Why not get the vaccine?

April 1, 2021 | 76 comments

“Why wouldn’t you get the vaccine if you have the opportunity to do so?” I’ve been asked more than once.

The reasons are many.

I’ve learned from experience, and my study of Christian Science, that health is spiritual. It’s a state of Mind that we take with us wherever we go. It’s not a state of matter that fluctuates, wanes and wavers, according to physical factors, but a state of divine Mind that is fixed into our being as a child of God. When understood and accepted as reality, it is immunity to disease, and protection from viruses.

I’ve also learned that disease is not transmitted through material germs, but through mental germs. The mental germs may be accompanied by physical germs, but germs of fear that move disease around in society from one mortal to another, are the primary threat that need to be addressed. This explains why some can take extensive physical efforts to protect themselves from disease, but still get it. Fear is the culprit.

I honor other people’s rights and desires to get the vaccine, because that’s all they know and see for their protection. But there is another way, and a more effective way of protecting oneself, if one is willing to see the spiritual possibility. Spiritual mindedness is the surest defense against being victimized by fear of any kind, and thus finding the ultimate protection from disease.

If I make a conscious choice to get the vaccine because I’m afraid of a virus, then I’m likely to carry that fear of a virus forward with me. The effect of the vaccine is temporary. I still need to heal that fear for real protection, not just from a single virus, but from any virus or disease. This is what I choose to do now.

I understand that pharmaceutical companies are gearing up to supply shots to billions of people around the world for years to come. The first and second shots are only the beginning. There will be a need for booster shots, new shots, adjusted shots, and so on, as the virus mutates and changes form. Rather than getting caught into an endless cycle of forever needing more shots, I prefer to demonstrate real health today, and live shot-free.

The best health is spiritual health. And it’s a sure protection from physical disease.

There may be a time when I have no choice but to get a shot to travel overseas, or participate in some ventures. However, that is a different choice. That’s a choice about obeying the law. Not a choice made out of fear of a virus. It’s not a choice I have to make right now, so I pray that governments and humanity are receptive to seeing and honoring the protection that come from spiritual mindedness and be willing to accommodate those who are successfully demonstrating it.

The threat of a virus cannot be ignored.  It needs to be addressed and countered.  Spiritual mindedness is a sure defense, and an exceptionally clean choice as well.

76 thoughts on “Why not get the vaccine?”

  1. You have explained so much here today Evan, clearly , kindly and profoundly. This is very helpful for me and I’m sure for many. You are so right to point out that a jab is the tip of the iceberg. No way will it protect to the certainty of annulling fear by spiritual understanding and embracing the true environment of Divine Love. Happily , the SV family can make their individual decisions with Gods guidance.
    ‘I sought the Lord and he answered me and delivered me from ALL my fears.’ Ps 34.v4
    Thank you Evan and Happy day all❣️

  2. Thank you so much, Evan. This is an extraordinarily beautiful and comprehensive explanation about the problems of relying on material means and the permanent strength and success that come from relying on spiritual means. I wish the world could read your wonderful explanation.

  3. I totally agree with you!
    But in Europe there is a very strong possibility of having a “vaccine passport” which would not be obligatory but which would allow to go to the restaurant, to the museum, to the concert or theatre.
    In other words if you are not vaccinated you will not be able to go to the restaurant, to the museum, to the concert or theatre and even to travel by plane!
    It is a very insidious situation. What to think about? I live in France

  4. I understand and appreciate your perspective. I, however, feel the most loving thing is to get the vaccine so those around me are put at ease. This situation goes beyond a typical flu shot, as we’re dealing with a global pandemic. And while is error is error no matter what the claim, I feel in this situation, the way to love my neighbor most is to get the shot, knowing it doesn’t help or hurt my true health. Or theirs.

  5. So well said. At this beginning we are able to take our spiritual stand and stay out of the web of fear. Thank you.

  6. This mornings Spirit-view certainly challenges us to distinguish between truly healing fear and simply being caught up in the spiritual brocado that “there is no fear”.
    Demonstration requires so much more.
    When speaking of the Spirit-rule of Christian healing Mrs Eddy says it is that “- which proves the nothingness of error, discord, by demonstrating the all-inclusiveness of harmonious Truth.” S&H 351:24-26.

