Put yourself on a Truth-diet

December 10, 2021 | 12 comments

With a holiday season in full swing, many people worry about what they eat. A healthy plan to navigate your way through the season, is to put yourself on a diet of spiritual truth!

Rather than stuffing your mouth with food you don’t need, focus your efforts on filling thought with spiritual truth!

Spiritual truth is your reality with God.

With God, you are a spiritual being that finds happiness, enjoyment, fulfillment, satisfaction, and delight in spiritual mindedness.

Jesus Christ said, “You’re blessed when you’ve worked up a good appetite for God. He’s food and drink in the best meal you’ll ever eat” (Matt. 5:6, The Message).

Rather than drooling over food, or obsessing about what to eat, put yourself on a diet of Truth. Think about God more. Focus on spiritual reality. Say “No,” to excess appetite with dominion and authority. Prove that you can be happy with what God is giving you spiritually.

Put yourself on a Truth-diet.

12 thoughts on “Put yourself on a Truth-diet”

  1. Thank you, Martine – that is a really good article – amusing to me in the first instance, but very
    profound in its message. It is certainly the best meal we’ll ever eat.

  2. Mrs. Eddy speaks about enjoying Christmas in quietness.
    What a contrast to the way the world gets busier as it seeks pleasure in things including lots of food.
    If our real need is for satisfaction maybe we need to slow down.
    I recall one of my most satisfying Christmases, although a challenging one, was the first time I was alone due to unforeseen circumstances..
    Alone with God and I did not overeat.

    1. Amen John! I prefer my “alone” Christmas Too many stressed out hostesses in past years – too much drink, food, meaningless talk – I treasure my comforting solitude with GOD, grateful for the Holy Birth.

  3. Thanks for this, love the idea of being on a Truth Diet. Excess material nourishments (“stuffing your mouth with food you don’t need”) can never truly satisfy us because they are temporary pleasures and distractions; shallow substitutes for the. true spiritual nourishment (“think about God more”) that fills and satisfies us in a deep and lasting way.

    Mrs. Eddy said that divine Love is ever-present and will provide us with All we need every moment. (Misc Writings P.307)

    Also, Matthew 6:25 “Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?”

  4. I remember Christmas’s past…When the only thing to share was each others love.
    One Christmas we, the youngest of our family, were lucky to get a stocking with an orange in the bottom of it and some hard candy on top of it.
    Today we feed our hunger and not our appetite. But an insatiable appetite for learning and demonstrating God’s dear Lovingkindness fills up the void.
    There are many hungry in this present world. We are enlisted to feed the hungry, We will extend lovingkindness while blessing the world with healing prayer and a handout of needful things.
    Charity abounds this time of year. Mailbox crammed with supplications for help. We do what we can whenever we are able. “Hope and Love abounds.” “Charity stands waiting and Love holds wide the door.” “The dear Christ enters in”. 164 & 222, From The Christian Science. Hymnal.
    Can Love fill the emptiness? Indeed it can. When holding each other in Love we are filled.
    Feast on charitableness this holiday and every day.
    Thanks to all. Feast this holiday!

    1. Thank you David for your thoughts and thank you Evan.
      We must stay with God and know that we– and everyone of His children worldwide — are carried on His shoulders. Yes we we get appeals for financial help a lot at this season– to help the poor and needy. So our Daily Prayer (from the Manual of the Mother Church) is the first contribution we make and it is EVERY day for ALL MANKIND .) And then know God, Love is filling us up full with angel thoughts. Then we can wisely and lovingly donate even a small amount for their needs too, and our family’s needs, and your own needs. (So no need to obsess over food preparation or eating!) GOD, Almighty Divine LOVE ALWAYS HAS MET, AND ALWAYS WILL MEET EVERY HUMAN NEED. For His whole family, worldwide! Happy Amen !

  5. Wow! everyone what a great topic for us to consider at this time of year or anytime of year actually. I also really loved the article that was shared by Martine and ALL of your comments. Thank you and Happy Devouring the Food of the Spirit this season.

  6. Oh Lord is that podcast and article from Evan on a so wonderful spiritually and metaphysically high standard. I am aware that I have still to do a lot efforts and prayer to reach the high spiritual niveau. But I think it is very worth it!
    Thank you very much for the link to Evan’s so good podcast dear Jenny. It gives me a lot!
    Thank you dear Evan for this SpiritView on Truth diet. You say ” Spiritual truth is my reality with God” oh do I love that truth. It assures me of the nearness to God specially as I am alone on Christmas. But I am actually not alone as God is everpresent and with each one of us! Am very grateful to know that! through Christian Sciece. And I am thankful for all the inspired comments and also for Martine’s link to the wonderful article!♡

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