God knows your need

July 7, 2022 | 33 comments


Jesus said, “Your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him!” (Matt. 6:8, NLT). Since God is Love, as the Bible also instructs, we can rest assured that every prayer we pray has been answered. The supply that meets our need is before us. We never lack.

If it seems like we lack, it’s an opportunity to open our mental eyes wider to God’s provision. When we see what God sees, any sense of lack vanishes.

It’s humbling to recognize the above truth, for mortal mind would argue for lack, suffering and pain. But mortal mind is ignorant of God’s provision. The quicker we alienate mortal mind, and align with divine Mind, the faster we see what God sees. And it includes the perfect answer to our prayer! It is before you now!

33 thoughts on “God knows your need”

  1. Evan, thank you for this thought. Again, I didn’t receive in my mailbox and am the first to comment. Yesterdays appeared in my box later. It was corrected. It’s in the July archives.
    Thank you for the work and inspiration you put into this blog.

  2. To put a little humor into todays blog. I’m
    thankful that I can find SpiritView online
    when it isn’t in our email.
    Thanks Evan for pouring forth constant
    uplifting spiritual inspiration.
    And love to everyone who contributes
    and supports.
    Happy happy God day everyone. ❤️

    I love Mister Sun, I tell him I love him every time I
    I see him

    1. And I love Mrs. Rain – she brings water in the desert!!! AND prevents fires.

  3. Thank you, Evan, for your continual support of our SpiritView family. Today’s blog reminds me of a favorite hymn by Carolyn Kardinal that’s sung by Josh Henn on a recent CD. It’s called “The only reality” and includes this refrain:
    Know as God knows,
    See as God sees,
    Through the spiritual lens of divinity.
    All goodness and love, light and harmony
    Are the only reality.

    I wish you could hear Josh’s melodious voice singing this. To “know as God knows, and see as God sees” is a constant reminder to turn thought away from the material picture. I’m so thankful for this blog and our weekly Bible lessons which enable us to more consistently know and see what is truly real.

    1. I ordered mine through watchfiremusic.com.
      The album is “Open mine eyes” and it is filled with healing inspiration.

  4. Thank you so much, Evan. Your post today has deepened my understanding of what Mrs. Eddy tells us in “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” when she writes, “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” (SH 494:10-11). How does divine Love (God) always meet the human need? Because, as you have written in today’s post: “Your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him” (Matt. 6:8 NLT). And as it also says in the Bible: “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want” (Ps. 23:1). In spiritual reality (there is no other reality), there is no lack, loss, pain, suffering, illness, etc., from which to recover. “Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity….” (Hab. 1:13). God sees us as He made us, complete and whole and perfect, lacking nothing, and needing nothing. He does not see a need in us that must be healed or fulfilled because, “…God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good….” (Gen. 1:31). As we often hear in the study of Christian Science, healing is not the improvement of a material or physical condition, it is the revealing of spiritual reality. Thank you so much, Evan.

  5. In the Bible Lesson this week is this citation:

    And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work:
    (II Corinthians 9:8)

    I’m ashamed to admit I hesitated in accepting this Bible promise when I read it this week because I’ve struggled in the past with feeling a lack of “sufficiency” and I feel that has inhibited me from abounding “to every good work”. This feeling of insufficiency has manifested itself both in a seeming financial lack (including a period of homelessness), to lack in other ways (e.g. extreme shyness and social awkwardness, depression, extreme loneliness, etc.). But since I have great faith in the Bible and its promises, I decided to spend some time praying about this Bible citation to understand it is truth.

    It occurred to me to think about the Christ. There is a lot of “jargon” in Christianity and Christian Science that I often struggle with and getting the true meaning of the term “Christ” has been something I’ve had to work to understand. And I’m still working at it. 🙂 But today the concept of “sonship” came to mind in relation to Christ. The New Testament is full of references to Jesus being God’s “son” and today it occurred to me what a special meaning the word “son” had in Bible times. Being someone’s “son” back then meant you were “special” and were entitled to everything your father had. So it hit me today (even though I’ve thought this before, it actually became crystal clear to me today) that I’m truly God’s son, as that term was understood in Jesus’ time. We all are. And therefore, we do always have all sufficiency in all things so that we can express God’s goodness and love to others. I’ve always had all sufficiency, even when I didn’t realize it. So I can recognize that via prayer and eliminate from thought any belief that I have ever experienced insufficiency.

    A few weeks ago I also made the connection between the idea that we are all defined by the term “man” and the concept of “MANifestation”. Now whenever I see the word “man” I think “MANifestation of God” since that is what man is. And since God never lacks, His MANifestation can’t lack either. And as Cheryl pointed out so well, we can all experience that “revealing of spiritual reality” that is here now, has always been present, and always will be present and includes every need being perfectly met by the exact right supply.

    Thank you Evan and all for this inspiring conversation today!

    1. This is a beautiful demonstration RH… definitely showing your sufficiency in all things… leaning on the sustaining infinite as our leader says… thanks for taking the time to share this… hugs kiersten

    2. Thank you for sharing RH! I’ve always loved the line in the scientific statement of being “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation”. I’ll be thinking of this higher concept of MANifestation going forward.