  7. Evan, your comment on “choice” is an important one. I believe many people are getting the vaccine not because they fear the virus, but because they fear the social and political implications of not having been “vaccinated”. This entire covid experience has been more of an attack on one’s freedoms than anything else. But at the root of it all it all comes down to FEAR. And that is the virus that is contagious. Like the MASK issue, which was also a symbol of FEAR – we all wore one to “put others at ease” and because it was a mandate (not law). So what are we really praying about? Disease?, Fear? Vaccines?. I pray about the motives that are really behind what is going on in today’s world. They are all connected.

    1. Evan hit the nail on the head when he stated that this ultimately isn’t about a germ, it’s fear. Roger, you hit it again when you mentioned the motives BEHIND the worldwide fomenting of fear. And yes, they’re definitely connected. I’m addressing both in my metaphysical work.

    2. Thank you Roger your printed words denote and clarify my thoughts also. It all boils down to choice. and the individual freedom to chose.

  8. Evan, thank you for this clear perception regarding the vaccine issue. Really appreciate your explanation. So important to handle to fear of disease.

  9. THANK YOU for this strong stand.. Knowing there are many other spiritually-minded people out there, I don’t feel alone in explaining my preference for healthcare. Your tips on this explaining go a long way in helping me make sense to others.

  10. Thank you Evan. well said. This blog has always been so helpful to me, in addressing the issues tha tcome up in theday.
    I also feel, as Roger commented, this whole Covid/lockdown/isolation situation is a complete bald imposition on our freedom and on democracy!
    Much prayerful work is needed to overcome all of these restrictions! It is time to ” doff your lavender-kid zeal, and become real and consecrated warriors MW: 177

    1. I think it’s right to obey the restrictions in order to help others who don’t know what we know. They are very fearful of the disease. I actually wonder why Christian Scientists are not more caring about this effort which is love. It doesn’t hurt anyone to wear a mask.

      I am not going to get a vaccine unless it becomes law. At this point I am very interested that our religion gain a reputation as social-minded, caring, spiritual-minded people whose teachings are real Science – medicine has never been established as a science. But our reputation as cold-hearted hypocrites is not what Mrs. Eddy taught us. Jesus said, “Suffer it to be so now” and got baptized. He was not a hypocrite and he understood that baptism with water meant a good deal to others although he knew it wasn’t necessary. Let’s wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart because “it becomes us to fulfill all righteousness.” We want to be respected as a community of religionists who are kind and caring of others;

  11. Evan’s SpiritView from yesterday, and Linda’s comment, inspired me to read the chapter “Footsteps of Truth” from Science and Health. I like to read S&H slowly and really think about what I’m reading so I only made it through about a page last night. But what stood out to me from the first page of this chapter was the importance Mrs. Eddy placed on “emptying” our consciousness of error and making sure we are only obeying one Master (i.e. God). We often hear of CS prayer being described as “denial and affirmation” and re-reading this first page of Footsteps of Truth made clear how we can’t truly realize truth until we clear out (deny) the false beliefs that tend to obscure truth. It’s like we can’t have a stable building until we clear out the sand and get to solid ground on which to build.

    That study last night made me think one error that I need to be sure is “emptied” from my consciousness regarding humanity’s view of this vaccine is “accretion”. Accretion is the belief that a) something is incomplete and therefore b) some growth, or something external (i.e. a vaccine), is required to make it whole and complete. It occurred to me that before I can truly realize my immunity from error, I need to realize I’m already complete as God’s reflection and therefore nothing needs to be added to make me complete. Since God is already complete and healthy, God’s reflection must already be complete and healthy and remains that way. Below is the one use of the word “accretion” in S&H:

    Christian Science presents unfoldment, not accretion; it manifests no material growth from molecule to mind, but an impartation of the divine Mind to man and the universe.
    (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 68:27–30)

    The lie of accretion, exposed and eliminated, will also free us from the belief that there is something “out there” (i.e. a virus) that can infiltrate us and cause us to become unhealthy. Or as Evan stated today:

    [Health is] not a state of matter that fluctuates, wanes and wavers, according to physical factors, but a state of divine Mind that is fixed into our being as a child of God.

    I searched JSHOnline for “accretion” and found the following article that explains how many different ways emptying the lie of accretion from consciousness can benefit our experience.


  12. Thank you Evan – very clear ideas for all of us to think about – and thank you everyone for
    your thoughts helping to clarify it in various ways.

