Not needy, but blessed

May 28, 2021 | 38 comments

If you’re ever tempted to see yourself as needy, see yourself as blessed instead!

God is blessing you this moment with ideas and inspirations that solve whatever problem you are facing.

God is blessing you this moment with guidance, possibilities, opportunities, and open doors to keep you moving down a path of progress.

God is blessing you this moment with good health coming from Spirit that keeps you healthy and strong.

God is blessing you this moment with boundless love coming from divine Mind for you to express toward others freely and abundantly.

God is blessing you this moment with Life eternal that is never lost or left behind.

God is blessing you this moment with a reason and purpose to live.

God is blessing you in so many ways, the human mind can’t even begin to comprehend how expansive, deep, and broad these blessings from above are.

These blessings are not discerned through material sense, which is the culprit that sees lack in the first place. They are discerned through spiritual sense which sees the infinite goodness of God at every corner of Life.

As a child of God, you are not needy. You are blessed! Live the blessed Life God has given you to live, and enjoy every moment.

38 thoughts on “Not needy, but blessed”

    1. Thank you very much dear Angie for this very helpful and also uplifting Journal article “I will heal you” what the Christ is promissing us all in all times and circumstances!
      You are an angel bringing us always the articles with the angel messages relevant to each SpiritView! ♡

    2. Brian Webster’s article was very supportive this morning. Thank you Angie for your contribution supporting Evan’s lesson this morning.
      I awoke with the belief of cramping legs. How easy as it o simply get up and walk. Brian’s experience is that he overcame the belief in matter. Unity of Good, “There is no Matter”.
      By Mary Baker Eddy. lists the physical senses, sight, touch, taste, force on page 31. I was enlisted to study this text while working on a belief of cataracts. The truth contained therein will dissolve them.
      A great article. “I will come and heal you.” The Christ forever here and near.

  1. Wow, yes Evan, thank you and big hugs for this utmost.uplifting SpiritView into divine heaven and home! I feel very comforted with this abundance of these blessings.
    My joy and reason and purpose to live is to reflect my Father-Mother God in all the various qualities He/She endowed me with in order to glorify God and to bless my neighbors! Thank you so much Evan for all the blessings you are giving us every day. And thank God for the most valuable Perl, Christian Science!!!♡

  2. Oh, this is so perfect and inspiring Evan! A true revelation/ reminder for me today for many reasons. We were promised ‘ the Comforter ‘ and Christian Science is surely that. But even as we know , because of our teaching, the truth about ourselves , your SV reminders are just indispensable …ie;.not just to know but to live Life as Gods expression. This is definitely a print and keep treatment here. Thank you so much❣️

  3. I love this too, a pure and perfectly expressed truth, a keeper. Thank you so much for you daily help Evan.

  4. Thank you Evan! Everyday is a blessing to receive these spiritual nuggets. I’m so grateful for them! These wonderful blogs that inspire us all.

  5. Thank you, Evan, for this inspired reminder that we are all the beloved and blessed children of God. Beautifully stated message!

  6. Thank you, Evan, for this super inspiring message. It has increased my understanding of the many blessings I have received from God and as a student of Christian Science. I definitely plan to print this message and work with it often!

  7. Thank you, Evan and Angie! Always exactly providing what is needed, blessing us. All of creation has all that is needed because the Creator provides it and makes all of creation able and willing to promptly and fully enjoy receiving it and using it to bless. Our only need is to experience and express infinite good in that perpetual complete circle of divine Love’s grace and gift lovingly given and received with gratitude and reciprocity of gifts graciously given. All of nature teaches this and all indigenous cultures have embraced this, which can be hinted at and delighted in through reading botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer’s book, Braiding Sweetgrass. And mutual blessing. Nothing is missing and nothing is coveted or rejected. All is complete, all needs are fulfilled and we know this law’s peace and joy and generosity.

    1. Edith – Part of our contribution reminds me of Hymn 75. verse 2

      His blessings comes as showers
      Upon the thirsty earth;
      And joy and hope, like flowers,
      Spring in His path to birth.
      Before Him on the mountains
      Shall Peace, the herald go;
      From hillm and vale the fountains
      Of righteusness shall flow.

    2. Dear Edith – part of your reply reminds me of Reminds me of Hymn 75. verse 2

      His blessings comes as showers
      Upon the thirsty earth;
      And joy and hope, like flowers,
      Spring in His path to birth.
      Before Him on the mountains
      Shall Peace, the herald go;
      From hillm and vale the fountains
      Of righteusness shall flow.

