Treat sickness as error, not truth

May 10, 2024 | 15 comments

If someone walked up to you, looked you in the eye, and declared, “You have two noses on your face,” would you spend time trying to get rid of the second nose?  Or would you defend the integrity of your face by declaring, “I have one nose on my face,” and then let the observer know that they were wrong.

The same rule applies to healing sickness.  

When mortal mind yells, “You have a sickness,” the quickest route to freedom is to know your spiritual truth.  To be clear that you are a spiritual being living in the body of Spirit which is permanently healthy.  

If feeling ill, you don’t have to “get rid of a disease,” anymore than you need to “get rid of a second nose.”  The opportunity is to know your spiritual truth.  

Disease is not the reality mortal mind declares it to be.  It’s an illusion of mortal mind, and we don’t want to ever let mortal mind do our thinking for us.

In helping her reader classify sickness as error, rather than truth, Mary Baker Eddy points out, “If sickness is real, it belongs to immortality; if true, it is a part of Truth.  Would you attempt with drugs, or without, to destroy a quality or condition of Truth?  But if sickness and sin are illusions, the awakening from this mortal dream, or illusion, will bring us into health, holiness, and immortality” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 230).  Experience in metaphysics proves that sickness is an illusion, a mortal dream, that the inspired spiritual thought triumphs over.

Be wise to never treat sickness as if it is truth.  It’s an error, and that’s the way to treat it successfully—as error.

15 thoughts on “Treat sickness as error, not truth”

  1. Wonderful!! Thank you Evan for an amusing and very helpful analogy. I had to look into my
    every day mirror to check that I had only one nose – and yes,I have only one nose. To have two noses
    would indicate being double-minded. I know that there is only one Mind, God – so then I looked into
    the mirror of divine Science to see myself as the spiritual reflection of God – every whit complete and
    whole. That is what I am going to endeavour to continually hold onto for myself and my fellow man until I am totally “awake in His likeness”, and all the false claims of sickly material illusions disappear from my consciousness bit by bit, and the spiritual reality becomes the eternal Truth for me and for all.

  2. Your nuggets are so powerful. thank you.

    i was just thinking…, . ” if only they were little recordings that could be carried around with you, to listen to through out the day”.

    Then I said, “they can be- I can read this one alloud and listen to it through out this day.”

    Thank you, Sir. God is using you to be a Blessings and keep folk hapoy, healthy and everwith holy. ( as when Jesus said, Will thou be made whole?)

  3. This goes so well with my favorite comment from yesterday‘s post, “ Mortal mind is not a power to fear. It’s an error to be uncovered and seen as such.”
    Today you added, that disease is just an illusion of mortal mind, and therefore not a power, but only an error which Truth erases. Yay! Thank you, Evan.

  4. thank you Evan these are just some of the thoughts I had as I was getting up this morning that I’m perfect joyous triumphant complete because that’s what God’s reflection is like him she is he sees do she says the Bible’s been talking to mankind for how many years and he just didn’t listen but Christian Science points out thought is everything thank you so much everybody this is a wonderful way to start a beautiful weekend with beautiful weather in Kansas City love you all

  5. Sometimes as silly as it would appear, it does seem in this so-called “material” world, we are
    looked upon as having two noses and it often feels like being a stranger in a strange world,
    where trying to be a good person, following CS, the Commandments, etc., we feel sometimes
    ostracized for our beliefs, and understanding others who think so differently in politics
    and/or issues that would try to tear us apart…seeing ourselves and others spiritually and
    entirely as perfect whole and not a part time mortal with insufficient understanding where
    we might feel abandoned or left out, feeling like we have two noses…but we know as
    reflections of God, this isn’t true. As Mrs. Eddy writes, “Friends will betray and enemies will slander, until the lesson is sufficient to exalt you; for ‘man’s extremity is God’s opportunity'”.
    In a world that often seems so foreign and opposite to what we try to understand as Truth,
    it is a constant effort to see ourselves as having only one God, one reflection in spiritual Being
    and yes, only one nose.