    I find it heLpful to ask myself, what would Jesus have done? Do I think that he
    would have had the vaccine to please others and make them feel safe? (Although that
    would only be a temporay feeling of safety, as Evan points out). I don’t think so.
    The way, I feel, is in Evan’s explanation, and to find the permanent solution for everyone’s
    sake, through Christ’s teachings, that renders the virus powerless and casts out the false fears that would fool us into believing in it.

    “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” (Luke 10:19)

    … “All reality is in God and His creation, harmonious and eternal. That which He creates is good, and He makes all that is made. Therefore the only reality of sin, sickness, or death is the awful fact that unrealities seem real to human, erring belief, until God strips off their disguise. They are not true, because they are not of God.” (S&H p. 472:24–30 All)

    1. And we wonder HOW the six million jews WALKED to the gas chambers in commpliance to the propaganda rampet in Hitlers reign!!
      The “virus” is called FEAR!

  13. You are so right. The threat of a virus cannot be ignored. The many friends who are life long spiritually minded students of Christian Science who have prayed daily, read daily, lived as best they could the teachings of Christian Science and have suffered painfully from covid beyond any challenge suffered before would gladly take any one of the shots given the opportunity. Does this make them less a Christian Scientist? None of us has any right to judge or council what choices any of us should make whether a student of Christian Science or not.

  14. I TOTALLY agree with what Evan said, but here is my dilemma: I choose not to get the shot, all my life I have been healthy and have never had a shot. I was raised a Christian Scientist, not perfect by any means but am a work in progress. However, I have never been comfortable when someone asks what religion I am, I feel that is a personal question. There are those out there who know nothing about Christian Science but what they think they know is negative. I just want to practice my faith quietly. So, what do I say when they ask, “Did you get your shot”? I’d like to say yes to make them comfortable but that would be a lie and unfair to them. This is a tough one for me!

    1. Hi Deb,
      I appreciate and understand your position in being reluctant to answer this question. What I know for myself is that God will never place me in an awkward or difficult position and leave me without an answer. I hold to this direction given by Christ Jesus when we are asked questions about our faith:
      “Don’t meditate before what ye shall answer: For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.”(Luke 21:12–15)

      I am the only Christian Scientist in my family like many of you but no one has asked me what I will do about getting a shot. I feel it has been resolved in my own thought and because I am at peace about it so are others as well. But if I am asked, I know God will give me an answer that will bless and satisfy the one questioning me. I hope this helps a little.

      1. Thank you, this is perfect for me to hear, God will show us what to do and what to say exactly when we need to know, and “will never place me in an awkward or difficult position and leave me without an answer.” Isn’t that what we are studying and praying to know in CS, that total reliance on and trust in Him. We can rest in that!

  15. No matter what Christian Scientists must under this belief, and even more importantly clear thought of ever having been subject to a material claim. It is not helpful to take the path of vaccinations because God, good is All there is to us and everyone. We are able to see Gods goodness and lift the imposition from thought. Matter into matter doesn’t matter. It cannot help nor heal ever!
    Love and gratitude to all. Xxoo

  16. Thank you, Evan, for this calm and clear expression of spiritual choice regarding getting/not getting the shots, and one’s reasons for doing/not doing so. We each have a right to make our own choice, and hopefully, our government will uphold, instead of withhold that right for us that should be ours to make as individuals. It is hard when surrounded by others, so fearful of catching a/this virus, that one needs to be very careful in answering their question, “Have you had your shots?”. I so appreciate your dealing with this in this and your former blog on this subject, to help give us support in how we answer this and deal with this for ourselves. Thank you. I appreciate it!

  17. Mrs. Eddy’s very first line in Science and Health is, “To those leaning on the Sustaining infinite, [Today] is big with blessings.” So many truths have been stated here this morning and Evan’s mention that the vaccine may give “temporary” effect, If That (they still haven’t been Proven to protect from getting or giving) and the industry promoting has billions to make off the Fear of individuals, a form of Control that governments have been taking advantage of, by this fear. There have been many instances of harm, some fatal, that mostly go unreported, which is another form of not being Truth-ful to those they wish to influence.
    The time for Thinkers has come.

