Stick to it until you get there

February 12, 2020 | 24 comments

If you plan a road trip, you get in your car and start driving until you get to your desired destination. There may be events along the way that interrupt the smooth flow of your trip, like detours, construction delays, bad weather, wrong turns, slow traffic, or a flat tire that needs to be fixed. But none of these occurrences are going to stop you from continuing to drive. If it is a worthy trip, you will persevere until you arrive at your desired location.

The same rule applies to prayer for healing. When a problem hits, finding our way out of the suffering might feel like taking a road trip. The going might not be all easy and smooth as hoped for. There may be moments of frustration, despair and discouragement, but if we keep the desired destination in clear view we will not be deterred.

As a child of God, we have a divine right to health, harmony and peace in our lives, and this is a demonstrable truth. It’s a “goal,” or “destination,” that we pray to realize. It’s important that we don’t give up prematurely and settle for less.

Keep driving! Don’t give up. Don’t turnaround and go back to old ways of thinking that need to be left behind.

Stick to God’s plan until you realize freedom.

Stick to it and do it!

24 thoughts on “Stick to it until you get there”

  1. Thank you Evan. I am on a long journey experiencing exactly what you’re speaking of today. Overnight I lost freedom of movement on one side of my body and have been working hard with my understanding of God is all and slowly regaining my ability to walk on my own and have use of my arm and hand on side affected. When I focus on Christian Science and stop being so anxious with my recovery and thoughts of fixing matter, I find myself more at peace with the small improvements. Along the way, my character has completely transformed and I see that as a blessing. I am very grateful for your guidance on this journey and for all who share this resource. I look forward to it every day and reap the benefits of shared thoughts and understanding. Endless gratitude… ❣️

    1. Dear Susan,
      Comforting thoughts are being sent your way. As Jesus proved in his healings, time is not really a factor as our destinations are already reached. Our progress just acknowledges and makes more clear to us that fact, each step of the way. You already possess every ability you need as a reflection of God and your character transformation that you feel and are blessed by is healing proof of that Love which surrounds you in His/Her constant, gentle care.
      Much love to you

  2. I know how to change a tyre,

    I have had healings.

    This error is a challenge of years and, having approached many CS roadside services, feel I now have to embark on this as a solo traveller, knowing that “home and heaven are within” me . . . really the journey isn’t all that far

  3. We must remember that this is a mental univers, made out of consciousness or God/Spirit, in consciousness or God, and experienced by consciousness/Spirit/God. In that way healing doesn’t take time or the manipulation of matter. Only a change of perception is needed.

  4. You know the Samaritan stopped to help the man on the side of the road. It says he was in the way WITH him. He never felt he went out of his way. It was his whole trip.
    Everything we do is part of our trip, part of our Way, our Way is walking with our maker and nothing we do in the Way can harm us, deter us, slow us down, or make us be less ingracious elegant and loving.

    Some years ago I was with a group of Christian Science campers and we were in a bus. A woman was lying in the middle of the country 2-lane highway. Another man and I came out of the bus talk to the woman tell her that she was God’s perfect child always alive always cared for. At one point we asked her to say it God is my life. From a Faraway place, her tiny voice came out and she declared it stronger and and stronger. I can’t say we raised the Dead that day, but it seemed like it on that highway.

    I never felt put upon to have stopped for her. That experience has been a real jewel in my crown, my whole life, since. She was my Way!

    1. Many years ago in Chicago a friend had a similar experience. Briefly, late on a cold night he stopped to help an unconscious man with his head in the gutter — instead of passing by and not getting involved. The man was well-known to police, who my friend called. My friend “talked truth” to the man, who police assumed had died. Instead he was breathing when the ambulance arrived, and my friend was told he had saved the man’s life. I think Life saved him through the kindness and spiritual sense of my friend.

    2. Vida what a marvellous inspired way to see that story..being IN THE WAY WITH HIM! Wow I love that and can apply this new vision to several situations in my life too. This is quite a momentous thought and not one to simply read past… We are ALL in the we are all IN GOD…and Jesus said he was the WAY, the truth and the life” .
      So no one is really IN OUR WAY either in a negative meaning…I will be thinking on this for hours!!! Thank you so much!

  5. I think our sense of time changes as we learn. We see more of a natural, orderly flow rather than segmented pieces to complete. We respond to the moment more often and not our agenda. I have found there is more time than you think to make a decision to respond. I tell my children that when they feel pressured to make a decision. I had to learn to respond in a harmonious way and not worry what people may think,

  6. Thanks Evan!! This is a wonderful lesson. Mrs Eddy says to stick to the truth of being “until”. It is a journey to get to the understanding that we are truly the perfect image and likeness of God, as the Bible says, and find healing. We keep going on the trip no matter the detours that come up.

  7. Another priceless SpiritView❣️
    My thanks to everyone for the dear comments.

    This topic calls to mind Mary Baker Eddy’s statement
    “The discover of Christian Science finds the path less
    difficult when she has the high goal always before her
    thoughts, than when she counts her footsteps in endeavoring to reach it. When the destination is
    desirable, expectation speeds our progress.”
    S&H pg 426: 5-9
    (The sidebar reads “our footsteps heavenward.”)

    Peace and love to all!

  8. This has been a most special, memorable Wednesday testimonial ‘meeting’. Thank you Father-Mother God. Thank you, Evan, and to every for widening the rippling effect of today’s SpiritView.

  9. What a terrific thought for my day Evan!!! Thank you so much. You rarely fail to lift my day and help me look at things from a different angle.

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