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January 11, 2022 | 21 comments


If you’d like to walk with a steadier step, set your thought more securely on God.

The prophet Isaiah shared this inspiration about God’s ability to keep us walking with a firm step and steady balance.

“People with their minds set on you, you keep completely whole, steady on their feet, because they keep at it and don’t quit”
(Isaiah 26:3, The Message).

Material sense, material belief, fear, and doubt, are distractions of mortal mind that would put a wobble in our gait and a stumbling block before our feet. The safer way to navigate life is to kick the unwanted intruders out of consciousness and replace them with a steadfast commitment to honoring God’s absolute power and dominion at work in your life.

Walking with God puts confidence in your step and strength in your feet.

21 thoughts on “Live steady on your feet”

    1. Thanks for sharing this article which is so very helpful. And of course for the original post from Evan. It all goes so well with this weeks Bible Lesson and the story of Enoch walking with God.

  1. I love the synchronicity of Mind … I have been pondering that statement all week:
    “Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace who’s mind is stayed on thee.”
    Thank you Evan for this lovely God-message … angel presences.
    Thank you Martine for this great share … will read now. <3

  2. Today the Truth expressed here will be revisited till things improve.
    Martine, the article is very much in tune with Evan’s theme today.
    “I walk with Love along the way and Oh it is a Holy day”. Hymn #`139 & 427 in the Christian Science Hymnal. By Henry Cary.
    Is a comforting poem. Thank You.

  3. I love the idea that the path is straight and narrow but broadens as we walk in it..
    It’s straight and narrow as we learn that our only thoughts should be good thoughts..
    Then those good thoughts open new doors and opportunities; and the path broadens as we discover the spiritual life is the only life and that life is very fulfilling.

    1. I love the synchronicity where God gives us each detail in the proper sequence to help us with the next mental breakthrough and healing!

      Yesterday I heard a physical therapist say something about a wobbly gate because of a brain injury and I don’t know maybe some thing about uneven tension in the body or some thing. And it made me think about keeping my attention and intention clear and firm and consistent instead of wobbly. Not pulling too much to one side or the other and not being weak. Having the right balance of flexibility and stability, range of motion and thought with strength and endurance and right focus for effectiveness.

      The picture of the boots on the snow remind me to take appropriately smaller steps with more conscious weight going straight down, instead of overextending myself and striking the ground at the wrong angle. This is metaphorical four being more humble and trusting and self controlled, less fearful, and more mindful feeling more connected and upright morally. And wearing the proper footwear with a proper grip, not too much to prevent proper dancing on the stage or tracking dirt in the house, and not too slippery. And yet to not be so attached to material rules, like a woman I met who was near 100 years old who had climbed every peak in North America in her teeny smooth bottom tight little leather boots with no tread and no room for thick woolly socks or insulation, and her long wool petticoats and skirts in the wind and snow and ice without getting them wrapped up in tangled in the climbing ropes. She did not allow sexism to prevent her from climbing in the heights with success and joy and freedom from frostbite. And that reminds me of a mountain runner Kilian Jornet who ran (not in insulated snow-ice boots) from Basecamp on Mount Everest to the summit and back down without oxygen tanks and without Sherpas and without ropes two times in a few days,

      When I care for people who seem to have a wobbly gait or wobbly physical grasp or some thing or an uneven and inconsistent mental grasp of things, it helps for me to find more ways to better express love to them that they can understand and for me to rely on unwavering Principle, Truth, Life. They and whatever physical symptoms seem to be crying out for trustworthy proof other reliable good they need and that is there for them. God does not wobble or vary and God does not tire. Eternally Infinite Mind does not lose Its focus and clarity, Its brilliance, effectiveness, and justice. We can always count on the consistency of God to be always perfect. So there was never too much or too little, too slow or too fast, too weak or too strong, too soon or too late, etc.

      When I help toddlers learn to walk I help them focus on a straight line at the right eye level for the right posture and balance so they can walk straight and fall less. When I taught ballet, I helped students do a chain of fast turns across the stage or studio without wobbling or going off course because I taught them to spot to keep their focus on one focus/space where they want to go toward. When I did turns in place to keep it straight vertical line and balance I kept my focus on one spot at the back of the audience or a mental space feeling held up. When I taught swimming I’ll try to stay in my lane with no ropes, I watch the black line on the bottom of the pool or I sensed mentally focused on my destinations and trusted that I would stay on course. Likewise spelunkers in caves without being able to see can sense where rocks might be in the way and can keep from hitting their heads by staying in the right pathway as it winds around keeping them safe and effective.

