[VIDEO] The Healing Perspective of Christian Science

August 14, 2016 | 1 comment

Perspective is everything! This lecture explains how the spiritual perspective of Christian Science leads to more effective healing through prayer. It brings out the unique discovery Mary Baker Eddy made of how to heal through prayer like Jesus Christ expected his followers to heal. It clears up frequent misunderstandings people have about the practice of Christian Science, and highlights how understanding the power and presence of God empowers prayer to conquer pain and suffering.

1 thought on “The Healing Perspective of Christian Science”

  1. simple gorgious, no it is more, it is wonderfully inspiring! Thank you dear Evan for clarifiaction what Christian Science i s and what it is n o t !
    Thank you for your so good, loving and inspiring Healing Testimonies. It’s a mind opening healing lecture – thank you so much for it, dear Evan!

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