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  1. This reminds me of an old son written by Jerome Kern – “Pick yourself up , dust yourself down…”
    Here is the last verse, which I think works well in this blog and with regard to
    Resurrection thoughts.

    Will you remember the famous men
    Who had to fall to rise again?
    So take a deep breath
    Pick yourself up.
    Dust yourself down
    And start all over again.

  2. Maggie that is a delightful sweet verse.
    I know a precious women who has truly lived that advise..She was given away by her parents at age 9 as they could not feed her.
    In her early years, living in the home of strangers, she cried herself to sleep every night. Then she discovered gratitude and life began to change for her..
    Eventually she came to American, working in the farm fields of California, she found purpose, direction, and God. Now she is in are late nineties and thanks God for her everyday blessings.
    She says to me, no complaining, keep learning, thank God.
    She is the living witness to the power of gratitude..

  3. And , indeed

    Romans 8:31

    If God has determined to stand with us, tell me, who then could ever stand against us?

    We do nothing Alone❣️

  4. Hymn 49, verse 2, In simple trust like theirs who heard, beside the Syrian sea, the gracious calling of the Lord, let us like them, without a word Rise up and follow thee.

  5. Stand up. Stand up to error or anything that tries to tell us we are lost or apart from God. They say a bully (error) runs away scared when we stand up to it, not with human strength but the strength and power of God.

    S&H p. 393- “Rise, in the strength of Spirit to resist [and reject] all that is unlike good…..”

    1. Hi Rose,
      Thanks for your last reply on the Family Feud post. I found the article titled All-Harmonious by Gregory Mclane very helpful. Author is in commercial real estate and got inspiration about a deal that looked like it was falling apart after lawyers, engineers, architects etc. were involved. He wrote that these words which came to him when he was praying about the situation also applied to all aspects of his life including personal relationships. Even if something looks like everything is going wrong we shouldn’t be disturbed by it because all-harmonious is spiritual law. https://sentinel.christianscience.com/issues/2014/10/116-43/all-harmonious?s=e

      1. Thank you for the article Lindajane. It only displays the first couple of paragraphs for non subscribers. Perhaps someone could provide the full version link if possible, much appreciated.

      2. What a wonderful article, Lindajane. Those truths definitely have a place where ever we are and whatever we are doing in this life. The only way we can “Stand up” is if God is holding us.

        I love this hymn verse: Fear not, I am with thee, O be not dismayed, / For I am thy God, I will still give thee aid; / I’ll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand, / Upheld by My gracious, omnipotent hand;
        (Hymn. 123:2)

        1. Wonderful choice of hymn, Pat. Thanks for getting the link for Rose. I wasn’t sure how to get that which can be shared. Glad the article was helpful. It was fascinating to see how Mind came up with those two words to guide him, support him, and lead him to apply to any situation. Thanks again!

        2. Thank you, Pat, for the link to the whole article. As a Senior, it was
          very difficult, but I, too, had to stand up for myself, with the town
          zoning, but with CS help, one step at a time, there was progress.
          Also at one time in my life – while kayaking, the little boat capsized,
          leaving unable to stand up and feeling very helpless. Thankfully for
          the kind and loving support of a friend and God’s help, I was able
          to get up and didn’t feel so powerless.
          Thank you for the very helpful hymn, too. The loving support here
          is immeasurable, especially for what I am going through right now.

  6. At times we see people fall from grace by doing something wrong. But it’s our moral duty to pray for them so they can rise up and realise their mistake, repent and reform. We need to have christly compassion work with SOUL, the synonym of God, Being Gods child, the reflection and expression of SOUL God, man is pure, holy, upright and free. Perfect as the father, hid with Christ in Truth.
    Thanks so much Evan for this lovely post, thanks to all the Spirit View Friends for sharing their lovely thoughts and inspirations.

      1. Soul refers to the individuality of God.

        God has individuality, infinite individuality. It’s expressed as creativity, ability, inspiration, talent, skill, uniqueness, power, strength…

        Man, the child of God, expresses the infinite individuality of Soul, in the form of talent, skill, creativity, ability, etc…

    1. Your magnanimous comment, filled with “christly compassion” lifted my thought higher. Take my 2 children, who are wanting to be lifted up, and sending them both “christly compassion” reflects all that is hid with Christ in Truth. Your contribution makes my heart sing, “Glory be to God on high, glory that fills the sky” Thank you with deep gratitude.

  7. God has individuality, infinite individuality. It’s expressed as creativity, ability, inspiration, talent, skill, uniqueness, power, strength…Evan.

    My teacher said Soul is the art side of God.
    Evan was saying the same idea.
    P. 89, 19. Man is not necessarily dependent upon educational processes. It possesses of itself all beauty and poetry, and the power of expressing them.
    A favorite synonym.

  8. Dear Evan, how very comforting that one wise sentence is, which your SpiritView is all about today! Thank you very much for it!

    And thank you very much indeed for the wonderfully clear and very loving explanation of SOUL as one of God’s precious synonyms. It’s a keeper for me!
    I must admit, that formerly I also had certain difficulties with the synonym SOUL and what does this word express as synonym for God. But your today’s wonderful explanation makes it so clear and so loving. Am very grateful for it, dear Evan!

    1. This relates to the reply to “N” today!
      Evan, this is all a wonderful treat, thanks a lot!♡

  9. I once had a practitioner say to me vehemently…”Stand up! Don’t give error a lap to fall into.” I just cherish the pithy gems that practitioners have shared with me over the years. Priceless!

  10. I have a wonderful feeling after reading all this. Hopeful. A good friend used to exclaim when looking at a peaceful lake or a blooming tree, “Oh! The beauty of Soul!” My mother and her sister were art teachers. When I look at their work I have hanging in my home I too gratefully whisper, “Oh, the beauty of Soul.”

    1. What a lovely comment, Kay! I am going to start giving this simple, yet powerful, declaration of gratitude for all the beautiful things I see and the peace-filled moments I experience. Thank you.

  11. Hi Lisa and Kay, I just remember that Mrs. Eddy states in Science and Health that the Indians called a certain beautiful lake “the smile of the great Spirit”. Here in Hamburg we have a large beautiful lake, called the Alster, in the middle of the city; and when I pass it with my car, driving to church, I think and feel, yes that’s the bright smile of God, of SOUL! 🙂

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