    1. Love your comment (and all comments) and Evan’s post! I resonate with this deeply. As a student of CS, I sometimes feel uncomfortably estranged from certain popular perspectives in my political and social mileiu. I often agree with each side of the poitical spectrum in exactly those areas where they argue against more catastrophizing views from the other side, but ultimately I don’t fully align with any political platform. Similarly, I don’t quite accept certain popular Christian interpretations of the Bible — that there is something inherently wrong with us and we are threatened by a self-existing devil. But I’m not an atheist, either. I don’t quite agree with new age concepts pertaining to quasi-material energies or vibes, though I certainly respect them.

      The topic of getting along well with others has been coming up in this blog recently, and it’s a good topic. I try to remember that spirituality is an inside job. Meaning, there’s only one illusion of mortal mind. My confusion is telling me I have two noses. It might seem like someone else is telling me this, but sometimes healing requires a deeper perspective.

      1. Thank you so much for your comment, Jay! It is so nice to come here and
        have others relate to thoughts felt in a similar way. It helps to keep our own
        thoughts together. I have lost friends who just won’t accept another point of
        view, and have believed lies that just aren’t true, even though I never try to
        impose my views on others. But also have a dear friend whom I respect who
        does try to sway my opinion her way, towards the “giving energy” to issues –
        more of a mind control, type of thinking. She is on the complete opposite
        spectrum, being more of an atheist persuasion, although our thoughts lovingly
        commingle in so many ways, despite this. Seeing others as children of God,
        all reflecting divine Love, helps to smooth over the differences of individual
        perceptions. I am so very grateful for CS, as, like you say, it requires a deeper
        perspective and that is a beautiful outlook on Life/Mind/Soul/Spirit/Truth/
        Principle/ Love – God, the way Mrs. Eddy has given us the “key” to
        understanding and practice.

      2. Jay – I love where you wrote, “spirituality is an inside job”. I’ve been thinking
        about that and it is true and really, quite profound. We don’t have to Pretend
        to be someone else, like with trying to get rid of a second nose or with
        embellishments from all the human advertisements that are constantly
        dangled in front of us, trying to get us to pay attention to buy products and
        become more “material” and someone we aren’t.
        We do have spirituality Within us (our spiritual thoughts) to humbly express
        our God-given qualities that need no improvement or physical changes,
        additions or subtractions to become any more a child of God. Like the
        Daily Thought today (Sunday) declares, “The admission to one’s self that
        man is God’s own likeness sets man free to master the infinite idea”. (-Mrs. Eddy)
        How Beautiful when we express our divine Oneness, who we Really are.

  6. Evan thank you for the analogy of being accused of having two noses. The notion is so ridiculous that it makes us laugh, we don’t believe it’s true even for a moment. We can realize it is just as ridiculous when mortal mind tells us lies about ourselves that couldn’t possibly be true of God’s children. We’ve been so conditioned by society, upbringing, education to accept many false things as being true, as a given, so we have to put in some time and study and pondering and trying out spiritual truths to uneducate ourselves and see what we truly are — God’s expression and the expression of nothing else.

    -Forget not who you are O child of God. -Hymn 475

    From this week’s lesson, -Truth has but one reply to all error, – to sin, sickness, and death: “Dust [nothingness] thou art, and unto dust [nothingness] shalt thou return.”

  7. Oh thank you Evan! A beautiful reminder to be single minded focused on what is spiritually true! What comfort, peace & joy is experienced when understanding God, the one Mind, all good always! – to the exclusion of all error’s falsity, lies & illusion! “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” Thank you All.

  8. Such a wonderful and very helpful and uplifting SpiritView. Thank you, dear Evan! How very helpful and healing is your truth “To be clear that you are a spiritual being living in the body of Spirit which is permanently healthy.” Oh, I immediately worked with it. I am happy and grateful with that truth thought!♡

    Wow, again such lovely commentations this weekend – thank you all and lots of love.♡

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