Use your eyes for their intended purpose

July 6, 2022 | 34 comments

If you’d like to have a better experience with your eyes, be sure to use them for their intended purpose. To see spiritual reality!

In the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy defines eyes as “Spiritual discernment, — not material but mental” (p. 586).

Spiritual discernment is the activity of discerning spiritual reality.

When you look at your spouse, do you see a heavenly being? When you view your neighbor, do you see an unflawed child of God? When you go to work, are you seeing God’s awesome helpers all around? Are you seeing spiritual reality? That’s what your eyes are for, to see spiritual reality.

If you’re seeing the opposite of reality, such as ugliness, flawed character traits, shortcomings, personalities to criticize, and reasons to be angry, you are not using your eyes. Thought has descended into mortal mind darkness where the view of reality is marred, obstructed, unhealthy and even absent.

The cure for the unhealthy view is to use your eyes for their intended purpose, to see spiritual reality. Look for God’s creation! Look for God’s child! Look for the good. It’s always here to see, and the view of it, when discerned spiritually, is always clear.

Blurry vision is mortal mind trying to see reality through the lens of matter.

Clear vision is the Mind of God revealing reality to us through spiritual discernment.

Use your spiritual eyes today, and enjoy the clear vision of God’s reality they reveal!

34 thoughts on “Use your eyes for their intended purpose”

  1. SV didn’t come into my email today. Found it in the archives.
    This is such a good thing to think about. I have a difficult time seeing myself and others who have an overweight problem as the perfect image and likeness we all are. I try to look at the problem with Love and not judgement. Especially toward myself. I can most of the time. But get angry when I don’t use wisdom in my eating habits. Wisdom is intelligence. Intelligence is God, divine Mind. It is not anger. It is not failure. It is Love to yourself and others. As Evan says “That’s what your eyes are for, to see spiritual reality.”
    Love to all.

    1. I LIKEN hunger similar to when i know i need to go to the restroom. Then there is an honesty And innocence to my reason for refueling. And, it appears to keep me in balance in many ways and Love reigns in all ways. I think of self less and my purpose for Being, God on track. Light blesses opened eyes.

  2. This is something I have to work on every day. I have struggled many days, but I will keep focusing on it!

  3. I have to work on this every day. It is so easy to get lost in material craziness. Thank you for this timely reminder!

  4. Thank you very much, Evan -your first paragraph is immediately very helpful. I have been praying
    today to see the spiritual reality right where the material picture of war and evil
    seems to be in the Ukraine. Also for our own government which seems to be at
    odds at present, and looking for a united government.

    I love the way you put it, that the purpose of our eyes is intended for seeing spiritual reality. This is its sole purpose, and it seems we have much work to do to correct our vision
    in our own experience, and in world affairs. I will press on in working at blotting out the
    blurry vision of a so-called mortal mind, and work at seeing everyone and everything
    through the spiritual faculties of divine Mind.

  5. Just what I needed! “God saw everything that He had made and BEHOLD, it was very good.” Thank you, thank you, thank you! We can do it too – as reflection. We’ve also been given dominion – by the grace of God. Yay!

  6. Thank you Evan for this wonderful post( I enjoy them all!). Seeing correctly, with our true, spiritual senses, is how we are made to see.
    It also reminds me of another Spiritview post titled, Dispense with the Struggle
    “When you reason out from spiritual existence, you see spiritual reality. You find spiritual health, joy, and happiness. They are part of who you are as a spiritual creation of God.
    Struggle comes from believing one is mortal and must fight for survival. But we are not mortal. We are immortal.”
    Our divine right is freedom.
    Thank you again Evan, and thanks to all readers and commenters.

  7. We have to realise completeness everywhere. As Gods ideas we acknowledge our true .seeing’ of reality. Divine Mind must do the seeing….love the prompt. thank you Evan and all.❣️

  8. Thank you all for your uplifting spiritual ideas of Truth knowing, disciples of Christ, all of you.

  9. Evan, I love the way you have expressed this very helpful thought and outlook! …and your timing is impeccable! Thank you!

  10. Evan, Thank you so much! This is a perfect subject and very helpful ‘Just what I need. “Having eyes, see ye not?” Is a constant reminder. Thank you to those who commented also. Love and blessings to all.

  11. If my response to what I see is not love that I’m not seeing it right. Look again with the right viewpoint and lens of Spirit.

  12. Really really good way of wording the idea of seeing the demonstration of clear sightedness, and how to banish the blurred and flawed sense of sight!!!

  13. I had a wonderful healing using this SpiritView and our Pastor yesterday. Early in the day someone made a remark that really hurt my feelings and sent me into a pretty deep state of sadness and depression, and then anger…
    I wanted to respond in kind, but “something” stopped me from doing so (God at work!) and I spent the day struggling and reasoning my way out of the dark hole. I thought of how Christ Jesus faced down every hate, every fear, the impossibly terrible treatment he mastered; I reasoned that I was to do the same: To see Love where hate was expressed; to see perfection where imperfection seems to be; to replace any meanness with compassion & caring. All day long I worked through ideas which came to me out of my study of Christian Science .
    Then I went to church. The Lesson read paralleled identically my day! Noting anguish & despair, it moved into our Real &true state of harmony & joy! Turning away from sense, a mistaken view, into Soul! It concluded with that joyous hymn 66: …from hearts made while, from lips redeemed from woe, thy praise, O Father, shall forever flow. Alleluia! ….O perfect Mind, reveal Thy likeness true… joy and dominion, live reflecting Love. Alleluia! Alleluia!

      1. Thank you, Annie. So happy to have turned back to so many wonderful comments especially yours.

  14. When we say “I see,” it means we understand. Spiritually to see means to comprehend Truth.

    Sometimes we seem to “see through a glass darkly.” (1 Corin 13:12). But that is looking through the lens of matter.

    Another wording of this verse is from The Message:
    “We don’t yet see things clearly. We’re squinting in a fog, peering through a mist. But it won’t be long before the weather clears and the sun shines bright! We’ll see it all then, see it all as clearly as God sees us, knowing him directly just as he knows us!”

  15. Thank you for this wonderful explanation of HOW to see. It will be a pleasure as I set about my day..

  16. Evan, I just got the thought to use my spiritual eyes to see persons like Putin and similar ones as God made them, as “ideas, the image of Love”, as MBE wrote in SH under the title “what is man”. An idea of Love cannot harm it’s brother, rather is only able to love and express his Father’Mother God!!!

    1. Thank you dear Evan for this enlightening and healing SpiritView and for the wonderful Foto.
      It is the Christ giving us enlightened eyes, how the Holy Bible says to us!♡

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