  18. Thank you for this wonderful uplift. I’ve been getting so much pressure from others to get the shots. Some pressure has come with insults, ridicule and fear-mongering for refusal. This gives me courage to stand fast and resist the negative barrages and to know why.

  19. Thank you Evan and all who responded to this question. It helps to see what others are thinking as well as praying about during this time. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. Blessings to all.

  20. Great counter facts to the suggestion of fear. And great identifying what the real cause of contagion is, fear. Thanks for these honest expression of Truth Evan!!!!

  21. Thank you Evan for this message. I agree that it is the fear that needs to be handled! So grateful for your perspective in support of the Truth we know in studying Christian Science.

  22. Like many (and not a CS) I question the effectiveness of a shot especially in comparison with spiritual protection – however friends facility and associates feel safer since I had one. Just wonder what’s in it? Statically marked evidence of protection – but maybe placebo effect??

  23. Yes !
    This is the answer -how Christ consciousness heals.
    -Thank you Evan and Brian for sharing all this.
    -this also addresses our spiritual birthright of alertness:
    “Lulled by stupefying illusions, the world is asleep in the cradle of infancy, dreaming away the hours. Material sense does not unfold the facts of existence; but spiritual sense lifts human consciousness into eternal Truth. Humanity advances slowly out of sinning sense into spiritual understanding; unwillingness to learn all things rightly, binds Christendom with chains.” [SH95]

  24. Thank you, it’s so important to have these conversations and important to remember that it’s never about who’s right and who’s wrong, that is staying stuck on the human level, which is what we are working out of. The only side there is to be on is God’s.
    This journey in Christian Science is not about “material comforts and fluffy roses.” That being said it’s also not about continual suffering and rigidity without comfort. It’s an individual journey with God and every step of the way we need to stop and say “God, what do you see/say?” Christian Science is radical reliance on Spirit, God as all, that is the exact opposite of all we seem to be feeling, hearing, seeing, etc. In the material sense dream. Does this bring a sense of discomfort sometimes, yes! But, we are reminded in this week’s lesson what Jesus went through in the crucifixion and why. He came out on the other side alive, healthy, untouched, well and ascended! I have been thinking a lot about citation 30 from Science and Health in the lesson this week from page 39, line 7: “We need ‘Christ and him crucified.’ we must have trials and self-denials, as well as joys and victories, until all error is destroyed.”
    Recently several people very close to me tested positive for Covid. This brought a new twist in my experience of thought and prayer regarding it. Of course mortal mind invited me to be fearful, accept it as reality and even include the suggestion that now my husband who isn’t a scientist and my self could also contract it because it is very close to us. Whether something comes to our thought about another person off in the distance or appears to be happening for real in our body, is it True? Only if it is a good gift from God.
    We are all in varying degrees of our understanding of these Truths about God. It’s not a competition, we will all get there in thought. I think it’s common to feel a sense of being left out or that we are being judged or condemned if we aren’t at the same place in thought as another. I am learning that it’s never about agreeing or disagreeing with even our fellow Christian Scientists, it’s always about asking, listening, and hearing God.
    Again I’m so grateful for these opportunities to have these important discussions. They are needed!

  25. Plain shall His guidance be,
    If thou but seek the right;
    Clearly thy pathway thou shalt see,
    A line of perfect light.
    Your clear reasoning is so helpful Evan.
    Thank you.

  26. Thanks Evan for sharing so clearly the idea of standing for real health. God gave us all we need for our defenses and Gods work is complete and universal. Clearly Christianly Scientific thought is the answer. I pray to know our freedom from taking vaccines is a gift from God and cannot be overturned by any other authority or power. God plans and ideas are that we be forever blessed and protected. The real need is for humanity to rise from the tomb of material entrapments. Jesus showed us this way..Much love..

  27. Evan thank you for today’s post. When I saw the title, my first thought was, haven’t we covered this already? Particularly last week on SpiritView of 3/23, which elicited 70 very lively and sometimes heated comments; running the spectrum of those acting out of love to ease the concerns of friends and family members (knowing that matter cannot help nor harm), to those who choose as you do Evan, and also views on taking a stand for religious and personal freedoms, fear of being ostracized, and several other thoughts.

