Remember the joys of Life

May 17, 2023 | 26 comments


Linger not in your sorrows. You do not belong there.

~ Dodinsky

Lack, loss, suffering, are part of the mortal dream of life in matter. It’s not where God created us to be.

God gave us spiritual life to enjoy. God is our Life, a Life of Spirit, where there is no lack, loss, death, or suffering.

If ever tempted to get lost in sorrow, remember who you are. You are not a mortal stuck in a temporal dream of error sensation. You are an immortal. You have a glorious spiritual life with God to be living. Be sure to live it!

26 thoughts on “Remember the joys of Life”

  1. It seems like most sadness comes from a personal sense of life, where we can feel disappointed in people and circumstances..
    As God becomes our source of true joy we find freedom from disappointment..the mortal dream is broken and reality discovered..

    1. John, these are insightful truths and so helpful. Personal sense wants to distract us from our “living waters” promised by our dear Christ Jesus; distract us from our one fountain of joy, our Heavenly Father/Mother. The kingdom of heaven IS within and not the responsibility of others to provide for us… thank you!

  2. Thank you very much dear Evan, for your comforting and encouraging and healing SpiritView!
    Your forelast sentence “You have a glorious spiritual life with God to be living” reminded me, that we have a wonderful hymn , namely no. 65. I`d like to add the third verse to this wonderful Blog:

    “From glory unto glory,
    What great things He hath done,
    What wonders He hath shown us,
    What triumphs Love hath won.
    From glory unto glory,
    From strength to strength we go,
    While grace for grace abundantly
    Doth from His fullness glow.”

    Looking forward to all your inspired comments today and am thankful for them! 🙂

      1. “glow” works beautifully with this lovely verse of the hymn, Uta. The “flow” is
        “glowing” His glory and grace.

        1. Yes Maggie! And we can think, see how the glow flows spiritually. That was an inspired “miss” Uta! Once I asked a dear Reader who was a practitioner, about a specially inspiring passage I thought she read on a Wed service… and it turned out it wasn’t there, not even in the Book..!. And she said the Father surely said that to me that I “mis”-heard as part of her readings.

  3. How nice to start my day in God’s Kingdom! Thank you. Now, to get to church tonight, if distractions don’t invade. Many more thanks.

  4. There can’t be any distraction between God and his child and our Father-Mother Love will lead us to His church, serving Him in Gratitude!♡♡

  5. Thank you Evan and all.Sorrow and pain shall cease Supernal joy, is here now and shall forever be. This day is filled with the joys of Soul.

  6. Remember: “This is the day the Lord hath made, (so) Be glad, give thanks, rejoice!” — Hymn 342

  7. Just when I was tempted to “worry”, I open this. Yippeeeee, this IS the day the Lord has made and I’m glad to be romping around in it, carefree and happy as a child, knowing that all my needs are met and I have no thing to fear. I’ll glow with the flow : >

    1. Love I enjoyed this statement, “I’m glad to be romping around in it, carefree and happy as a child, knowing that all my needs are met and I have no thing to fear.” Words to live by!

      When I read today’s message I noticed it referenced two things, that we need to know both where we are and who we are. We can’t be lost in a sorrowful place because we are with God, as it says above we do not belong there -that is the where. The who is that we are immortals, expressing only God. Good to know our location and identity!

  8. The glorious expression of pure joy in the photo above is
    so exuberant and a great way to start the day. The more
    and more we become closer to God, the more Love,
    harmony, peace, happiness we feel in our lives.

    Let our sorrow go. Let the Truth set us free. Yes!

    And funny sometimes, Uta and Maggie, how spell correct
    can change words, sometimes in amazing ways. Like in
    yesterday’s article, I thought “Tombouctou” was meant to
    read “Timbouctou”, but then looked it up and the original
    is correct, as is the “Timbuktu” spelling.
    Have a joyous day everyone!