  6. Thanks Evan, this is spot on and beautifully said for me. Thanks Cheryl for your comments too. When I used to see on the church walls and hear being read in the church service “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need”, I thought it meant, at a point in time if I have a need, God will provide for me. Now my thought has shifted a bit to better see that its not a material thing we pray for like money or a car but its through the demonstration of Life, Truth and Love which provides us our supply. There is no such thing as time (instead it is really the same minute over and over) so our supply, is always at hand waiting for us to humbly recognize and accept it, straight from God.

    On another note, when I look for my Spiritview feed in the morning, if I don’t see an email in my in-box I just go to the internet and type in Spiritview.net. This way you can see immediately if its posted. If not there, just check a bit later in the day. Sometimes tech glitches prohibit us getting them at the same time each day. Hope that helps.

  7. Thank you, Evan! I need this constant reminder.

    FYI, You can also purchase Josh Henn’s albums through Apple Music.

  8. RH – not sure if this helps, The Christ – is the full expression of God. The divine influence speaking to us. The Christ is the voice of God. My true ID lives and moves and has its being in God.

  9. Quotes from others:
    – “Man can never experience lack, limitation, weakness, obstruction, depletion, disintegration, or contamination, for these do not exist in the divine consciousness, to which the mortal dream is unknown.” (Mildred Gammill)
    – “Since when have the human senses given us certainty of God’s power and presence in a consistent way? They don’t and never can. Instead we can use our spiritual senses to discern between the real & counterfeit. We can listen for Mind’s right guidance. We can wait on Love & feel Love’s presence when our thoughts are quiet & still.” (Kerry Jenkins)
    – “The human laws of supply are no match for Soul’s abundance.” (Kerry Jenkins)
    – “Good has its source in God, inexhaustible Love, and that health has its source in God, eternal Life. Thus goodness and health are not fragile or scarce but are permanent. They cannot be interrupted by disease, or lack, since they do not depend on material cycles. Discarding a materialistic viewpoint, Jesus saw the universe from the standpoint of spiritual reality, in which there are no fluctuations or cycles of good and bad, but only invariable health and harmony – here, now always.” (Monica Passaglia)

  10. Thank you Joan, RH, and Linda for how to obtain Josh Henn’s music.
    And to RH, thank you for sharing your ongoing discovery of your spiritual completeness. God would not be infinitely expressed without your precious individual reflection.
    Love to all the “sunbeams” in our Spiritvirw family.

  11. Thank you to everyone for your comments. I wanted to add that I was healed many years ago, through CS, of all of the seeming “insufficiencies” I mentioned above in my post, and I’m very grateful for that! Now I’m just working on eliminating the memory of having those challenges (or eliminating the “record of dreams” as Mrs. Eddy referred to mortal history in Retrospection and Introspection).

  12. Lots of Love and revealing statements here today. Evan, as always , wonderful guidance.
    Thank you Desert Girl for the article. It hits the spot as we endeavour to just see the Now of Gods making. Blessings to all❣️
    ‘Oh dreamer leave thy dreams for joyful waking
    Oh captive rise and sing for thou art free
    The Christ is here, all dreams of error breaking
    Unloosing bonds of ALL captivity.’ Hymn 202

  13. Great article Desert Girl!

    Thinking about RH’s comment about trying to understand the term “Christ” reminded me of this comment from Dorothy Holder Jones: “We dream the dream of Adam until the Christ awakens us. Apostle Paul says: “Awake thou that steepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.” The Christ is that divine influence in human consciousness which shows us our link with God. Whenever we feel the impulse to be kind, to refrain from anger or revenge, this hints at the presence of the Christ. Whenever we yearn to know more about God, to draw closer to Him, the Christ has touched our consciousness.”

  14. To all, last night’s Wednesday church service readings focused on the ‘carrying of the covenant wherever the migration led the followers of Christ. As the readings revealed deeper in the true meaning of carrying the covenant, it became crystal clear, Christianity spread through covenants (aka promises) of Divine leading, promises of Divine healing, promises throughout the Bible of God”s presence, NOT all at once, as the promises were KEPT, they were revealing through living, experiences demonstrating Truth, LIFE and LOVE, but revealed in the moment of healing and living and understanding and listening to God’s direction; REVEALED through those experiences, and while learning that covenants are throughout the Bible, it was as if a curtain had been parted to finally learn that when ‘man’ lived the promises kept, the man’s life was proof of Christ’s promise from God. Each of us lives through the revealing of each promise when it’s revealed by healing through our LIVING the Truth. The waters parted, the shepherd kept the sheep by Moses, the walls were built by Nehemiah, through God’s covenant present always, etc…… Call me a slow learner, as I started in Sunday school right after the Nursery, but just saw the Bible last night in a whole new light, thank GOD.

  15. WOW this blog is one of the best. Josh Henn is my favorite soloists of all time at TMC. I am so sorry to hear they are advertising for another soloist and sincerely hope it’s an addition to Josh Henn and not a replacement.
    I have the “OPEN MINE EYES” CD in my computer and “THE ONLY REALITY” is one of my favorites. I also have 4 more of his CD’s. To RH Mrs. Eddy when referring to forgiveness also says the record needs to be expunged. I have found this more challenging than forgiving.

  16. Josh also has his songs on hymnstream. com
    A wide variety of other soloists singing Christian Science hymns also on this website.

  17. I love this topic because it pertain to Grace which each of us ,his beloved children are always provided. In Hebrew, it says,{ it is a good thing that the heart be established with grace: not with meats,which have not profitteth him that have been occupied therein.{

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