There’s always a bridge

December 2, 2020 | 35 comments

If you ever feel like you’ve come to the edge of a precipice and there’s no way to the other side where you need to be, look for a bridge!

From a spiritual perspective, there’s always a way to the other side that gets you moving down the path of progress without delay.

I filmed this vlog while hiking with Kathy in the Makoshika State Park in Montana last September.

35 thoughts on “There’s always a bridge”

  1. Perfect❣️
    Thank you Evan.
    And taking your message yesterday to heart, my thoughts were with all of humanity all day until I fell asleep~I realize the importance of that with how I feel a different kind of peace upon awaking.

    1. I love the simple command of Jesus to “feed my sheep”.
      The other day a mother asked me how she could guide her daughters to live meaningful lives..
      My simple answer was to live unselfishly.
      That “bridge’ Evan spoke of was for me the bridge to opportunity.. The opportunity God gives me each day to live life with a purpose.

  2. Thank you very much for that helpful message, Evan As others have said sometimes, this is
    just what I need this morning to get me back to the spiritual mainland. There is also the bridge which
    we can demolish – that is the bridge when erroneous beliefs would try to fool us into accepting. This is in a quotation which I often use – and I do not know where I found it: — “When you refuse to react, you have destroyed the bridge over which error can reach you.”

  3. I wrote a poem about changing the word react to
    re-act. A new act. A new way of thinking.
    Each day we receive new ways of thinking with
    SpiritView. Thanks!

  4. As always very helpful. I feel today as I am drowning ,very much in the weeds of mortal fears. I will look for a bridge

    1. Dear Nadine,
      When I faced these same situations I was told this by a most effective practitioner of Christian Science.
      “David I want you to sit back in your recliner, and get comfortable, then get quiet. And when you are quiet, get quieter.” this I did telling myself to be quiet, and quieter.
      During this time the dear Christ was able to enter into my consciousness. Shortly after hearing his tender loving message of healing light, a feeling rather than words, I was healed.
      That was my bridge, being quiet and thus being enabled to entertain the Christ.
      He is here and is dependable to sooth, comfort, encourage, elighten, revealing the perfection which is your gift from God. All we must do is listen. To listen we must be quiet and hear.
      Feel the magnificent and powerful Love of Christ here this morning. He is with you dear,
      Never fear, Mother’s here. Father’s here. Their Son, Christ is here. Be at peace.

      1. Beautiful and comforting David. Thank you for your sharing your experience. Loved your vlog and it’s message Evan.

      2. How lovely to respond. I don’t
        Always look. I understand what you were told
        Thank you so much for sharing. I will add this to my prayers and meditation

    2. There is nothIng to fear when one is with God, good- since He/She Is ALL.
      A hymn comes to mind…false fears are foes..Truth shatters those… when understood.

      Ive also heard FEAR means false evidence appearing real.

      Keep digging -go inside more are on your way to achieving great peace, my friend. You are so loved!

  5. Beautiful thought, message, vlog, Evan, thank you! I’ll be sure to pack the simplicity, practicality, and promise of its message in my walk each day, every step of the way. Abiding gratitude for all your healing work for Church in so many ways, blessing all!

  6. I needed this today so very much, thank you Evan. I am reminded of the remarks Jesus made to his disciples about ‘ seeing ‘ ( understanding) the Truth of his teachings. I too am seeking that bridge today.

  7. Just what I needed to hear today. Like that you mentioned the Christ as being the “power of the presence of God”. Thank you so much !

  8. Dear Nadine. As Evan said, the bridge is Christ. Follow the Christ and that will lead you safely to the bridge. No need to beat through any weeds or brambles of mortal mind to find it. The right way will be clearly seen and Love is leading you and holding your hand.

  9. Maggie, very loving to ask. I got a new computer
    and can’t pull it up on my old one. Word is not
    We are acting (living) out from God, and it
    is always beautiful. ❤️

  10. My branch of the Mother Chruch is in Charlevoix, Michigan. It is near Bridge Street. I found this Society as a result of a healing.
    I was privledged to join it this year It is my bridge to get away from materiality to the harmonious harbor of lovingkindness.
    Thank you for your reflection on eternal access to the harbor of refuge across the ever=present bridge of Truth.

  11. A bridge I think of as a connection… so the Christ is the unbroken connection between God and man.
    Thank you Evan. This was an eye-opener for me today.

  12. Loved “I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.” So we don’t have to figure out how to get across the bridge or what the next move is, we can trust God to show us and take us forward. That removes any pressure or human stress of thinking we have to do it through human will.

    I feel a bit at that crossroads at my job right now. I work with the public in a major urban department store (just returned 2 1/2 months ago after a six month furlough) and health officials announced that “older people” should stay home now as much as possible, and not let “outsiders” into our home. A seeming dilemma, how can I continue working if it is suggested to stay at home?

    Error in the form of fear is trying to present itself. I don’t want to quit, maybe a leave of absence, but I don’t want to do it out of fear. Fear is no part of my true nature. It feels overwhelming but I trust God to show me where He wants me at all times, I need to listen to Him and tune out the “circulating fear.” Thanks and Love to all!