  8. Ah, Evan. “moving down a path of progress.” Never down…along or on or forward, but never down.

  9. I thank God today for every blessing: for Evan, Angie, Brian, …… each & every one of YOU, & the COUNTLESS Blessings; I’m listing them as they come flooding into my attention, pouring forth ~ more than we can see, but receiving & joyously accepting as expected from All Good, All is well

  10. THANK YOU, Evan, Angie, Maggie and everybody. We are blessed to have this blog and so many blessings more! ♥️

  11. Thank you for this wonderful message this morning, Evan! I can visualize this Blessing path lined with beautiful “floral apostles” as I see and experience and express blessings. Your message is ‘synchronistically’ perfect; I’m re-reading for the “umpteenth” time, Pierre Pradervand’s book, “The Gentle Art of Blessing”. Perfect message and alignment, thank you!

  12. After reading Angie’s article, I thought of a poem
    I frond this week. One of my earlier ones when
    I was working on something. Not perfect but fits
    in with the article.


    Last night wanting more insight, I asked the Master how to pray
    He said “Our Father” so gently I grasped somewhat the “our” and love being included in his prayer
    It was when he got to the “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil” part that I was broadsided so to speak

    He couldn’t have been saying not to be tempted to steal, kill, hate and more
    He also didn’t mean to be delivered from these sins…that was too obvious
    It was the tone of…lead us not…to be tempted to believe in other gods…
    god’s of disease, anger, worry, fear
    It was the soft…deliver us from believing there is any evil to be delivered from, that hung in the night air

    And it was heard by me as…let her not be tempted
    And let her be delivered
    I liked that he cared enough to ask for me
    He seemed so clear on these ideas…maybe because he had also been tempted that he saw the need of being clear about God and man
    I knew he was saying it gently to not distract me…to give thought substance, staying power

    Being with the Master…talking…sharing
    Being in the presence of the Christ…our identity also
    Gives credence to Life…ours
    The gentle touch of the Master’s thought…given freely…divinely directed, is the…deliver us, part

    He didn’t say deliver them or her…no condemnation, finger pointing, or accusations
    It was a conversation with our Father…a verbal asking, placing him in the group …knowing full well Our father answers every call
    The prayer, uttered, when asked how to pray, came forth so easily
    There was no embarrassment in going to his Father…our Father
    Just the sure expectation of an answer…he went to Him, to show me, and you, we can go and do likewise
    The Master’s way of praying is seeing the answer, before…the prayer
    Or, living with Our Father, is prayer, in action
    Shown to us by the Master

    Melissa Baker

    1. So many ways to listen to our Lords’ prayer. This is indeed a revelation. Thank you for sharing it as a prayer to God on our behalf from our dear Jesus, Our dear Master who left us his unceasing Love.

  13. What a creative way to think about lack and problems. Thanks! It’s an easy reversal in thought. From lack/problems to blessings.

    In the article ALL THE WAY by Milton Simon there was a similar sentence to the effect that right where the problem seemed to be Truth was there.

    I used that concept on an open-book, very difficult chemistry test where I had problems where I wasn’t sure what to do. I had the pamphlet ALL THE WAY open on my student desk, too, during the test so when I got stuck during the test I looked at ALL THE WAY, and found that sentence. Right where the problem was, the truth necessary to solve it was there I prayed. And pick a likely formula. The teacher announced later that my test had the highest grade out of all of her 5 classes. In that class we were taught that matter is mainly empty space so ended up enjoying that class and getting an A.

    So, right where lack seems to be, blessings are there. What a fantastic way of looking at it. Blessings is a great word.

        1. Thanks Angie. So good to be reminded of this great article and that Love takes us all the way!

        2. Thank you very much Angie for providing this pamphlet – really appreciate this❣️

  14. Thank you Evan! This is wonderful. Very helpful! I so appreciate everyone’s comments as well. Love and blessings to all.

  15. Last night while praying, the story of Balak and Balaam in this week’s lesson came to my thought. Balaam informs Balak that he can’t curse that which God hath not cursed, he can’t defy the ever-present activity of God’s goodness towards God’s people. “…he hath blessed; and I cannot reverse it” says Balaam. It then occurred to me that man is always in a state and condition of blessedness! This was a powerful truth which kept unfolding in my thought. Genesis I says that God blessed man, and there’s nothing in Genesis I that says God “unblessed” or took that back from man. This was more evidence in God’s Word of man being always in a state of blessedness, (whether past, present, or future). Since there’s only a continuous state or condition of blessedness for man, there’s never been a “beginning” state of disease, suffering, lack, (fill in the blank). I was absolutely thrilled and uplifted with this line of thinking. And then this morning I read Spiritview and am delighted to see the idea expanded upon. Rejoice! The activity of God and His Christ is to bless us all, in all ways; blessedness is a continuous state of being, and nothing and no one can reverse it!

  16. Thank you everyone – these ideas are all so helpful! I still have the book “The Gentle Art of Blessing” by Pierre Pradervand. Think I’ll look at that one again.I too, have been enjoying the excellent articles in recent C.S. Journals, and the “on target” Bible Lesson themes!

  17. Thank You Christian Science for teaching me to accept the wonders and glories of ever-present Love as my Reality here and Now as reflection of Divine Love’s Expression – and enjoy the Living reality of Lovingkindness of Our Father Mother God.

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