    But I actually appreciate that you continue to address this topic, as it is being hammered daily from many directions, many are well-meaning, yet purely material. The fact that I was initially uncomfortable to see this topic today tells me that I need to keep checking my consciousness for latent, and not so latent, fears and judgments and addressing those fears and judgments spiritually. Error tries to be very sneaky. For now I say no, but continue to listen to God for guidance on how to proceed. The things I most need to stick with right now are humility, trusting God and expecting good.

    One thing I remember clearly from last week’s post was the quote “When you give mortal mind an inch, it takes twelve–and becomes a ruler,” and the story of the camel and the tent.

    There are so many needs in the world today. I look around at people and have tremendous compassion for us all, then I try to remember what is in big letters on the walls of many Christian Science churches around the world on the subject of needs, “Divine Love always has met and always will meet Every human need.”

    1. Yes, remembering that beautiful thought that Divine Love has met and will meet every human need is what saved my life on the third day of having a virulent case of covid. I know exactly what false idea about me permeated my thought weakening me to the disease in mid January 2020, I was not afraid of covid, did not even know it existed as word from China was not in the news until after I was saved. I was terribly embarrassed that as a student of CS for a dozen
      years that I should succumb to such an illness. I was too sick to think about calling a practitioner. Ultimately, it was CS that saved my life and I am so very grateful! I study passionately every day!!! Staying close to God and the Truth of our being truly is our best prevention.

  28. “Well said,” just isn’t good enough. The real problem today is; no one is proving the presence of Divine Law with scientific certainty. There just doesn’t seem to be any Christ in Christian Science, today. As Mary Baker Eddy is quoted saying, “It’s spiritual want that prevents healing. It is knowing that your life is hid in Christ that gives power.” The message of the Christ is heal, raise, reform, preach; what is all this talk about fear? Fear of virus? Fear of government? Fear of freedom? Fear is a defense mechanism for the false sense of existence– personal sense created by a belief in two powers. It is time to face it; if we are in fear, we are in false sense and at best we are in spiritual want. It is scientifically impossible to be in Spiritual identity and be afraid; Spirit sees only one Perfect Divine creation. When Jesus asks the cripple “art thou willing to be made whole” he is asking, are you willing to give up personal sense (belief in two powers). True Spiritual identity dissolves personal sense; as light dispels darkness. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, as a lesson; Spirit testifies with deeds and not words; talk doesn’t cook the rice. God is not a power to protect false sense from evil; there is no evil to defeat and there is no false sense to protect– only God is. May I suggest, stop catering to false mortal beliefs, for this simple reason; stand in fear and you stand to lose. Instead, stand in Truth by demonstrating Divine Omnipresence. In the Spirit of Truth.

    1. Christian Science is filled with the Christ, now as always. Thousands are proving the healing power of Christian Science all over the world everyday. I am incredibly grateful for the hundreds of physical healings I have witnessed in my personal experience over the decades from the practice of Christian Science, and with my family, not to mention the countless healings I see in other people’s lives everyday. Christian Science is alive and well!

      I pray that you find it’s healing power for yourself too!

      1. Hi Evan, Thanks for your reply and prayer. You say Christian Science is alive and well. Is that “Christian Science as you know it or is it Christian Science as Mary Baker Eddy knew it?

        Here is an excerpt from an article written by her titled Principle and Practice, ” The inclination of mortal mind is to receive Christian Science through a belief instead of the understanding, and this inclination prevails like an epidemic on the body ; it inflames mortal mind and weakens the intellect, but this so-called mortal mind is wholly ignorant of this fact, and so cherishes its mere faith in Christian Science.
        The sick, like drowning men, catch at whatever drifts toward them. The sick are told by a faith-Scientist, “I can heal you, for God is all, and you are well, since God creates neither sin, sickness, nor death.” Such statements result in the sick either being healed by their faith in what you tell them—which heals only as a drug would heal, through belief—or in no effect whatever. If the faith-healer succeeds in securing (kindling) the belief of the patient in his own recovery, the practitioner will have performed a faith-cure which he mistakenly pronounces Christian Science.
        In this very manner some students of Christian Science have accepted, through faith, a divine Principle, God, as their savior, but they have not understood this Principle sufficiently well to fulfill the Scriptural command, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel.” “Heal the sick.” It is the healer’s understanding of the operation of the divine Principle, and his application thereof, which heals the sick, just as it is one’s understanding of the principle of mathematics which enables him to demonstrate its rules.”
        Thanks for your attention; In the Spirit of Truth.