  13. Dear Nadine, the Christ is your life boat and your buoy over the troubled waters of mortal mind. Through Christ you will be supported and grounded on the peaceful shore of Truth Thank you Evan for these precious blogs and vlogs that so often provide the bridge we are looking for on our spiritual journeys.

  14. I have found it helpful not to focus on what needs healing ( Because basically it is a lie) And to focus on my own and all of our oneness with God. It was such a lesson for me when threatened with a rape, the bridge I needed was I heard the words “your only hope is just see God, the good in him:” As he pulled me to an empty field I pulled back looked in his eyes, seeing only good, I gently told him “leave me alone.” After I did this a second time, he gave a push and said, “Go on then.” What a lesson in loving my neighbour this has been!

  15. One day.when I was sitting in my kitchen…a city tryck pulled up outside, and proceeded to erect a street sign -about 20 ft from my window..directly in my view! I was wondering why…then it hit me…the signtn said “maximum 40” and I was 39! This was a divine sign for me, a bridge of impel me to move. We moved in 2 months, right up the street to a place where there was an unimpeded view out the window!
    Thank you God for Your explicit instructions and ongoing guidance! Im so grateful for being led to Christian Science!

    1. Hello C, undoubtedly, the experience which you shared was the most humorous I’ve read recently. Early in my 30’s I moved what seemed like every year (some time multiple times in one year), whether I needed to or not, to a better place, until I was 39 (like you), when a classmate from years past came to visit, then we dated, and married. Seemed like there was a serendipity to the path I was on, blessed all the way, over, under and upon bridges all along the way. Reflecting back I can see that now. Just laughing out loud at the sign that was placed in front of your window.

  16. Thank you, Evan, for another marvelous vlog. The commenters are also sharing their inspired bridges of the Christ-spirit. The Golden Text this week is from the Common English Bible and reads, “God saw everything he had made: it was supremely good.” I underlined the word “supremely” twice. Then the angel thought came, “Today, may I cross the bridge of Christ-like understanding and feel my oneness with all God’s children, leaving behind judgementalism. There are no hypocrites in the Kin-dom of Heaven, in my consciousness or in other’s consciousness. Help us all to claim our joy and peace and walk with the Christ today and always.”

  17. “In Thy Light shall we see Light””
    About fifteen years ago I received this letter of Light from my teacher…

    “Again I have been dwelling much with the Lord’s Prayer, It is the prayer of Soul, and not of a mortal. It is prayed in the sanctuary where we plead God’s allness and the door of material sensuousness is shut. It is the prayer where all information is gathered from Mind as we have audience with Spirit. We hear what Spirit alone is saying.

    “First, is the statement that the only author or origin of man is the infinite Divine Principle, Love. This annihilates all sense of past. Your present origin is the One Father-Mother, showing forth perfect balance, all the qualities that make up your nature.

    Second, in the holiness of Thy nature, we see that the Adorable One, “Divine Principle and Its idea…” (S&H 465:17), means that we live inseparable from the Father-Mother. This is the One Ego, and it means that everything that is resident in the infinite Mind that is God is present as your experience. “The maximum of good is the infinite God and His idea.” (S&H 103:15).

    “Third, this kingdom of His Christ, the Adorable One, is present now without delay or obstruction. “Thy kingdom [IS] Come…” (S&H 16:31).

    Fourth, this presence is enforced by the benevolent law of good in the words “Thy will be done”
    (see S&H 17:1);

    “This is your prayer, for God and man. Cause and effect, sing in a duet sung with One voice: ‘All the earth is My glorious Temple, Body, and Its nature is whole, Holy.”

    “The Old Testament accounts for the way people used the power of Truth to deal with human problems. The New Testament teaches our identity with Truth, in the presence of which problems fall away for lack of foothold. This is how the scales drop from your eyes: they have no place in your present divine vision. “All consciousness is Mind, and Mind is God, an infinite and not a finite consciousness.” (Ret. 56:18)”

  18. I appreciated seeing this. A friend sent me this yesterday, thinking maybe your messages would be helpful. I have been pondering no longer being a part of the CS human movement and just studying and practicing on my own. I have been very disappointed how a son of mine was treated in a CS program for over two years by other young participant and it was ignored and allowed to go on. How is that Divine Love?I have just seen too much over the years in the human side of the movement and I wonder why in the world I am putting up with it anymore. I look around me because I am intelligent person, ha and I see other people in other faiths being so much more kind to each other, and compassionate for others, helping them. There is a lot of good talk but not a lot of good action and for me, CS is love in ACTION, not just talk. My friend sent me to you. Hmmm… seem to have it going and taking it off the page, bringing it to the 21st Century and perhaps living it. Again, I have seen SO much talk, and going through the movements but the true spirit of CS is not being demonstrated. I appreciated this vlog and I will follow. You are speaking to the world and not just so-called Christian Scientists and this is what we need and to see it being practiced for the world, not just for ourselves. I can see that you like people. Thank you.

    1. Welcome Heidi! So nice to have you here. I’m sorry to hear about your past experiences. They sound so foreign to me, for my experiences have been so positive with Christian Science. My church experience is overflowing with love between members supporting each other and being there for each other in times of need. I hope to share that same love with you, and everyone! I pray you find peace and hope too. Christian Science is incredibly freeing and liberating when truly practiced and lived.

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