Soul’s talented expression

March 27, 2013 | 4 comments

Here’s a fun video link a reader sent to me for your enjoyment.
It’s a man flying kites, but it’s not just “any man,” and not a simple kite flitting around a bit and then nose-diving into the ground. It’s an impressive show of kites and a display sure to inspire.
It certainly is an illustration of the multi-varied ways God is expressed through us. Everyone has something special and unique to offer. And this man has a gift.

Evidently, the man flying the three kites is in his 80s, and is from Canada. He comes to the Washington State International Kite Festival every year. His skin is like leather as he normally flies with his shirt off. He is deaf, so when he flies audience members hold up their hands and wave them for applause. He flies two kites with his hands and the third one from his waist. Enjoy!

(And don’t miss the end with the amazing landing of the lastkite.)

4 thoughts on “Soul’s talented expression”

  1. The kites without the music is just a show of kites. The music without the kites is just a hearing of lovely music, BUT! The kites with the music tells a symphonic parable of how lifting mortal thought and reaching the divine Truths of God’s creation and finally landing when all Truth is discovered and mortal mind disappears as a Butterfly comes into existence. Even! BEAUTIFUL!

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