Side with Love, not with anger

November 27, 2020 | 28 comments


If you’re feeling a lot of anger from other people around you, whether about politics, the pandemic, or some other event they are upset about, you can make a choice to stay out of their anger! Side with Love instead.

There is no requirement that we get angry and disturbed when our neighbor is angry and disturbed. Our neighbor does not govern and control our thought. We do. And we do the best job when we side with the Mind of Love in deciding how to think about any given situation.

God always has the best and most constructive point of view. When we rely upon spiritual sense, rather than personal sense, in forming conclusions, we feel God’s presence and the calm that comes with it.

God is Love, a Mind of Love, a Mind which brings peace, solutions, resolution, and dominion to the fore.

We can stay away from anger and side with Love. It’s the happier healthier way to live.

28 thoughts on “Side with Love, not with anger”

  1. I have found that one way to keep anger out of my life is to be sure I feel my cup runnith over with God’s mercy and goodness. Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day in America and I received so many loving greeting from very special people all over the globe.. Those greeting were God’s Grace filling my cup..
    if our cup is full snd running over no anger can be added .

    1. Hi Chaplin Q – Kathi from Sacramento. Thank you so much for sharing how you “cup was filled”. so anger could not enter. I didn’t get the chance to wish you Happy Thanksgiving yesterday – but do so now. Sent with Love.

  2. Yes. Came to me yesterday that if we’re all reflections of God we are all actually reflecting — deeply feeling– God’s complete love for all. That’s the only authentic consciousness in power here and now. So voices or appearances of anger, calling or thinking of others as ‘bad people’ are aggressive mental suggestions, shadow-illusions of ‘him’, ‘her’ or ‘them’, going on in a mythic realm outside of actual reality. In reality, God is ALL, the only I AM. Agreeing with Love’s omnipotent all-presence shines the blazing light of Truth on such shadows, obliterating into nothingness such anger-shadows, which can’t glue themselves to anyone. LOVE’s deep appreciation for each of us is all anyone has ever, will ever or can ever express.

    1. Diane wa

      Beautifully said, Thank you!!! It explains the process of a heaing in my life which took close to 15 months to be resolved slowly, steadily, surely with both parties leaning expectantly. on each of our lifelong use and understanding of CS. Still in joyful progress! I couldn’t have said it better. Again, my deep thankyou!

  3. Thank you Evan for these supportive messages. And thank you John and Diane for what you shared. We are all God’s expression of Love.

  4. ‘ Father, we thy Loving children lift our hearts in joy today,
    Knowing well that Thou wilt keep us ever in Thy blessed way.
    Thou art Love and Thou art wisdom, Thou art Life and Thou art All
    In Thy Spirit living moving, we shall neither faint nor fall.

    Come we daily then, dear Father. Open hearts and willing hands,
    Eager ears, expectant joyful, ready for Thy right commands.
    We would hear no other voices, we would heed no other call
    Thou alone art good and gracious, Thou our Mind and Thou our All.

    In Thy house securely dwelling, where Thy children live to bless
    Seeing only Thy creation we can share Thy happiness.
    Share Thy joy and spend it freely, loyal hearts can feel no fear
    We Thy children know Thee, Father, Love and Life forever near.” Hymn 58

    Just came to mind thinking about choosing Love and rejecting anger❣️

    1. That beloved hymn-prayer you shared brought tears to my eyes. Sooo beautiful and sooo true! Will soon play it on the piano keybd. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thank you Evan and thank you Barbara, I’ve always loved that hymn. You know anger is only ever a temptation, and as with all temptations we have the Devine authority, as the children of God, to say….. “NO!” …..We are all so blessed.

  6. Thank you, Evan. It is a hallmark of Christian Scientist that they bring a sense of peace where ever they are involved.

    1. Josef, appreciated your description of a CSt as a hallmark of peace. The definition of hallmark is: a mark stamped on articles of gold, silver or platinum in Britain, certifying their standard of purity; distinctive characteristic. Reminds me when attending my first Annual mtg of TMC in the early 70’s and when walking the streets near the church center, I could visibly tell who were the CSts due to their radiant joy and love. This joy and love cannot diminish. If we’re not experiencing this in our churches, it needs to be addressed. “My joy I give to you” Jesus says to all.

  7. Several years ago I got upset one day (angry) and I was using the accompanying adrenaline to do the dishes.

    As I stood at the sink busily doing the dishes, God, Love spoke to me -in my head…very loudly .. and said, “There is no anger in the Kingdom!”

