To progress, conquer procrastination

August 5, 2022 | 29 comments


Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.

~Don Marquis

Do you want to keep up with yesterday, or move to a bright tomorrow?

Replace procrastination with inspiration and get moving! You have work to do.

29 thoughts on “To progress, conquer procrastination”

  1. Perfect Evan!
    KEEP…..holding onto the good
    MOVING ….off the mortal dream
    FORWARD…to Gods plan of perfection.

    1. Oh Barbara! I love this elaboration!!! Thank you! And thank you, Evan, for each and every inspired Divine message. So wonderful to start each day!!! We are so blessed.

  2. Do I want to keep up with yesterday or move to a bright tomorrow?
    I want to be inspired to do the good work that God puts before me TODAY.

    I have seemingly struggled with procrastination for a very long time, have identified it as part of me. Thank you for this reminder that God doesn’t see me that way because He never made a procrastinator. I declare that in God I am guided to do all that needs to be done at the right time, in the right way, and without struggle.

    Greetings and love to all here on SV.

    1. Haha dear Rose, that is really good what you say “God never made a procrastinator!” Such an absolute and comforting Truth!
      Thank you Rose!♡

  3. We all have a long way to go to greater understanding, but we also need to recognize the beliefs that prevent us from moving forward. These reminders of what are the road blocks which prevent our movement forward is a blessing that keeps us on the right road. Thank you so much for your insights.

    1. Thank you for sharing this article with us! I am a high school English teacher and am currently feeling overwhelmed and resentful of many new system and policy changes in our school. This article reminded me that I need to let GOD lead me through this, and He WILL light the way for me AND my colleagues, as well as for our administration. Reading this article was the blessing I needed to start this morning.

      1. Andi.. appreciate your dilemma and turning to God. I know parents who are feeling the same. Please keep on…

    2. Thank you very much Kirsten for this so well and simple understandable article! It is also very helpful to me. After the present sleepingtime in Germany I will pray in the morning with the spiritual passages mentioned in this article.
      Am really grateful for Evan’s comforting and healing SV Blog!♡

  4. We need to remember that tomorrow never comes, and that we live in
    the eternal now. “Behold, now is the accepted time…”

  5. Yes, and….

    Before our very “feet” Life’s Pearls are cast.

    Heavenly harmony is within, around…everywhere…

    It matters not what seems to the five-confused-erring-senses. Meta-physics is above all those…….

    Divine Love–our true and only Mind–reigns!


  6. Procrastination is fear. What is the scary story I’m retelling myself? Rewrite opposite sentences, one sentence at a time changing one word at a time, and look at least three examples for each alternative sentence /story that I know are true and real with supportive facts.

    I refuse to consent to being a bully or being bullied into inaction or silent complicity with an abusive story. I refuse to allow God’s inspiration to be silenced and for me to become a model, prophet and promoter for evil. Love expresses itself with right action and right communication so do it right away. I refuse to be an impediment by being stuck in fear and ego with a self sabotaging curse on the others through rejecting God and God‘s holy purpose for me this moment. Now, Edith, Stand up for God/good and obey each next right thought, God-thought by thought.

    1. Thank you Edith!! Those ideas are so helpful to me. I’m facing a legal issue that I’m just not sure how to move forward with and reading your words made me realize it’s fear that’s behind the procrastination. This isn’t too big for God and He will lead me step by step to take right action for a proper result for all.
      Thank you!

  7. A practitioner once told me, “procrastination is putting off good! And you don’t.want to do THAT, do you?”

    It helped!

  8. This topic made me think of procrastinating with a physical issue: “Why does it seem so hard to pray when the material body is sick or hurting?” is subtly arguing for matter to be seen and accepted as the substance of our being. So long as we agree that true substance is material and that the problem is in matter, we can’t heal it in Christian Science, which starts from the basis of God’s, Spirit’s allness. Regardless of how palpable matter appears to the physical senses, Spirit doesn’t include matter, did not create it.” (Barbara Fife)

    1. Thanks J. I hadn’t thought of this as procrastination, but you’re right it is. When it seems hard to pray about a physical issue, I think we do know what’s true, but sometimes it takes a while to pull our attention out of the mesmerism of the material senses and turn back to God for inspiration and healing.

  9. “progress is the law of God”…..
    God’s law is the operation of divine Principle governing our being. God’s law is always active, maintaining and developing It’s ideas. We can be awake to and yield to God’s active perfect law of progress, where there can be no stagnation, confusion, resistance, or mistakes. There are no retrograde steps!

    1. Thank you. In pondering about the law of God being progress, I realized that such progress must necessarily refer to spiritual progress and I should keep alert not to confuse it with material progress. Or change for the sake of change, which does not mean progress either.

  10. Thank you deeply Evan and fellows. In reading all, I was thinking there is a reason infinite God is everPresent… only from a mortal, flat perspective, past and future are beyond reach. From God’s vantage point (infinite, eternal Consciousness) all true good is present–whether material mindedness sees it as past or future. These two are nothing but limited perspectives, not Reality. Only error is “not”, but not past either, because it never was to begin with.

  11. To hold on to something i was not satisfied with yesterday should not hinder my spiritual going forward and making progress today.
    My prayer is then Mrs. Eddy’s Passage from SH : “what my suffering sense feels as aweful can LOVE transfer to an Angel which I give room without being aware of it!” so in that sense. Am sure everybody knows the passage I mean.
    Actually I am looking forward to the inspirational progress God is leading me now and tomorrow and further!
    Yes, I have work to do and will do, and I trust God to guide my right doing!
    Thank you very much Evan and dear SV friends for enriching my thinking and understanding!♡

  12. Such a good reminder!!! I had a tax issue pending that I needed to take care of and have been putting it off….for almost 2 years (not like me at all!). Why I say, because I have found sometimes working with government entities it can be a slow and frustrating process. With so many other projects and commitments on my plate I had this item on the bottom of the pile.
    NOT until I read your blog today! I just finished speaking to an agent….didn’t have to wait on the phone!…..I gave her the information she needed to complete a tax certificate…didn’t need to file out any forms…voila..done!!! She emailed me what I needed for 2021 and 2022. DONE!
    I am deeply grateful Evan for your treatment for all of us this morning….it got thru to me loud and clear!!!!!!

    Plus the woman I spoke to was so calm and cheerful. I complimented her on her demeanor telling her that I bet she causes others who may be in a tizzy to calm down. The call was recording, I suggested she tell her supervisor to hear what I said about her…she will and she was very grateful for the compliment ,

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