Unclog your ability to progress rapidly

January 10, 2022 | 15 comments


It is their materiality that clogs the progress of students, and “this kind goeth not forth but by prayer and fasting.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellaneous Writings, p. 156

If you’d like to make faster progress down the path of demonstrating spiritual health and happiness, be quick to unclog thought of materiality.

Materiality, or a love of material sense, is an enemy to spiritual progress. It would cling to matter, fear matter, revere matter, and be enslaved to what material sense is reporting about matter.

The wiser way is to revere God, to listen to spiritual sense, and to follow spiritual truth.

Spirituality conquers materiality. Spiritual mindedness dissolves material mindedness and keeps healing inspiration flowing freely and abundantly.

In spiritual mindedness, there is no clogging of materiality. It’s gone!

Be quick to unclog today of any unwanted material points of view and get moving with spiritual truth! It’s the happier healthier way to live.

15 thoughts on “Unclog your ability to progress rapidly”

    1. Thanks Angie for the article, very clear and concise. The first sentence could have been written today, “The world is in extreme need of the truth which is taught in Christian Science,” — yet it was written in 1905. Christian Science is Truth for every age and time. Cool to hear the author refer to Mrs. Eddy in the present tense which made me remember she was still alive when this article came out in the Sentinel.

  1. I invented what I called a “Clog Buster”. It cleared out drains. Unlike a steel cable that only made a hole through the obstruction, “Clog Buster” flushed it out completely. It required inspiration, and thought. I used a common garden hose., connected to a hot water faucet.
    Add to that pressure, and a seal. Turn on the pressure while sealing the opening the clog is flushed away.
    While listening for God’s angels we attain the inspiration. Substituting material cables (usual material means) presented by less effective systems (materia medica) with water (prayer) which is pressurized (by consecration ) the clog (obstruction) is flushed away.
    The only power is Mind and Truth to overcome obstruction to the flow of good from God to man.
    Thank you once again for this inspired meeting place Evan. Thank you Angie for reinforcing Sentinel articles supporting todays post.

  2. HMMM ..very interesting concept Evan…and I read it thinking “I wonder what I should fast from?”…my instant answer…. “fast” from Facebook and Instagram! Then there would be more time for study and prayer.

  3. Grateful for this today Evan. Just happens my readings for this Wednesday’s Testimony mtg are on the subject of ‘Progress’.

  4. Thank you David for your Interesting and picturesque comment. It is inspiring!
    Angie’s article will read later.- thanks s lot for it dear Angie!♡

    Thank you very much Evan. Your SpiritView is very helpful as this evening going to a church meeting. Will get moving with spiritual truth and listen with spiritual sense to spiritual ideas. Thank you dear Evan for your precious help to start into God’s healing day!♡

    1. Just also want to mention that the lovely foto up here is very refreshing humorous. Thanks it makes me smile!♡

  5. This morning my thought is still soaring from Friday’s posts. So often I marvel at this group of God’s unique expressions! Responses that are so inspired, uplifting, loving, and strikingly beautiful. Thank you all for your heartfelt contributions, for enriching my days, and Evan for initiating this flood of inspiration,….. “rousing the dormant understanding from material beliefs to the apprehension of spiritual ideas and the demonstration of divine Science…..” S&H 583

    1. I’m with you Linda, also still soaring from Friday’s post on True Courage and the idea of kites and that “contrary winds” only lift us higher into more expansive views of God’s ALLNESS.

      Also thanks to Diane W for your “fasting” comment above. For me the thought came to fast from TV. Though I avoid news programs and some of what I do watch is educational/documentaries/book discussions etc, yet TV (as well as internet wandering) is filled with material perspectives and seems to have a hypnotic effect; keeping me from doing more constructive things and from spending more time in spiritual study.

      Blessed day and love to all of you, my fellow spiritual travelers!

  6. Thank you Linda, Santa Barbara for your loving comment. I love the the text from Church out of the chapter “Glossar”.
    Thank you Rose for your comment.
    Yes, I should fast too. I mainly fast, or better I press mute boiion when the news about Covid 19 start. I do lo love to watch good TV films or documentaries. And I surf a bit in facebook.
    However I love Evan’s SpiritView very much also when it is admonishing us. It is always helpful, giving us angel thoughts with healing aspect. Thank you dear Evan and dear all♡♡

  7. Thank you for the clear picture of a healthy path to follow. The weight of material thinking is a burden. Being a student of Christian Science I can learn to shed the burden.

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