    Of course! Where else wud I want to reside?
    I will always remember this big lesson & God’s interesting way of getting my attention exactly when needed very grateful!

  8. Yes, if we just let Love permeate our consciousness, It will dissolve all strife, anger, ill will, ill health, and fill all seeming voids. Thank you all for these uplifting responses,- especially Diane and Barbara. So beautiful!!

  9. A few weeks ago I got a call to service a power outage in our neighborhood. I called the gentleman and told him I’d attend to it on Saturday. I told him I would call when on route.
    I was pulled away to another immediate concern and didn’t calll him till around 5 pm.
    He was very angry, was not vulgar but used words like “rude and inconsiderate”. That he had been waiting through a beautiful day and wasn’t at all happy to be home bound waiting for service.
    After hearing him so angry, I said that I understood, that he was quite right and I was very sorry. I told him I was going to come then if he would have me. “No thank you! I’m going to give a call to the neighborhood association and tell them you are unreliable.”
    I prayed about this, went home and discussed it with my wife who told me to forget it and disregard this angry man.
    Still knowing what I had learned in the study of the :”Sermon on the Mount”: Matthew 5, and the Christian Science textbook Science and Health, I knew I couldn’t let it stand.
    Knowing that he was a gentleman not using profanity in this display of anger was a starting point,
    I decided to give a call on Monday morning. Again I appologized. I said if the problem still needed to be repaired I was willing to come right then. All the while I was determined to “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. He eventually agreed to let me come but insisted on masked and gloved hands.
    The man greeted me with apprehension, masked up and fearful. After a short time the problem was resolved. Upon my leaving he wasn’t aware but he removed his mask and was smiling! After a few days I called the office in our neighborhood and asked about the neighbor. I was told he gave highest regards for my professional help.
    Science and Health, Page 242:17 – 20, contains the statement “let us labor to disolve with the universal solvent of Love the admanant of error, ___ self-will, self justification, and self-love, which wars against spirituality and is the law of sin and death.”
    It can be constantly demonstrated in events of anger.
    Thank all of you for relfections. Thank you Evan for this wonderful way to express freedom from anger.

  10. Thank you for all your lovely responses to this topic.

    When we are angry it feels very unpleasant.
    What came to mind to me was a number of years ago when I become upset and angry at some
    domestic problem. I felt really bad, and I sat at the kitchen table and lifted up my voice to God
    and called out to Him with all my heart -” Dear God, I don’t want this feeling, please help me.”
    A very surprising and unexpected thing happened – I was immediately filled with laughter.
    The whole thing seemed so ridiculous and unimportant, and I felt immediately back to
    normal peace and happiness, and was able to continue so. As we learn in our spiritual studies ‘ Christian Science reverses the evidence of the physical senses…’ – and that was certainly a very sudden reversal.

    Anger has no power at all over us when we turn to our Father-Mother Love, who is always willing to free us from our problems, and exposes them as nothing.

  11. Thank you so much! This vlog today is perfect for me. I find that when there is anger around me, I just shut down. I can’t seem to carry on with my own point of view. I may not get angry, or even particularly opposite of that, but I cannot defend my own thought either. Til now. To think of God’s side of a situation is so empowering.

  12. Mrs. Eddy stated, “This material world is even now becoming the arena for conflicting forces. On one side there will be discord and dismay: on the other side there will be Science and peace. The breaking up of material beliefs may seem to be famine and pestilence, want and woe, sin, sickness and death, which assume new phases until their nothingness appears. These disturbances will continue until the end of error, when all discord will be swallowed up in spiritual Truth”. (S&H 96: 12) and “The darkest hour precedes the dawn”.
    Truth, brought to the surface and brought to light always prevails, even if “mortal” mind would seem things to be otherwise.

  13. Thank you Evan and everyone for your comments. My mom chose me (the youngest of her three children) to be her power of attorney and I’m now having to make a lot of care decisions for my Mom. I have two sisters and I thought the loving thing to do was to reach out to them for their input when making care decisions for my mom. One of my sisters and I have always been like fire and ice (total opposites) for as long as I remember and I found myself being very annoyed by her a few weeks ago. But I was led to study the response to the question “What is Mind?” from Science and Health.

