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April 2, 2021 | 17 comments

To stay healthy, strong, and successful, stay ahead of evil. Don’t let it catch you off-guard.

For instance, if you enter an atmosphere burdened with a belief of contagion, know ahead of time that you bring your atmosphere with you, that God is everywhere, and there is only God’s harmony and peace to breathe in and experience. Neutralize any fear of contagion ahead of time.

If you are appointed to be an executor of an estate that involves many personalities, know ahead of time that greed, jealousy, and envy have no place or power in that estate. Get clear that the one Mind of Love alone governs and guides your decision-making and forms the thoughts and outlook of everyone involved. Pray ahead of time, and prevent greed from rearing its ugly head.

If you are faced with advancing years, know ahead of time that your Life is God, ageless, eternal, ever-strong, vibrant, active, and healthy no matter how many times you’ve witnessed the earth revolve around the sun. Cut off any suggestions of decline and disease before they have a chance to suggest themselves to you.

Stay ahead of evil! Don’t let it catch you. Don’t let it even nip at your heels.

Jesus was clear to his students, “Be wise as serpents” (Matt. 10:16). I like to re-word this to, “Be wiser than serpents.” The “serpents” are any belief in evil that would deny spiritual reality.

God is all-powerful good, and we are capable of all good things when faithfully following God’s direction, and not getting side-tracked with serpentine suggestions.

Stay ahead of evil! Don’t lag in your spiritual studies. Don’t indulge apathy, laziness, or procrastination. Be good to yourself. Love yourself. Stay spiritually active, and progress every day in your understanding of God.

Be moving down the path of spiritual progress so quickly, that evil can’t even remotely catch up! Leave evil in the dust of mortal nothingness, and excel with God. It’s the happier, healthier way to live.

17 thoughts on “Stay a step ahead”

  1. What a wonderful treatment you have given us today Evan. I am more grateful than I can say. A blessed Easter to you and everyone!

  2. Evan, thank you for your message of taking preemptive spiritual steps to rebuff fearful thinking. And love the image of the child walking in pure confidence and trust with his Father/Mother’s love, support and guidance.

  3. Look at that confident child striding with everything she is, steadied by the loving support of her Mommy and Daddy! Ah, to be a child & have that absolute trust that our Mother-Father-God is taking us forward, guiding and protecting us!
    Thank you, Evan
    Blessed Easter, seeing the Risen Christ

  4. Awww…to be held up with support of our Mother/Father God, as this little girl, is how we all, being children of Love, are innately blessed. It is difficult to tell, but appears there are little hearts on the soles of her sneakers, “I (We) walk with Love along the way”. The thought of the two very young children tossed across the border the other day comes to mind and I am holding them in God’s gentle care, along with others sent by the drug cartels, where evil seems so much in control.
    A blessed Easter to all, where Life, Truth and Love prevail.

  5. We have been appointed take care of our spiritual estate.
    Many human personal thoughts pop up and want to have a voice.
    Fear is a form of greed, keeping thought fixated
    on material concerns. If we want to be rich in Spirit
    we need to let “Mind alone govern” our divine inheritance.
    Thanks, Evan

  6. Thank you Evan! Your 3rd and 4th paragraphs today resonated with me. My mother and step-Father passed away in Dec 2020 within 9 days of each other and they made me one of their two executors. So I’ve had the joy of demonstrating Christian Science as I work with my step-sister co-executor, and my two other sisters, on the estate settlement process. By continuing to know, as you stated, “that the one Mind of Love alone governs and guides” the process of being a co-executor has been a very harmonious process.

    Regarding your 4th paragraph, back in 2016 you published a blog entitled “Prepare for Life” that really resonated with me. A link to this blog is below. At that time I had just helped move my folks from their home to a Seniors apartment to be closer to my step-sister. My step-sister is a former nurse and she sometimes would predict negative scenarios about my folks final years. But after reading your “Prepare for Life” blog, I clung to the two sentences below from that blog and knew this had to be true about my folks:

    Yes, people pass on, but there is no requirement that it has to be a suffering experience. It is healthier and safer to expect to leave this earth in good health.

