.

  2. We are just out of another 4 week lockdown in UK – straight into a new set of social restrictions. Spiritview even more valued to keep us on the right track. Thanks Evan – your vacation videos great too!

  3. Thank you so much Evan. I had to attend the funeral of a life long friend today and found great comfort in your line..’A physical location does not govern your mind . Divine Mind governs your Life …..’
    This thought helped enormously, not least of all with the experience of masks and restrictions surrounding us all. Love to all today and everyday❣️

  4. And……”In atmosphere of Love (Or Life or Spirit) divine, we live and move and breathe.”

  5. Praying for spiritual acceptance as true view, with the Word and Love as anchors. So grateful for this blessed stream of necessary thought life-giving power. Thank you Evan & Spirit View community. Thank you God. Thank you Mary Baker Eddy. Thank you Christ Jesus.

  6. I love the freeing thoughts in Hymn #156:
    “In Thee, O Spirit true and tender, I find my life as God’s own child: Within Thy light of glorious splendor I lose the earth-clouds drear and wild.
    Within Thy love is safe abiding From every thought that giveth fear: With-in Thy truth a perfect chiding, Should I forget that Thou art near.
    In Thee I have no pain or sorrow, No anxious thought, no load of care. Thou art the same today, tomorrow: Thy love and truth are everywhere”.
    Sometimes it seems evil can be so disruptive and powerful, but Truth, God, Love is always with us, as the sun never stops shining, even though we can not always see it.

    1. Thank you for sharing that hymn Carol, it really gives the feeling of the Peace that is always there for us to take in through our spiritual sense. I need this today, we all need these uplifting reminders of the truth that is always powerful and present for the children of God to freely partake.

    2. Thank you Carol for posting this hymn. I printed it out on a 8X10 sheet of paper a few years ago and have it posted to my closet door. The part “No anxious thought, no load of care” is usually what I need reminding of each day. I’m so grateful for our hymns that are so comforting, reassuring and joy bringing. Thank you Evan for your message today. I especially like this thought “Mind is ever active, and as a child of God, you exist to express the on-going activity of Mind that is ever joyful and health producing.” Thanks to all who comment each day and expand on Evan’s blog. (=

  7. I’m a member of the service community in the surrounding are of southwest Michigan, USA.
    I’m allowed unrestricted activity to do electrical service in home, commercial, institutional, and industrial environments.
    Each day I accept these gifts of acceptance into customers enviroments with confidence and prayers.
    I bless them with prayers and good workmanship.
    Spiritul sense tells me when to be extra careful about gloves and masks. Very often I’m greeted unmasked, sometimes extremely masked and distanced.
    The whole matter is to not be governed by fear, but by confidence and lovingkindness.
    Reject fear, live love. Express love. Be love. Smile and be confident. Know you walk with God.
    You’ll bring home blessings.

  8. This beautiful message has supercharged me this morning. Yes, we have the privilege of continuing on our active engagement of the truth for ourselves and others no matter what the picture or prediction is. Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks Angie
      This article is wonderful. I made a copy and will study it some more. It reaffirms what I have been working with lately. I live in a rural area and there are no other CS’s in my town but I have been able to share some of our scientific ideas with others who are expressing fear and anger at this time of unrest without proselyting. Some are receptive to the idea that we are not victims but spiritual beings now. He shows a new/old look at the eternal now. I loved the part where he throws new light on the passages “Beloved, now are we the son’s of God” (1st John 3:2). not “Soon we will be the son’s of God”. and my favorite “The scientific statement of being isn’t The scientific statement of becoming.” Our being is now.
      Thank you Evan for giving us these great timely blogs. And all others for your remarks and contributions.

  9. I’ve been reminding myself about what is our natural state and natural qualities and what are the counterfeits. God made us with no capacity for fear or hatred or discouragement. There is a true picture of man and a false picture of man. He built into us only the capacity to know joy, peace, serenity, harmony, sense of safety, Love. This is fact, spiritual fact.

    It is our Divine right to not be tricked into believing a false picture of man/woman either in ourselves or others or situations etc. Let’s go forward in God’s day, in His hands, and let Him spread His light through us, nothing can stop it! Thank you Evan and SV community.

  10. Thank you Evan and everyone who has added to the spiritual uplift.

    It is wonderful to acknowledge that our thoughts can’t be held captive and we can think clearly at all times.

    Much love and gratitude to all.

  11. Hi dear ones on Evan’s wonderful SpiritView! I miss faces (un-masked dear faces).
    Evan, possible to have faces on here, by our names?
    Odd request from me who uses SpiritViewFan, instead of my sweet name: Sue Krevitt,
    from Scotts Valley, California! (silly.. paranoia?)

    Are you folks willing to include your faces? We could try it, anyhow.
    Just thinkin’…… Either way is fine, tho. (Now I’ll have to dig up a “good” one of me! haha)

    Loving this site,

    1. Yes Sue, I would love to show my face here in the spare place of a white head. However I am not familiar how to do that. Perhaps this who have their face here could tell is how to do it.

    2. Sue, I wouldn’t mind adding a photo. Will need some help on the technology of how to do it. Yes your name is sweet, I also like the SpiritView Fan name, but sounds like you are feeling comfortable sharing more of yourself here, and that is good. All is Love, here on Spiritview and everywhere you can be.

