Let God go first

March 20, 2018 | 22 comments

“Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up.”

~ James 4:10, NKJV

Humble pride, ego, self-righteousness, self-will and preconceived notions. Put the human mind aside with all its wants and desires, and let the divine Mind speak.

God always knows best and will get you to the best place.

Keep mortal mind out of the way and let Him lead the way.

Let your true spiritual self as a reflection of the divine will shine through.

Humble the human mind before God and let the one Mind take over.

22 thoughts on “Let God go first”

  1. That’s a perfect starter for the day!
    Every word of this SpiritView is a treasure and a truth.
    I have experienced that so often with such harmonious days: no rush, all things done in perfect timing – or not done because it was not the perfect time – getting new ideas about a situation, being open for a good surprise, or able to persevere at a task , confiding in the one Mind who absolutely knows best and listening to Him!
    Now it is time to “stay on the ball », and your message is really directed by God , to remind us that He is there and takes care, if we wholeheartedly turn to Him .
    Thanks sooooo much, Evan .

  2. I had a tiny reminder of this one Mind yesterday: I found some loose pages of my daughter’s books after our move. Yesterday I finally got them into her room asking to which books they belonged. Two of them she new immediately after reading into the pages, however, the third book she did not know the title of. So I stared at these hundreds of books on the shelves, pulled out one (in a language I don’t even speak) and found that that was the very book missing the page! It’s good to have lessons on a smaler scale, because they do prove the Principle of how this one Mind is capable of guiding us in bigger issues as well. Thank you for the thoughts, Evan!

  3. The word “Let” is so important here. Just let God be and be aware of His presence moment by moment and the structure of our day falls gently into place while following His lead. We don’t have to rush from here to there or worry bout tasks not yet accomplished as our path is already laid out before us when we focus on listening to His voice. Taking the time to slow down and listen to Him always brings us peace.

    Have a great day everyone! Happy Spring! Enjoy MBE’s ” Voices of Spring” found in Misc, Writings page 329.

  4. Oh Evan, how right this message is, for us on this very day! We have sold our house after a long time on the market, and are off today to try to find our future home in our chosen new location. Was not at all optimistic about finding a place that will really feel like home to us, and also be within our means – but this heartening message is just the exact one. Thank you Evan and thank you God!

    1. Oh that is wonderful. Happy home hunting! God has the perfect place already picked out for you. The one Mind leads you to it.

  5. Thank you very much for this blog and all the others which are so appreciated!
    I’m wondering if the first words are supposed to be – “Humble pride” or human pride??

  6. This was perfect. Pride, ego, self righteousness etc. All need to be humbled. I was given dates to consider teaching on for an art workshop. They were scattered through the summer months and I needed immediately pick one. There are at least 8 other teachers choosing dates. I turned to God the Divine Mind for help and one day stood out. I chose that one. I know the right outcome will happen.
    I have experienced God’s direction in so many instances.
    in finding a home, finding lost items, and in always having needs met whether physical or financial.
    I appreciate this blog and all the wonderful directions the messages and your comments take me. Much love to all

  7. Hi Wanda, I would also understand “Human” pride better than Humble pride – the first two words in Evan`s today`s precious SpiritView.

    Evan, I am very very grateful for your so really helpful above SpiritView!
    Mostly at 10 o`clock in the morning I get the SpiritView here in Germany.
    Today I started the day after reading SV with praying and listening to God`s guidance how I shall shape my day to God`s glory which also leads to healing of something needing correction.

    I prayed to humble the human mind before our loving God and let the one Mind take over.
    I have the feeling, He/She took over, as I feel it is well done. Meanwhile it is evening here, and evening also means “peace”. Thank God for Christ Jesus and Mrs. Eddy who gave us the spiritual meaning of everything.

    Thank you all for your loving comments! 🙂

  8. Thank you Evan and Everyone for these wonderful truths and inspiration. I am so grateful for the SpiritView friends and their inspirational comments.

  9. Thanks Evan. It’s amazing that daily we receive from you, the exact guidance and inspiration we are looking for. Truly as you say, Divine Mind knows it all and we just have to surrender to this Mind and give up all our human will, human thinking and lean on the all-knowing and all wise Mind. When all intelligence and wisdom belongs to God, then why the human struggle, the human planning and human will??? Its much easier and safer if God leads our way. Moreover we are happier too.. cause we know that God can only give us the best if we trust in His wisdom and care.

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