    I’m happy to report that my parents were able to live independently until the final two months for my mom and the final two weeks for my step-Father, when it became necessary to move them to a nursing facility because they needed more assistance with everyday tasks. For my mom, the nursing facility predicted strong pain medicine like morphine might be needed during her final days but again I clung to the fact that passing does not have to be a “suffering experience”. As it turned out, my Mom passed away peacefully in her sleep one night with no pain. My step father did the same 9 days later. And they were able to be in the same room in the nursing facility for two weeks before my Mom’s passing. There are many many other examples of this experience of passing being harmonious for all concerned. So I just wanted to express my gratitude to Evan for the blog today, and all his blogs, that bless people like me more than he probably realizes. And thank you to everyone that contributes too! I get so much out of everyone’s comments!

    Here again is a link to the “Prepare for Life” blog I mentioned above.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences, Brian – much appreciated. It take me back to just
      before my father passed on and what he said. I can’t bring myself to share this as it had
      a lot attached to it, and I have not quite reconciled myself to many things.

      Thank you very much, Evan for this blog, which is very important. If it is possible, I would
      love to see a blog regarding the belief of dementia that is a very prevalent belief associated
      with ageing. It is so important to stay a step – or lots of steps – ahead of these false
      material laws for ourselves and for our fellow man – to see the absolute powerlessness
      of them.

      I love the picture of the happy little girl full of joy, loved and supported by her parents. It is
      good to know that we are made to be joyful and that our Father-Mother God is supporting\us all the time and guiding our footsteps safely one by one.

  7. Such a lovely message Evan , thank you. Everyday SV renews my faith in the knowledge that God alone is Life and my hand is in His/Hers. Easter blessings of Love and abundance to everyone.❣️

  8. Evan thanks for the message to be proactive in listening for God’s truths ahead of time in all situations. The invitation from error is often presented to us but we don’t ever have to accept the invitation.

    It helps me to remember that we “dwell in the secret place of the most high” (Psalm 91), it is secret because error can’t find it and if it did find it, it can’t ever get in. That secret place is our one Divine Mind, the One consciousness of all truth that we each express.

    When I enter my workplace I acknowledge that I am entering God’s palace where He alone has power, and am grateful that He is filling all space. The thought used to be that I’m entering God’s garden, but a new thought of entering God’s palace and the idea of a King reigning and having all power just came to me the other day, I like it. Love and blessing to all in this special family!

  9. Evan, your message today is such a wake up call to me to stay alert, and to recognize the various evil notions that come to thought as False suggestions that have no real substance, no matter how well accepted the beliefs are in world consciousness. We can claim our right to express harmony, well being, and joy,- and assert our God given dominion over the currents and trends of mortal mind. Your daily treatments are such an unspeakable blessing!! A joy filled Easter to you, and to this wonderful group of spiritual thinkers. So much love here!


    “Life demonstrates Life“ (S&H 306:7 only). I saw here that capital letters are used in both cases, because there is just One Life for God and His own full manifestation, man and the universe. There is just Life being Life. A finite personal sense of life is not Life. Personal sense is a term, not an entity. “Life is the everlasting I AM, the Being who was and is and shall be, whom nothing can erase” (S&H 290:1-2). Jesus knew and taught that the I AM is Life. He said, “Destroy this temple [body], and in three days I [Spirit] will raise it up. It is as if he had said: “The ’I’ — the Life, substance, and intelligence of the universe — is not in matter to be destroyed” (S&H 27:12-16).

    “The anointing which ye have received of Him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you; but even as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye abide in Him.” ( I John 2:27 )

  11. Thank you very much dear Evan for your many wonderful advices in this SpiritView !
    Most desirable and desired is to follow your last paragraph of this so good SpiritView!
    Just heard from a CStist that she gets a shot. And she feels safe with it. Oh well, I was surprised. I see that I have to pray ahead of time, that God is my life where age and any disability has not a tiny bit reality and power. And certainly we cannot allow us to lack in our spiritual studies. Evan, this is an awakening message for me and also a very encouraging one to go forward spiritually as quick as I can. However I long to pray for God’s loving and strong guidance herefore!
    It is Easter Sunday Evening here, and I did not get this precious SpiritView in my inbox. But I know how to get it from the former SV. I am so grateful to receive this inspiring and healing blog every day and can feel blessed with it:)

  12. My April 2nd spiritview just came through —it is wonderful ! Thank you Evan and thank you spirtview
    Readers for comments and healings

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