Take responsibility for your thoughts

March 19, 2018 | 20 comments

If we want to stay healthy, its important that we take responsibility for the thoughts we entertain.

If evil thoughts come knocking at our mental door like, “Your dad had diabetes so you’re going to get it,” or “I have the flu and must suffer for 7 days,” or, “I’m a bad financial planner and keep going into debt,” they need to be rejected and dissolved with spiritual truth to prevent them from having a bad effect.

We are never helpless in the face of evil suggestion. They can be put off and turned away. “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” James 4:7.

We have power through Christ to deny and destroy any evil suggestion. Evil does not have power to overturn good. Good wipes out evil. But to make this demonstration, we need to side with the good, to align with Christ, and refuse to agree with evil.

Some people shun taking responsibility. They are afraid of it, or shy away from the mental work it requires. But taking responsibility is a good thing. It enables us to be honest about what we’re thinking, and to sort out the good from the bad. It takes weakness out of our life. It gives us strength. It prospers our prayers and efforts to move forward.

When we take full responsibility for our thinking, we won’t make excuses for failure like, “I can’t help it,” or “I’m not smart enough,” or “That’s the way it is.” We will resist evil suggestions, put them out and stay free of their bad influence.

Through Christ, we can overcome any evil. Christ is the power and presence of God at work within our being sustaining all good.

Exercise your spiritual dominion and authority today over all evil suggestions. Put them out! Have nothing to do with them. Remember your perfection in God and your divine right to live healthy, peaceful and free of all evil. Take responsibility for what you think, and side only with the good!

Think free, live free and be free.

20 thoughts on “Take responsibility for your thoughts”

  1. Thank you Evan, working with a challenge, feel like I’m fighting my way out a paper bag Lol!

    I love this citation from Science and Health, “from Love and from the light and harmony which are the abode of Spirit, only reflections of good can come”

    I consider it frequently in the day, pondering the reflections of good . . . .
    grace, peace, joy, comfort, abundance, light, warmth, compassion etc etc♡

  2. Yes, Christ demonstrated this many time in his healings. “Go and sin no more,” which is a demand for us to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Thank you Evan for this very helpful post.

  3. Many thanks, Evan, for this message – I see it as a challenge that I must take up right now, and think and act as the three Hebrew boys in this week’s Bible Lesson. We have the right and the capability to face down all false suggestions.

    Shelagh, thank you for that quotation. Holding to thoughts like that your ‘paper bag’ will soon burst and you will find freedom.

  4. Thank you Evan! What a powerful and needed message! “ it is your divine right to live healthy and peaceful and free of all evil.”

  5. Thank you Evan! What a wonderful empowering Spiritview!
    Many years ago, while ascending many floors in a glass front elevator, the suggestion that I was afraid of heights presented itself. Rather than enjoying the beautiful view, I entertained this suggestion without thinking and thought I was going to faint. For years I pondered, am I afraid of heights? I never have been before. Yes, it was pretty ridiculous.
    Yesterday, I proceeded to climb a large climbing wall, one that when I first saw it a couple of weeks ago looked large and scary. If I had started up and entertained those thoughts, they would have stopped me in my tracks. But, God made man free to express life. That is a God-given right. I did not entertain those thoughts and enjoyed climbing to the top. At the top, I was secured by two anchors and could lean over the edge to test those anchors and wave to people below me while I waited for others to rappel down. When it was time for me to rappel down, I backed over the ledge and walked down the rock face until I reached the floor. How wonderful to be free of this false claim! Thank you God!

    1. Awesome demonstration, good for you. I love the excitement and pure joy you found in your unwillingness to accept evil thoughts like fear of heights.

      1. Trista,
        Thank you! 🙂 It seems so silly now to have entertained those thoughts for so long…lol. Really, pondering, “Am I afraid of heights? Who am I leaving that up to answer? Lol…

        1. I especially appreciate your demonstration because I am working through overcoming a similar thing in the false, evil thought of motion sickness. I’m standing up to it after many years and realizing it never really had any power over me. Thanks again.

          1. Trista,
            You are on a wonderful journey! I am a fellow traveler. 🙂

            “Whatever obstructs the way, — causing to stumble, fall, or faint, those mortals who are striving to enter the path, — divine Love will remove; and uplift the fallen and strengthen the weak.”
            Mis. 328:23-26

  6. Good day Evan and group. What a nice subject today. It’s essential and substantial, that’s why Evan wants us to work it. It is, as I understand it, one of the most demanding tasks, because it implies being permanently very attentive so that the error, whether visible or subtle, does not creep in on us. It is a daily practice, not always easy, many times by not being attentive we fail as archers of thought. If the error is made see it easier, but if it is subtle as it may be for a conversation or advertising that to sell their medicines describe all the symptoms of an error, we must open our eyes and be very, very attentive. Do not forget that we are under the jurisdiction of the Mind, whose atmosphere is all Truth and Love and nothing bad can enter it. There we are safe. Excellent week for everyone and thanks Evan and participants for always useful comments.

  7. The Love and Wisdom
    of Creator
    Shins like a beacon
    with rays of brilliance
    penetrating the darkness
    and fog of the cold night
    of material thing and

    Magnetic, irresistible
    it’s warming rays
    draw us into
    a place of peace
    and solitude…
    A place where we learn
    we are whole…..

  8. Wonderful subject and blog content Evan about taking responsibility for the thoughts we entertain. Kirsten, thank you for your testimony re fear of heights. I needed that. Gustafo thank you for also stressing the need for being constantly very attentive so that the error, whether visible or subtle, does not creep in on us.

  9. Great subject today. One thing I have been doing lately when these errors try to invade my thinking is to emphatically say “No! I do not consent to that” and I have found it getting easier to keep my thoughts on the right path. Thanks to everyone for your comments.

  10. Evan, I love the way you word things. Makes it so easily understood and easily shared especially with those new to Christian Science.

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