      People who practice tai chi or other Asian martial arts or health care mention feeling a golden thread from heaven of pure light and goodness pulling them upward and upright so they cannot fall or wobble. When people are riding horses over jumps, the good equestrian keeps the eyes focused and the mind focused on where to go. If the rider looks down or feels any fear, or loses focus, the horse will sense it and will get off course or hit the obstacle,

      Someone I dearly love is grieving that someone she dearly loved recently died skiing, falling into a tree well in the deep powder and apparently headfirst unable to get out from the snow falling in on top of him, suffocated. The solution for backcountry and deep powder skiing safety is to keep the focus on where you’re going with a clear wise pathway to avoid hidden holes, and to not look towards the trees or tree wells. When I was a skier I was very beautiful and graceful and very fast skiing because I felt no fear or ego trying to impress anybody, except for the one time in high school that I tried to impress a fellow student I was surprised to see on the slopes. God’s grace does not allow wobbling, does not allow being off course or wrongly staying in a straight line rigidly when we need to go around the obstacles and does not make us too loud or too quiet or too fast or too slow or to grab the attention from other dancers or other actors. Grace means precision with nothing lacking and nothing imposed upon or adulterating or polluting, or knocking us off balance or making us wobble.

      Over and over this week I am having messages from different sources and situations about how to keep one’s prayers and mental focus and emotional state and time schedule and communication brung clear and consistent, going in a straight line with the right energy and effectiveness to stay on course to do the most good. No wobbling.

      I have a friend whose front of her van dashboard is covered with little plastic junky critters that have wobbling over-sized heads on springs. It’s a reminder to not be a wobble head that represents mortal mind that gets a big head or ego over impressed by its ridiculous self, and fantasy of real beings. Let’s not be wobble heads with their distractibility and inconsistency, as described at the beginning of the play the book of Job where evil is represented as going to and fro back-and-forth focused in the dust and death and personality. No dust-collecting, sun-fading, wobble heads distracting others or over-reacting to each little bump in the road.

      Thank you so much! Thank you, Evan and Martine and the writers and publishers of our Christian Science periodicals. And all those other teachers who have been reminding me recently!

  4. This has most definitely met my need today, so thank you Evan. Plus, the article Martine has highlighted is just brimming with Truth and Love. Spiritual ideas to encourage us to Live Life as God gives us and not just live a /material/ life.
    I was equally so pleased to be reminded in our bible lesson of how Enoch walked with God…what a spiritual revelation to experience.
    Now we must look for the spiritual beauty we are surrounded by. Keeping our feet on the rock of Truth. Our joyous progress/ steps just leaving limitation behind , knowing only what God knows about our being. So grateful .❣️

  5. The quote “I walk with God along the way”
    came to me when my husband wanted to
    walk two and a quarter miles to a restaurant
    for dinner.
    I did not tell him I did something to my leg and
    wasn’t sure I could do it. And it meant the
    same amount of miles coming home, which
    added to my concern.

    When we reached the corner a few
    houses away I knew I couldn’t walk
    that far, but the words came to me as,
    I walk as God’s idea, not as a mortal
    walking. No duality. I started through
    the synonyms . I walk as Love, so
    all I can see is love expressed.
    Before I finished going through the
    synonyms, I was healed.

    Hope I didn’t send this before
    It doesn’t need to be a physical walk. It
    can be the sense of trudging through
    each day.

  6. With the remnants of ice still on the walks in my neighborhood I have been contemplating “walking with God along the way” each time I go for a walk. And also that “Mind is the source of all movement”. These ideas have kept me safe with each step. I so appreciate this SV forum for sharing ideas. Thanks everyone.

  7. Today’s SpiritView and comments are wonderful and inspiring. I too used the poem I walk with God along the way, when I walked the Camino in Spain a couple years ago. I had not trained much and the first day was 14.5 miles and mostly up hills. I prayed my way through it with that poem and the synonyms. I did it with my daughter who was a little concerned due to my advanced age and is not a CSist. She was impressed with the demonstration and the fact that at the end of that day I had no blisters or soreness at all like all 5 others in our group. She had no blisters, but had pulled muscles which she taped for the rest of the walk. God is sooooo GOOD and trustworthy. I am so grateful.

    1. Theodora I was excited to hear that you walked the Camino do Santiago. A few years back I saw in the movie theater a wonderful documentary which followed several different people as they made this well-known 500 mile trek/pilgrimage and how it changed their lives, so fascinating. The film is called Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago by filmmaker Lydia B. Smith ( My daughter and I were both inspired and wondered if someday we might give it a try. So great to hear how you used your understanding of God’s Allness to guide you step by step in that journey.

      Today’s topic made me think of the beautiful Hymn 457 which has a line that says, “Cause me to know the way where I should place my feet, to walk in the pathway of Your love.”

      God keeps our steps and our thoughts steady when we focus on Him — what could be better?

  8. Evan how do you do it!! Another perfect message to meet my need today. Thank you for your receptivity to Truth.

  9. And my favorite quote about walking – “…boundless thought walks enraptured….”

    It’s God’s thought that moves us along – in His Mind, where we live and MOVE….”

  10. Thank you, Edith, for your detailed comments on focusing on a point ahead, not your feet, as a guide to remaining upright, balanced and on course. Enjoyed reading how you applied this insight in your various activities. Sure footing is essential both literally and figuratively, to be cultivated and preserved, not taken for granted or given up.

  11. As I am still learning to walk a little better this past year after emergency foot surgery. I have focused on where do I stand? Now eyes up focus ahead.

  12. Thank you Evan and also all the others that posted here today as the ideas expressed have really met my need today.

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