The purpose of prayer

July 5, 2022 | 19 comments


Why pray? To discover the truth about God and God’s creation.

Jesus Christ taught, “Know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

The bottom-line reason to pray is to answer the question, “What is my truth? What is my spiritual truth!”

The quicker we discover what is spiritually true, the quicker we are free from what is not true—which are any and all sin, disease, and death false beliefs and fears.

19 thoughts on “The purpose of prayer”

  1. Wow! What a great example of healing! Human will being replaced with God’s will to be done through prayer. Thank you Evan and RH!

  2. Thanks Evan.
    The Daily Lift fits in with today’s
    SpiritView. I couldn’t attach it.

    Evan I need to ask if prayer
    and affirmation are the same.
    If not, why not start with
    I guess they become one.
    Maybe another SpiritView
    Your quote, “Know the truth and
    the truth will set you free is
    Guess that’s the answer.
    Prayer sounds like asking.
    Affirmation, knowing.
    When friends say they have been
    praying, I say, affirm.

    Set you free.”

  3. Prayer is our spiritual awakening. After all in Matthew 6 v8 we are told that ‘our Father knows what we need of Him before we ask ‘ … ( sorry if it’s not exact wording ) This just confirms that whatever the seeming need , our prayer is answered already , our spiritual identity established , all our needs already met. What a truly wonderful thought. Thank you Evan and everyone . Todays Daily Lift is inspiring❣️

  4. I have listened to the DLift four times already and made notes. I love hearing how people, especially practitioners pray over difficulties. Evan often does this in his vlogs, blogs and articles. It’s so helpful.

  5. Thanks for this great topic. I pray in order to keep thought in line with God’s Truth, or help it get back in line with Truth when it seems to have strayed into believing what error is saying.

    Thanks Barbara for the Bible verse Matt 6:8. Verses 6-8 give good instruction on how to pray – enter the “closet” (consciousness) and pray in secret, not loudly with public professions, and not by making rote “vain repetitions,” That’s the HOW, here’s the the WHY — (verse 8) because…. “your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask Him.” I think He knows before we ask because He is holding everything in a state of harmony at all times, and the prayer just helps us get humble and remember this, and rejoice in the remembering. That’s the truth that makes us free.

  6. “The bottom-line reason to pray is to answer the question, “What is my truth? What is my spiritual truth?'”
    What is my truth? is a common statement today. Is it really “my” truth that I am seeking when I pray? “My” truth can vary from person to person – truth becomes fragmented.
    There is only one truth, and it is Truth that is God. That is the truth I seek when I pray. It is God Truth that heals disease, sin, and death. Truth opens my eyes that I may see what I truly am and the reality of the kingdom in which I live.
    What the serpent said in the garden of Eden or when Jesus came out of his wilderness experience, was only partially true. Jesus responded with what was really true.

  7. Thank you so much for this topic, Evan, and for the comments. Thank you RH for the article. What a wonderful healing. The motive for prayers is something to really understand and watch.

    The Daily Lift is such a wonderful inspiration and right below the Lift is a link to the “Sentinel Watch” of the same title by Julie Ward and David Brown. It, too, talks about why and how to Pray. The direct link to the Sentinel Watch program is:

  8. John Hargreaves said, We are prayer lived.
    We are prayer.
    We live the affirmation of Truth understood.

    Yes the chapter on Prayer is necessary
    for understanding how to be prayer
    Thanks RH for including that in your

  9. Hi dear Evan, I am very grateful to you for posing the question “why pray?” and immediately giving the wonderful answer “to discover the Truth about God and God’s creation.” Wow that’s the best and most desirable and important reason to pray. To know God and the Truth about his creation is utmost needed.
    Specially under these time’s world situations, specially in Europe and Ukraine . These situations create many difficulties like extreme shortage in gas for cooking, for enough warmth in winter and for driving with gasoline. That may result in lack of money even for food. That is not the Truth about God and his creation! And that is surely not my spiritual Truth either. As we learn in CS there is no lack in anything we really need, for God is abundance and cares for his creation abundantly.
    But, yes, sometimes my prayer is a helpcall to my Father-Mother God to open mine spiritual eyes to my God given freedom from false beliefs that we are material instead of spiritual and from all sorts of fear! Let us rejoice that we are only under God’s government, Mrs. Eddy says in that sense.
    Evan, I love your healing SpiritView very much and am very grateful for all the wonderful comments, as I learn a lot from this and it gives me very much!!!♡

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