Traits worth giving up

May 31, 2012 | 2 comments

Here’s an article I valued reading:
It is prolific with New Age philosophy, focused on self, rather than divine Mind, but still offers useful wisdom that contributes to conquering the little ego.
I’m guessing you’ll easily pick up one or two items that perk your attention and engage your interest.

2 thoughts on “Traits worth giving up”

  1. I LOVE the flowers! It goes so well with this post! They just bloom and are absolutely self-less!
    Thank you again!

  2. Fifteen very important incorrect views to drop from our walk in life. This will really keep me on my toes just watching my own thought. We know through the Christ we have the power and ability to do this. I would add one more number 16. Get quiet and listen to God. Stop wasting your time and others in listening to needless, meaningless chatter meant to help but useless. which probably was hinted at near the last points. Aren’t there wonderful good ideas out there just waiting to help us along the way? Thanks for sharing this one with us.

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