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  1. Thank you Evan. We are here, singing with you. All what comes to us here fill our hearts with joy and we soar up to greater attainments.

  2. Love the photo. The bird looks
    so sure of his singing.
    His head is looking up, sending
    put a melody for all to hear.
    May we be as certain we send
    forth a God melody.
    Thanks Evan. You send them
    every time you send SpiritView.
    Everyone contributing does

    1. M thanks for “send forth a God melody.”

      Evan shared the proverb: Those who wish to sing always find a song. To me it means we each have our unique, God-given gifts and talents, and if we desire to express them, God will lead us to bring them forth in the right way, that blesses and brings satisfaction to us and others.

  3. God is the singer, man is the song. So let us sing out the
    praises of God from our hearts – feel God expressing Himself
    as man and the universe. The bird sings because it can’t help it –
    it is natural to it – and it is natural to us to express our joy in
    the Lord in song.
    One day in my kitchen many years ago, I heard the sound of
    a bird singing – and it took me a while to discover where the
    sound came from.. I didn’t know how it came to be in our kitchen, but
    I found a little bird trapped in the dark underneath. a shelf low in a
    cupboard. The singing alerted me to find it, and it was duly
    brought out and released. So when Silas and Peter sang in
    the prison where they seemed to be trapped,God heard them,
    and released them. They were singing God’s song.

  4. Thanks Maggie for reminding us,
    God IS the the singer, we are the song.
    I’ve always love that thought.

    Sorry for a typo before.
    Happy happy singing day, every day!

  5. Oh, what a precious, joyous little bird that greets us this morning!
    First thing that came to mind, from Hymn #32,

    “Brood o’er us with Thy sheltering wing,
    ‘Neath which our spirits blend
    Like brother birds, that soar and sing,
    And on the same branch bend…
    That greetings glorious from high heaven,
    Whence joys supernal flow . .. …”

    To see Thee more clearly, Love Thee more dearly,
    Follow Thee more nearly, … Day by Day…

    Joyous singing today everyone!

  6. Sing, sing a song
    Sing out loud, sing out strong
    Sing of good things not bad
    Sing of happy not sad

    Sing, sing a song
    Make it simple to last your whole life long
    Don’t worry that it’s not good enough
    For anyone else to hear
    Just sing, sing a song

    Carpenter’s song. There is also a sweet and powerful book about this song and iits worldwide popularity.
    Just Sing!

      1. I have always loved that song, Cathy! and the Carpenter’s..
        The video on that link is Delightful!! So Sweet! Thank you : )

    1. Thank you “J” for Evan’s very inspiring and uplifting Monitor article! A joyous song can also be deeply heartfelt Gratitude to God for his priceless gifts of his Goodness and Love!

    2. Thank you, J, for sharing another excellent article! (Evan, thank you for the December 2020 article. You hit one out of the park with that one!)

  7. Just this last month I had a healing of wanting to be able to sing out in Church.
    God tells us to come as you are to Church.
    To sing out loud the songs of our hearts .
    The songs of gratitude and healing.
    So I am so grateful to do this with joyous inspiration and love.
    Thank you God!
    Thank you all for your joyous comments, and Carol and J for those links,beautiful. I

    1. How lovely, Renis! I get such inspiration from quotes and here
      is one that you might enjoy:

      “Stay confident in the wisdom and power of God working
      through you and you will never doubt yourself again.” .. Also :

      “The total person sings, not just the vocal chords” – Esther Broner

      “Singing is the sound of the Soul”

      “Singing connects the mind with the heart and
      the heart with the Soul” – Neale Donald Walsch

      “Birds sing even when it is raining” … and the one I love most:

      “The only thing better than singing is MORE singing” – Ella Fitzgerald

      : )

  8. This is from yesterday:
    Tina, the book is “The Other Wiseman” by Henry VanDyke, and
    is available for under $10.00.

  9. Earlier this year I was. Given an assignment to read and think about a hymn every day. Most days I open one of our hymnals and work with the hymn I see. I have found fabulous inspiration each day. Sometimes I can sing it. Either way my thought is inspired.

    1. Hello, other Carol. I was typing above and just saw your comment.
      I often do that myself. It Is very inspirational and I am often amazed
      at just how on topic words appear that are so helpful or appropriate
      at the moment.

  10. MBE speaks of “song, sermon or Science” blessing the human family, characterizing it as “comfort from Christ’s table.” (p. 234) I love Hymnstream.com for uplift, inspiration and comfort.

    1. Absolutely angelic voices and messages with such heavenly
      transformation in taking us to spiritual places! No human words
      are adequate to describe the tranquil, peaceful contentment
      expressed through these loving and comforting hymns. They are
      like our dear leader’s poetry and writings set to music ~ a perfect
      articulation of today’s topic~ Thank you, William for reminding us
      of this wonderful site. So healing and calming.
      God’s presence is so divine, so Beautiful … one can only bask in
      the warmth and glory of these precious tributes to God’s Truth,
      Love, Power and Goodness.

  11. Thank you very much for your today’s SpiritView idea, Evan, so beautiful.♡
    Am just back from our testimony meeting. And the last hymn we sang was #266. I sang it more intensively and gratefully and in conscious union with all visitors .
    Joyfully I present here the whole hymn 266:

    Our God is Love, and all His songs
    His image bear, we know;
    The heart with love to God inspired,
    With love to man will glow.

    Teach us to love each other, Lord,
    As we are loved by Thee;
    None who are truly born of God
    Can live in enmity.

    Heirs of the same immortal bliss,
    Our hopes and aims the same,
    In bonds of love our hearts unite,
    To praise His holy name.

    So may we all with one accord
    Learn how true Christians love;
    And glorify our Father’s grace,
    And seek that grace to prove.

    Have you all a blessed testimony meeting and a lovely Evening♡♡♡

      1. thanks Carol, here in Germany it is over midnight already, and I worked still at my PC after I came back from my church service. Thanks a lot to you, dear Carol, for your inspiring comments.

        The foto of today up here is utmost sweet; I could be in love with it – haha 🙂

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