  9. Its so wonderful to connect with friends on Spirit View. Thanks for the encouragement and support you all gave me when I requested for your prayers to become a fearless driver. I felt so blessed for your love and support.
    Daily Evan gives us a wonderful idea and it helps us so much in our spiritual growth and well being. Grateful to you Evan.
    Yes God always wants us to be happy in His beautiful world. Our being happy expresses our gratitude to God. A grateful heart is always rejoicing and is open to the flow of good in life, never dwelling on problems, for he/she knows that God will fight all the battles and he/she has to only witness Gods grace and glory.
    Lets rejoice friends for our God is good and loss is gain.

  10. Thanks to your fresh and inspiring ideas, thanks Evan for this very special site..
    God can’t stop us to express more and more of that Love !
    Bless all

  11. Carol thanks for “the original
    is correct, as is the “Timbuktu” spelling.. I thought it was a mistake. I pronounce it with and i not an o – Tim not Tom.

  12. J thanks for that inspiring article which was just what I needed today. I’ve been burdened with concern for a dear friend and no joy. How can I not be sorrowful when a friend is suffering?

    1. Dear Lori, Your friend is in God’s care. How sweet of you to be
      concerned and I think your thoughts of caring, alone, are more
      helpful than you may know to your friend. You had mentioned
      about being “burdened” with concern. Perhaps try to see your friend
      as being held in God’s Love, freeing you from any burden you may
      be feeling. In doing so, only positive thoughts are being sent your
      friend’s way. I recall reading in one of the wonderful articles here
      about when Mrs. Eddy went shopping for furniture. I
      am paraphrasing, but she, too, had mentioned … how could she be
      thinking of something else when the salesman/gentleman seemed
      to be suffering. With God’s support, she saw him as he was/is …
      in God’s perfect reflection and he was healed. Lots of love to you.
      Maggie, your words of comfort below (or above ~ wherever this posts)
      are so well said. And thank you, J , for another terrific article. You
      always find the best to share on each topic. So much appreciated.

        1. Thank you so much for finding the example with Mrs. Eddy, J. The rest
          of the lecture is very helpful and a great read, too. These Sentinal,
          Journal and lectures are timeless, as well as the works of Mrs. Eddy
          and Jesus. The inspiration, comfort, wisdom gained from reading
          them is so relevant now as then. The Truth is the Truth always.
          I love that!

  13. Dear Lori,
    The way you can help your friend best and yourself is to turn to God in prayer, and
    knowing that God, Divine Love is taking care of your friend’s every need, right now.
    He knows nothing about suffering for your friend or anyone, and He does not cause
    it, so it is not legitimate because God is the ONLY cause. According to Christ Jesus,
    suffering is not the reality of being, and the love and the truth which he shone
    out to those suffering from mortal false beliefs, just melted away into nothing.,
    The New Testament is full of the healings which Jesus brought about instantaneously
    by knowing that God had made everyone whole and was keeping them that way.
    “Love is the liberator”, as Mary Baker Eddy tell us, so you can pray to love as Christ
    Jesus loved, and let God take care of His beloved child. Be confident that He is,
    and as you become certain of God’s love for your friend, you can rejoice and be
    full of joy and gratitude to God for His goodness and lovingkindness.
    \I hope this helps, dear Lori.

  14. I’ve returned from a committee meeting on this remote island about fire protection, the vulnerability of dry summers and went with the view of Christ within us all and embracing the Spiritual Atmosphere always Being present, the care and protection always in place. The group is particularly
    structured with a materially planned reaction. Feeling Blessed by Christian Science is so lifting and fearless, what shows up is what is needed. Trust is so joyous. The premise was organization, yes…thou did they throw God out with the bathwater..? SpiritView and everyone engaged shines so beautifully,
    Thinking of Moses and The Burning Bush, who’d know that would be so pinnacle as helping , Mind-full always of ones neighbour, one family.. a wonderful summer comes…Thank you…

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