    2. There is only one Mind and that one is good and the only power. The affirmations of today reflect very powerful ideas that give strength to this forum of Spirit View participants. Giving binding and absolute conviction.
      Be sure that everyone here are in some degree are demonstrating the power of Divine Law, and it is very effective. Feel the lovingkindness and gratitude? Advanced metaphysics is keeping us well and awake from the dream of dis-ease. Were it not so, many of us including I, would no longer embrace earth. The best testimony is one you don’t have to give or experience.
      It is abstract and easy for some. For the wise and prudent maybe not, but to the child’s thought it `is easy. Critics are abundant. Not hard to find an arguments against Christian Science, or Christian Scientists. When we meet with this opposition, we have a clue that we are doing the right thinking.
      That’s the cross!
      Even critics will eventually agree with this principal. And all of us in this Christ organization are blessed with the opportunity to pray together as one in Truth, which is healing the nations.
      Dissent is rarely expressed. Mrs. Eddy encouraged criticism. But it had better be righteous! .

  29. Dear Evan,
    I respect you so greatly. But I wish you could address this from the angle for those of us who need to/want to get the vaccine so we can go back to work! My union will not allow us to work on stage unless we get the vaccine. It would be so unfair for an actor to choose to stay unvaccinated while working closely with so many other people who are. I am not sure if its a government “law” yet but I know that the grand assumption is that until we are all vaccinated the entertainment industry wont be able to work freely or get productions back up and running. I am not fearful of the virus. I didnt get the vaccine out of a sense of worry or fear for myself. But I respect others fears and think its the kindest thing to do. I see it as almost a patriotic duty! And as far as the vaccines we might need to do in the future, for me it is all in the suffer it to be so now realm! I really hope you can write a blog post for those of us who are working in the world (what I mean by this is that our jobs require us to work very closely with other people in a physical way), or live in big cities or in industries where it would be so selfish, or misguided to ask everyone to respect our wishes to stay unvaccinated. I mean I truly dont see how this could ever work…to have some people unvaccinated working amongst the rest of the people who are. I dont want people to feel guilt or a sense of dread about it.. I really believe it is a non event shot that we need to do to alleviate fear for others and be able to be a part of a team to get back to work! I will read everyone’s thoughts on this, including yours, and thank you for allowing me to include my comments for discussion…..I remain humble to learn but this is really how I see it for now.

    1. Hi Tricia,

      I “hear you!” You echo concerns of many. And I will give more thought to the points you make and share what comes to me in future blogs. Underneath all the points you make though, is an opportunity to see the amazing ways God can work in situations that may appear humanly impossible, but is spiritually possible.

      Your overall thesis is, “We need to get back to work, and if this compromise is necessary, then so be it.” I’d like to suggest that there are more important issues at stake then just “getting back to work.”

      Yes, people need to work and make a living, but more importantly, for the future of humanity, they need to know God and the huge benefits that come from living with a clean conscience and strong moral and spiritual imperatives. From my experience, when I live true to God first, the human supply follows in the best possible way. I believe there is a way for people to get back to work and safely work with each other, in perhaps a scenario where many are vaccinated because they believe that’s what they need, and others demonstrating immunity to disease through spiritual understanding because they are ready and equipped to do so. The ones demonstrating spiritual truth will be a blessing to those who are still learning what God can do for them too!

      Daniel, in the Bible, lived true to his values and prospered. He was persecuted at first, when thrown into the lion’s den, but he stayed true to his conscience, and came out better than everyone else, and inspired many to turn to his God.

      And BTW, I tremendously appreciate the gentleness and kindness of your remarks and observations. It’s that kind of thoughtfulness and respect for each other than enables different points of view to converse and learn from each other. Thank you!

    2. I’m Tricia’s Mom and appreciate her thoughtful reply. Thank you, Evan for sharing your continued thoughts and prayers regarding this topic. I will obey the law, but am praying everyday to see
      that “Perfect Love casts out fear” And when fear is gone, so is the disease.

