Pray for spiritual gain

October 13, 2022 | 22 comments


When you pray for healing, are you seeking spiritual gain?

It’s an important question to answer because God is Spirit. When we pray to God for help, God gives us help that comes in a spiritual form. This help typically takes the form of new ideas, inspirations, insights, and direction that lead to healing outcomes.

However, if we are focused on material gain of some sort, our thought may not be tuned into seeing the spiritual gain that leads to real healing. It’s like we’re looking south when we need to be looking north.

Be sure to seek spiritual gain above all else! It’s the kind of help God provides. The inspiration we gain from sincere prayer lifts thought to a better place and to better experiences. It’s how healing happens.

Spiritual gain is the most important gain of all.

22 thoughts on “Pray for spiritual gain”

    1. Martine,
      Thank you for your research and finding yet another applicable article from the archives.
      The thoughts expressed here initiated by our dear Evan, lead the way to harmony.
      “I am so grateful to be “still and list the voice within.” Watching patiently for regeneration the journey will continue through eternity. I am blessed. I have many a step to take on my way to better understanding. Gratitude for today’s enlightening, uplifting address.

  1. Thank you Evan. Material remedies tend to come with negative side effects. Whenever I hear a commercial for material medicine it always ends with “Side effects may include…” followed by a long list of bad outcomes. Prayer, on the other hand, fills our thought with spiritual truth. As we gain a better understanding of God and God’s idea there are also side effects. A commercial for Christian Science treatment would go something like this…

    “Christian Science treatment will result in a better understanding of God and God’s spiritual manifestation. Side effects will include more harmony, peace, love, and goodness, which have always been present, being revealed to you in your human experience.”
    Truth is God’s remedy for error of every kind, and Truth destroys only what is untrue.
    (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, pp. 142:31–2)

    1. Thank you, RH for your wonderful CS commercial! How amazing that would be to hear those side effects instead if the litany of the negative ideas constantly bombarding the viewers.

      1. RH, Please forward your CS commercial to the Mother Church so the board can consider this as a Prime Time Ad during the news that in inundated with drug commercials. It would refresh the entire country!!!
        I love it!!!

    2. Love your commercial! So true.
      I was given an article recently entitled “Surprise Me!”
      by Steve Cole in the 8/19/2013 Sentinel. The article reminds us when we are in prayer to God not to outline the results. God’s plan for us is always more complete and in line with spiritual progress. Our job is simply to listen. And as others have mentioned we must continue to know “Thy will be done.” God’s ideas may surprise us and most definitely enlightened us to a more beautiful answer to our prayer. “Spirit imparts the understanding which uplifts consciousness and leads into all truth.”
      S.H. pg 505

    3. RH,

      LOVE this! Thanks so much for this great idea! I try and mute commercials as the vast majority are just aggressive suggestions of disease. I wish your commercial aired 24/7 – it would do so much good!

  2. With deep love for this community of prayers and Evan’s efforts to have this all possible. God is in this place. He expresses His ideas through all of you. God has provided this platform for us to be who we are as His Expressions.

  3. Thank you Evan for all that you’re doing making this blog possible everyday and providing a forum for those to contribute their ideas which are also instructive.

  4. Yes! yes to “When you pray for healing, are you seeking spiritual gain?” I can finally say, yes. I’m so grateful for the increased understanding to truly see that when we are praying for healing, we are not trying to fix/control/change some real problem, we are given the opportunity to learn a little more of the Truth. The already Truth of what God is and does. When our goal becomes learning more about God our Father-Mother’s allness and serving God, the way opens right up.

    The increased understanding I mentioned earlier is available to all. No one has a better chance than another of receiving it. We all have it, we are hardwired with it.

  5. What a fantastic SpirtView today, as well as all the comments that have come with it. Adding Evan and the SpiritView community to my gratitude list.

  6. yes, absolutely grateful for this S.V. today. It makes so much sense. and The ad is so inspiring and really makes me smile RH. Much Love to everyone.

    1. Excellent article and I’m grateful for all comments today. Thank you so much Evan. I guess we must always start with the prime/ sole diagnosis that ‘ All is infinite Mind and it’s infinite manifestation’.

  7. I am very grateful to Evan for SpiritView. His sentence above: “When we pray to God for help, God gives us help that comes in a spiritual form. This help typically takes the form of new ideas, inspirations, insights, and direction that lead to healing outcomes.” These new insights, new ideas, inspirations often come from all of you that make comments and additions. Thank you all.

  8. Thank you everyone for winderful comments today, as I join late in the day. But didn’t want to miss the chance to express gratitude for this group of inspired thinkers. It is a blessing to be among you.

    Thanks RH for your CS commercial! If I could hear it on my TV every day I could retire my mute button.

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