    I have read these pages of S&H hundreds of times, so I wondered how I would get any new inspiration from reading these pages again. But the idea came to me to just read a sentence at a time and really think about each sentence until I felt I thoroughly understood what it meant and to use that understanding in my prayers about this situation with my sister. It also came to me to stay with a single sentence until I could honestly accept what the sentence was communicating is the truth with NO exceptions. I probably spent an hour deeply thinking about a few of the sentences from these pages like the following:

    The exterminator of error is the great truth that God, good, is the only Mind, and that the supposititious opposite of infinite Mind — called devil or evil — is not Mind, is not Truth, but error, without intelligence or reality.

    Annoyance with my sister was definitely an “error” in my thinking that I wanted to exterminate. So I reasoned if God is the ONLY Mind, then there could not be a separate mind in my sister, or anyone, that was annoying. It was only my believing that there could be an “evil power” of some sort that could manifest itself in my experience that needed to be exterminated. So I did just that and exterminated that belief in “evil” from my thinking by thoroughly reasoning what it means for God to be the ONLY Mind and for that Mind to be infinite (leaving no place/space for any other mind). From the Scientific Statement of Being on page 468 of S&H I have learned that “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation…”. Therefore, what appears to me as my sister (or anyone or anything) has to really be a a part of the infinite manifestation of Mind. This Mind is Love and therefore the manifestation of this Mind has to be loving, lovely, adorable, kind, sweet, caring, and manifest all of the other attributes of Love. Mind is Truth and therefore the manifestation of Mind must reflect harmony, perfection, truth, honor, honesty, and all of the other attributes of Truth. I prayed in this way for a few hours until I felt I had a complete understanding of these facts/truths. That prayer completely dissolved the annoyance and animosity I felt, so I went about my day but, as sometimes happens, suggestions of annoyance and animosity tried to tempt me to accept them again. Each time I was tempted, I remembered what I had learned through my prayer/study session and rejected those suggestions until the suggestions stopped coming to me anymore. I’m happy to report this work did completely exterminate the annoyance/animosity I was felling toward my sister and resulted in a change in the way my sister has responded to me and how I’ve responded to her without anything having to be said. I’m very very grateful for Christian Science. It really does “work” (make us aware of God and God’s ideas) when applied sincerely and without outlining how some issue should be resolved!

    1. Brian thank you for taking the time to write out this testimony and to explain in detail how you worked with the true idea of one, infinite, completely good Divine Mind — and how that healed things between you and your sister.

      I love that through Christian Science things like this can be healed without ever a word having to be said aloud between the parties. The knowledge and immersion in Truth does all the work. Wonderful.

    2. Hi Brian, that is a wonderful and great testimony, thank you for giving it to us all.
      You really should send it to the Publishing Society of The Motherchurch for publication in our church Magazines.
      It is metaphysically so good e planen, thanks again!

    3. Hi Brian, that is a wonderful and great testimony, thank you for giving it to us all.
      You really should send it to the Publishing Society of The Motherchurch for publication in our church Magazines.
      It is metaphysically so good explained, thanks again!

  14. Love this demonstration of harmony with your sister Brian, showing how to stand, stay and stick with Truth. Thank you for this inspiring and helpful share.

  15. GOD is Love, St. John tells us in the Bible, and man is the image of Love, Mrs. Eddy tells us in Science and Health. A child of God expresses therefore only Love. We are all children of God in reality. For me it is a very comforting divine Truth. I am very grateful to learn and understand that better and better. Sometimes when it seems as if aggression will come up, it helps to clear my thinking with the hymn words: “In atmosphere of Love divine we live and move and breathe.” That purifies my surrounding with the needed divine Truth. Thank you Evan, to make us ponder this subject and it makes me happy to be aware, that I meanwhile after years of CS study manage more and more to love, love, love!

    Thanks all dear SpiritView Friends for your wonderful comments!

  16. Brian your testimony is brilliant and so helpful ! thank you, thank you ! Everyone has a ” sister” who could seem very annoying sometimes, wether it is a relative, a neighbour, a colleague, someone in the street. Your prayer and progressive understanding as you explained it has to be more widely shared, could you please send it as it is to the Sentinel or Monitor? I am sure it will bless many people. For me I see more clearly what I have to do now :‐)

  17. Thanks to each of you for sharing these love experiences and ideas, they are like “jewels” in our treasure box of learning in CS. Blessings to you Evan and to all who share, I am very grateful to each of you.

    1. Thank you Anna, for your loving comment. And lots of blessings to you and family, too. God`s safe and loving guidance is our steady blessing.

  18. Thanks Evan, for the beautiful (and much needed right now) message. And thanks to all those commenting on this post. Gives me lots of new inspiration to move forward in my prayers for myself, my community my country and our world. ❤

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