      On another note, the Daily Lift is good today I recommend it, on seeing unity and harmony in the midst of seeming disharmony.

    3. I’m not sure how to include faces. I’ll have to do some investigating. But great idea for those who are comfortable doing it.

      1. Yes, I agree. It wd be nice to actually see our family! Thanks for the idea, Sue! And thanks for looking into it, Evan!

    4. Here’s how to add your face to your comments. From my tech guy:

      Your users can visit or to set up a (free) account. This is a standard feature of WordPress. Once a user is registered with, their profile thumbnail will appear on any WordPress blogs with the Gravatar feature enabled.

      I look forward to seeing some faces appear!

  12. Evan’s post today, and the powerful supportive responses are so helpful to me to stay “prayed up” for my work as a caregiver. I know that divine Love is the only influence, and that the dear ones I care for can only be blessed, uplifted and protected. That health and well being is the natural and normal condition of God’s man. The kingdom of heaven is here now, not a covid dream.
    I am profoundly thankful for the clear messaging of truth and love this website provides.

  13. Thanks you for all the lovely comments, always uplifting. This poem will also help to keep me in that positive place – perhaps you as well.

    From the May 25, 1912 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

    In tune with God
    His angels with us fare,
    No fear of sin or sickness can alarm;
    Safe folded in His loving care
    There’s naught can harm:
    Welcome the chastening rod.
    In tune with God
    All nature blends in harmony,
    The morning stars together sing;
    With sweetest melody
    The hills and valleys ring,
    Life is not in the sod.
    In tune with God
    We love our brother man,
    We see the Christ-ideal,
    And know that only Truth and beauty can
    Forever be the real.
    Man is above the clod!
    In tune with God!
    Tis heaven begun below,
    A foretaste of the love and joy,
    Which we shall surely know,
    Sometime without alloy.
    Our feet with gospel peace are shod.

  14. What will you write about when the corrupt government demands we get a shot and then a chip?
    Will you continue to promote none resistance?
    How far will you allow error to go before you demand your freedom? Are you truly ignorant of the goal of error that is being forced on mankind today?
    Jesus disciples carried swords in the garden the night before they crucified Him. Why do you think they had them? It might not have been the time to use them then but I would argue there have been times it was more right to use them than not since then! And NOW it seems very close to the time it would be more right to use force than to be forced into slavery and loss of freedoms. Millions have died to give us freedom and perhaps many more will die just to hold the line supporting and defending our Constitution. Would you advise everyone to stand down, love their enemies, and walk into the gas chambers without any resistance?? I am a US Marine sniper and retired Federal Officer who spent many years on an Anti-terror contraband enforcement team. Did I waste my life and spend a career to keep Americans safe so they could be turned into sheep and slaughtered at will?

    1. Hi Jeffrey,

      You make many interesting and thought provoking points. I can only cover a little bit in a single blog, and you bring up many issues that no doubt, I will address more in the future.

      I am not advocating non-resistance, in the sense of not doing something. I didn’t say anything about that. Quite to the contrary. I daily pray for positive change in the world around me, and believe my prayers make a positive difference. I see evidence daily as people’s thought changes for the better after praying for them. So, rest assured, I am daily fighting on the front lines to shut this pandemic down and fears that it has generated, and preserve liberty and freedom for all! You are not alone.

      I appreciate all your service also!

    2. Hi Jeffrey, I know your commentary was directed to Evan, but as a reader, I just wanted to thank you for all of your service, and also acknowledge your concerns.

      With the pandemic and U.S. elections, there seems to be a feeling of dualism of good vs. evil, and many things that would seemingly take away “peace of mind”…fear, frustration, helplessness, anger, anxiety, loss, isolation, loneliness, etc. It would be great to see even further elucidation from Evan on these issues in future blogs. Thank you.

    3. Hi Jeffrey, Have you considered there are non-violent approaches for advocating what you think are the best policies your government should enact? For example, even if you don’t agree that prayer is effective, you could instead choose to “participate” in helping government officials make decisions with which you agree versus advocating violent force as the only option. If everyone that disagrees with someone thought the best (or only) option was to pull out a sword or pull out a gun and kill the other person, there would probably only be one person left on earth (i.e. the fastest draw).

  15. Carol, much gratitude to you this morning for sharing and reminding me, and all of us, of the healing message of Hymn # 156. “Within Thy love is safe abiding from every thought that bringeth fear: within Thy truth a perfect chiding, should I forget that Thou art near”. Such power, strength and protection in those words! This is what I will lean on and cling to today! Thank you!

  16. Thanks to all who shared uplifting and helpful thoughts and ideas today! Rose, your post is particularly helpful and healing for me today for a particular situation with a dear one, so I thank you very much! So good to have a place to share inspiration as we all push forward with Love Divine at the helm of thought, knowing that that Love guides and directs and protects each and every one of us and all man-Kind!

    1. I love your name here, Still Learning!, and so are we all. Thank you for kindly sharing that my post was helpful to you, That is very gratifying to me, I’m sending blessings to you today, your situation will dissolve gracefully in the light of Truth.

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