  30. I too am appreciative of these examples of clear, helpful, inoffensive ways to explain why many practicing students of Christian Science such as myself choose not to be vaccinated nor why we have no faith in doing so, especially when there is no law requiring it. I remember my CS teacher would often encourage his students not to use “the Sunday School answer” but find meaningful ways to express what we understand to be true for those who have not had the advantage of this teaching. And of course, from a Committee on Publication perspective I found it is especially helpful and important to speak from one’s own experience of demonstration. Thanks to all of you who have shared these truths of Christ Jesus teaching as revealed to Mrs. Eddy as the Comforter of Christian Science that we know to be effective in our own lives, in language that meets the needs of humanity today with both confidence and strength as well as gentleness and kindness. (The analogy from an earlier blog entry of the “camel in the tent” and “error taking 12 and becoming the ruler” were especially fresh to me – thanks Evan!) I love this passage from Science and Health, “The testimony of the material senses is neither absolute nor divine. I therefore plant myself unreservedly on the teachings of Jesus, of his apostles, of the prophets, and on the testimony of the Science of Mind. Other foundations there are none. All other systems — systems based wholly or partly on knowledge gained through the material senses — are reeds shaken by the wind, not houses built on the rock.”
    (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 269:21)

    Also, a special thanks to Roger who pointed out the real issue underlying the belief of fear that needs to be recognized and handled – mental manipulation. I pray often throughout the day to know there is no other mind but the divine Mind that can manipulate or be manipulated since mankind is, in Science, the perfect idea in that one divine Mind, God, that controls its own creation. (See SH p. 209:5-8) “Mind, supreme over all its formations and governing them all, is the central sun of its own systems of ideas, the life and light of all its own vast creation; and man is tributary to divine Mind.” And to love mankind to the extent that Christ Jesus did to see the perfect man of God’s creating is what brings healing of fear, of disease beliefs, of sin, of death. “Greater love hath no man than this”.

    Thank you friends for reflecting this Love divine in your unique ways.

    1. And I meant to say reflecting divine Love “through healing the belief that others could be fearful, unalert, or manipulative, not through acquiescence to the lie” that there could be any power other than ever-present all-powerful Love.”

  31. Thank you Evan, and all, for sharing these thoughtful and inspiring comments. My prayer on this subject uncovered
    Fear of the vaccine more than fear of the disease. Fear of any kind must be routed out and I am working on this in all aspects of my life. I’m a lifelong Christian Scientist who has experienced and witnessed many healings so trust in spiritual healing feels natural, but am challenged by fear of losing our religious freedom and fear of a man made
    solution that is unreliable. Eradicating fear of any kind gives me plenty of work to do . I am so grateful for all the helpful comments on this subject.

  32. Mary Baker Eddy says that Christian Scientists sould get the vaccine when there is a requirement and pray to prevent side effects.

  33. THANK YOU for saying EXACTLY how I already felt about this but had never articulated it. I resonate with every word of this!

  34. Thank you,Evan,for this clear and strong explanation of how Christian Science works,even in the midst of this cloud of fear.So much appreciated!

  35. Evan, thank you for inviting this robust conversation among all of us students who so earnestly want to adhere to the principles of the teachings of Christian Science. We learn from it’s teachings that we live in a world composed of thought only. That matter is not real. That there are in reality no material germs that can cause diseases. This is the dire opposite of the common thought of mortals in the world we find ourselves living in. We hear daily from others, and on the news, the magnitude and severity of the belief of Covid and the anguish and suffering this virus is causing. I have seen it in my work as a caregiver to the elderly (not Christian Scientists). One of the dear ones whom I’d been with for 5 years recently passed on from this belief. I was one of her 4 other caregivers in different shifts. This lovely lady didn’t want any of her helpers to wear masks, nor her visiting family members. She, and all of her family, and all the caregivers contracted covid. One caregiver was in the hospital for some time. I was tested, and was the only one who did not get the virus, which I attribute to what Christian Science has taught me.

    What stand to make on immunization in this current thought environment?? If, according to common belief, mass vaccinations are necessary to end this terror in in human thought, then I tend to consider a shot a suffer it to be so now situation, still knowing that “Entirely separate from the belief and dream of material living, is the Life divine”, and resting secure in my understanding of God’s complete goodness, and the mythical nature of disease.

    Thank you Trista for your clear and compassionate comments.

