Seek the precious pearl

September 19, 2023 | 23 comments

What are you seeking today? Is it worth having? Will it last forever? Or will it leave you feeling empty handed some day in the future?

Jesus Christ taught his followers to seek spiritual understanding above all else. To not get lulled into believing temporal riches or earthly joys could bring eternal happiness. They don’t. The riches of heaven, or a spiritual understanding of God’s Truth, is what brings real happiness and joy that lasts forever, he taught in different ways.

He said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant on the lookout for choice pearls. When he discovered a pearl of great value, he sold everything he owned and bought it!” (Matt. 13:45, NLT).

Seek what is most important. Seek spiritual understanding! Seek the pearl of great price. It will not leave you feeling empty-handed at some remote time. It will set you up for the happiest, healthiest existence you could ever have—living your eternal spiritual life with God.

23 thoughts on “Seek the precious pearl”

  1. Amen!
    Seeking the understanding and demonstration of Divine Science brings an abundance of good /God into our lives.
    Thank you Evan and blessed day of Truth revealing itself to all❣️

  2. Harvard University did a study on happiness and found that being happy came from feeling connected to others..
    What better connection than to God? And this connection brings our human experience into focus with meaningfulness and healthy connections.

    1. I was told there is a book called ..The 4th Wiseman.. that his gift was a pearl, he gave it away to save a girl from being sold into slavery. We are saved from being slaves to mortality, as MBE
      said, Abolish slavery? should have kept going and abolished mortality..not exactly her words…
      but the gift is there, so grateful to this loving format and thoughts beaming outward and from everyone.

      1. Susan I also don’t feel very close to many persons, but am continuing to grow in my closeness and understanding of God and our relationship to Him, and very grateful for that. I trust this pearl will lead in many good directions, expectancy of good when we let God lead, day by day.

        1. Dear Rose. Your lovely comments and ideas each day bring you close to all your SV family here. Though I am in a different part of the world to you – across the pond – I feel we all share a closeness through our love of CS and our mutual desire to grow in our understanding. Love to all our SV family. Linda X

          1. I feel that comforting and special closeness here, also.
            God’s OneMindedness brings us all together in a way that
            nothing else can. It truly is lovely… and spiritual oneness
            gives a sense of being … in harmony and a connection…
            that nothing else can. Beautiful!!

          2. …and don’t you find that this closeness to God means a closeness to all things and ideas of God that are truly good. Even when the outward appearance may seem challenging we can be confident that the ideas with which we companion brings us in touch with those we can bless (by reflection). This way, even the appearance of a mistake can reveal a blessing.

            One day in the supermarket I inadvertantly dropped one handle of the basket I was carrying to the line at the checkout and this instantly broke the mesmerism of mental inactivity of those also in line so that several broke from their places (in the line) to help retreive fruit that was rolling away and so brought smiles to the faces of all involved as well as happy exchanges

          3. Thank you dear Linda, yes there is a wonderful and special kind of closeness here among the SV family that is precious. We can express things with each other on a level of spiritual understanding that may not be common in our worldly interactions (at least for me). And that is very healing and valuable. Thank you for reminding me, and thank you Evan for this platform for us to meet and know and grow.

          1. I have been thinking more about this and realize that lately,
            I, too, have been increasing my time in more spiritual ways,
            reading comments and articles from here which is a very
            satisfying, comforting and blessed feeling. Whereas before
            (and especially before the pandemic), the going to lunch with girlfriends, chit-chatting at a friend’s thrift shop, etc. met a
            need at the time, but I really don’t miss now. Mrs. Eddy also
            had a time of spiritual quietness and growth and inspiration ~
            being at One with God and thus being in “connection” with a
            closeness with this communion/unity of enlightened thought
            and like she, we can find peace in our at-one-ment in Love.

  3. Isaiah 26 says, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee…” Thank you Evan, for reminding us what a great treasure we have, and how our “Mind fulness” is the blessing of our being. We are daily demonstrating our holy being, reflected and eternally functional. MBE says, in a powerful 4th of July speech, that CS is “the crown of Christianity,” bought not given, with “a price, a great price…” (Miscellaneous Writings, page 252) The whole speech is terrific, characterizing CS as the acme or pinnacle of religious thought and practice. Our work, our challenge, our “price,” it seems to me, is to keep thought focused on the “enduring, the good and the true, “(SH page 261) It’s how we pay for the pearl.

    1. William thank you for the quotes from Isaiah and S&H about where to keep our thought focused. These brought to mind 1 Thessalonians 5:17 which advises us to “pray without ceasing.” I think this means to always keep our spiritual violin tuned up and ready to see things from a Godly viewpoint.

  4. The graphic and message is Beautiful! It is lovely how the sun beams
    down even to the depths of the sea. As Hymn #599 joyously reminds
    us, God’s Spirit is with us, even through the seeming storms of life.
    The smile of our Being radiates everywhere.. There are no limits in Spirit…

    “The heart of [man] is very much like the sea,
    it has its storms, it has its tides and its depths,
    it has its pearls, too.” – Vincent Van Gough

    The Seeming storms only prove more … God’s Love for us.
    Thank you for shining the light on this topic today, Evan. Much appreciated
    and to all who share, also.

    1. Thank you, J. You are always sharing wonderful articles and this is no exception. Thank you, Evan, for your daily inspirations. It is a great way to begin the day! ❤️

  5. Came across these two thoughts just now that tie in with today’s theme:

    “Make sure you are doing what God wants you to do …
    Then do it with all your strength” – Geo rge Washington and

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within” – Maya Angelou

    When we fly free like a wild bird or with the beautiful visual …
    swim/glide with the freedom of the fish through God’s miraculous
    web of life in youthful (in schools) of the u sea/ not letting anything
    dim our journeys…all…the way into eternity… we are seeking spiritual
    understanding and within, like the precious pearl of great price, we
    find true happiness and peace.

  6. Thank you very much, Evan for this lovely topic! To say it simply, for me the Pearl of great price is Christian Science! It reveals Christ Jesus` teachings . CS is the healing Christ in action, a dear practitioner told me once; such a clear truth which I love very much and pray in my silent prayer in church.
    “Living our spiritual Life with God”, thank you Evan, that is our desire and goal. And I love Mrs. Eddy for her great work of founding and establishing the Church of Christ, Scientist which explains the Bibel spiritually and teaches us our oneness with our Father-Mother God, so as Jesus did!

    I am very thankful indeed to you all, for your inspiring, lively and comforting commentations!

    1. thank you for the foto today – it shows God`s clear and pure universe .
      The durt in the sea which they show us today is not God`s pure universe, it`s not real!
      We can be utmost grateful for Christian Science, the pure Pearl of great price!

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