The many forms of love

August 29, 2011 | 5 comments

Love seems to be a tricky feeling for many people to figure out.
“I’ve never felt love like this before,” I’ve heard more than once from a Cupid-struck youngster, only to learn later that the relationship they had been so taken in with fell apart and ended in great heartbreak and hurt feelings.
To build a relationship that lasts and endures, it’s important to understand the multi-dimensional aspects of love.
Love is much more than an “I think you’re adorable, I want to be with you, I love your attention,” type of feeling. Attention and adoration certainly are part of sharing and caring for one another. But there’s more.
True love endures. It is steadfast, committed, faithful, trustworthy, dependable, consistent, persistent, reliable, and always there for you.
True love does not flee when times get tough. True love does not wither when it doesn’t get its way. True love doesn’t go through ups and downs according to the temperature of the moment. True love prevails and continues marching on even when everything else is marching against it.
True love is much more than an emotional high that has a short shelf life. True love is much more than just coming home from work every day and sharing a house with another. True love is a balance. It is spontaneity, adoration, caring and sharing, but also faithfulness, trustworthiness, enduring commitment, and unselfish giving.
True love takes many different forms, and the more forms a relationship embodies, the better.

5 thoughts on “The many forms of love”

  1. “True love takes many different forms, and the more forms a relationship embodies, the better.”

    Oh, I like that. It must be because the more qualities that are being polished in a relationship (Spirit’s spontaneity, Soul’s joy, Life’s endurance, Truth’s loyalty, Love’s tenderness, Mind’s wit, Principle’s order), the more facets of the relationship appear with clarity — and shine with steady, silent brilliance!

  2. Thank you Evan for the lovely post, especially today for it is
    our 36th wedding aniversary.
    Your posts are the first thing
    I look at each morning when I
    awake and what a gift I received

  3. Happy 36th anniversary, Debbie and Spouse.

    I’m vaguely recalling that Evan has a wife named Debbie, so perhaps “Spouse” here is Evan? 🙂

  4. Oh, that’s right! I didn’t think “Debbie” sounded quite right. But “Kathy” does! They both are two syllables ending in an “eee” sound!

    Chuckles is right!

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