  36. Thank you, one and all, for your openness and sharing! And Even, for your spiritual strength in bringing up the entire subject!! It is controversial! I decided not to take the shot. How can I trust someone with my well being whom I don’t know in any way at all and NOT trust God who has never let me down or in any way harmed me, my life, etc? I’ve toyed with getting “the shot”. My mom always made sure we were the first to get shots (was not raised in C.S.) I had every disease I was given a shot to avoid, (except I never had polio)
    I work metaphysically every day to banish the spread of fear of all kinds – which the world seems so full of. For. me the battle isn’t the dis-ease of a virus. but the dis-ease folks feel about those who have different views of reality, of what life is, and mostly about who God is.

  37. The number of comments today shows how very very much your so clear and distinct explanation of this special topic is needed and appreciated !
    Dear Evan, I am utmost glad and grateful how wonderfully open you explain the situation and lead us to the fact that real and lasting health can be gained only through mental means, so as Christian Science teaches, and not by material means whatever. What you often mention is relevant here, too, to cultivate our Spiritual Sense which we do daily by studying the weekly CS lesson sermon. I am very thankful we have this great tool for our spiritual progress!
    Oh Evan, I think I speak also for other friends when I express my deepest thanks and happyness that you address this topic so thoroughly and lovingly, which is so helpful and healing !♡
    Thanks to all wonderful commenters for all your loving and helpful inspirations!♡

    1. To some critics I read around here, I will pray with the Psalmist ” be still and know that I am God”. What is very comforting for me is what Mrs. Eddy writes in SH p. Viii: “Theology and physics teach that both Spirit and matter are real and good, whereas the fact is that Spirit is good and real, and matter is Spirit”s opposite. The question “What is Truth” is answered by demonstration – by healing both, desease and sin; and this demonstration shows that Christian healing confers the most health and makes the best Men”. I find this passage very helpful in relation to today’s SpiritView .

  38. What I’m not finding addressed in this conversation is the belief that almost 60% of people are believed to be asymptomatic “carriers”. If you don’t get the vaccine, how are you to convince others, especially co-workers, that they are safe to be around you when you have no proof? Do you just say “I’m a Christian Scientists and I pray about this so you can take my word that I am not a carrier and I’m safe to be around and my religion is my proof?” I really don’t know any non-CS’ers that would be buying this. And that is the main dilemma here as I see it.

    1. A blog on this very point will be coming soon! There is a spiritual resolution for it. Thanks for bringing it up.

  39. A question to consider: how many people who have received the vaccine know what is in it? No one I have asked this question of has an answer. Yet they have injected whatever is in it with a blind faith. How wonderful that the Bible has provided us with many accounts of healing and God’s power to share with others in a knowledgeable faith—a common theme we share with many religions. God created everything and it was very good (supremely good). All the rest is the “lie” or devil as stated by Christ Jesus. Partial Definition of virus as given in Webster’s dictionary: “agents regarded as non living” (they need a host for life, let’s not be that host!) and second definition: “something that poisons the mind or soul.” Let’s reason together… how can a serum affect something that poisons the mind or soul?

  40. I’ve been asked a couple of times if I’ve gotten my shot yet. But frankly, the persons who asked were just making conversation, so when I just answered “I keep all my health things private” they changed the subject themselves. Another tactic is to say “I keep all my health things private, but how about you, have you gotten your shot yet? Which one did you get? And like most folks they actually prefer talking abut themselves anyway and their own experiences, so that changes the subject quickly and we then move on to other subjects.

  41. This is very good. I see that I will need this vaccination n order to return to work in the building and with a very special group of challenged adults I work with. I know fear is really the problem. So I have prayed with that. I get the second shot soon and I know that fearlessness is my focus as always . I hope as this goes along And I can quietly step away from the inevitable booster stuff
    I am going through a healing situation right now that brings the Easter celebration into more focus. I have come to render onto Caesar to keep peace with my loved ones and this vaccine is just more of it. It all begins in thought and stays in thought. Thank you Evan for this well thought out blog as always

  42. Thank you Evan for this wonderful information. I think by the number of responses it was clearly very much needed by many people.. Most helpful and loving. We are all so blessed.

  43. Thanks Evan for the lovely article. It brings out the fact that good alone is contagious and fear is the culprit. If we stand porter at the door of our thought we are protected. When we live in God, God is our protection so how can error even come close to us? If fear was eradicated the world would have been freed from the virus instantly. Isn’t it?
    Let’s cover ourselves and our universal family in the armour of God’s protection. No virus in God’s allness so no need for vaccination. Let God alone be glorified.

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