Vaccinate with Truth

December 29, 2020 | 16 comments

Millions of people are waiting for a material vaccination before they feel safe roaming about in public. But no one needs to wait. One can take steps now to be safe from infection.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “A calm, Christian state of mind is a better preventive of contagion than a drug, or than any other possible sanative method; and the “perfect Love” that “casteth out fear” is a sure defense”
(Miscellaneous Writings, p. 229).

A consciousness of spiritual truth is the best defense against contagion. It keeps fear out of mind, it neutralizes germs of fear that knock on the door of thought, it renders physical germs harmless and keeps one’s health intact.

There are no bad effects from demonstrating health through spiritual consciousness. Its method is clean, safe, sanitary, effective, and there are no negative side effects or reactions that cause long term harm. Knowing spiritual truth has only a good effect!

So, vaccinate with Truth. Know the omnipotence of God and unsee any claims of evil that would deny your God-given right to stay healthy and free of contagion.

There’s no need to wait. Know the truth that keeps you free and demonstrate protection today. You already have what you need coming from God to stay healthy.

16 thoughts on “Vaccinate with Truth”

    1. Thank you for sharing this link Angie! I’ve read it through a couple of times and found it really relevant and helpful.

  1. Thank you, Evan, for reminding us that we are always safe as we “vaccinate with Truth. Know the omnipotence of God and unsee any claims of evil that would deny our God-given right to stay healthy and free of contagion.”

    Thank you, Angie, for sharing the Ralf Wages article. “Truth Handles Malignant Contagion”. Really helpful.

  2. This is really helpful this morning. This work is very much needed. Soon this pandemic will be as bad dream. Awaking from it continiously.
    I am grateful for this mornings prayer, protecting thoughts.
    The Sentinel article is very much appreciated. Angie your contribution is a magnification of the topic which focuses on the need at hand. And I have forwarded it to my friends on Facebook.
    Focus is so important, delinating away from fear, ingnorane and sinful beliefs. Keep us on track, Evan!
    Blessings from Above for veryone!

  3. Yes, we “already have what we need from God” — and that is unchanging good, “the same yesterday, today and forever.”

    Mrs. Eddy concludes in the Scientific Statement of Being in Science and Health (p. 468) that man is not material but completely spiritual. Also love her definition of Man, “The compound idea of infinite Spirit; the spiritual image and likeness of God; the full representation Mind.” (P. 591). No matter there! I need constant reminders of these facts, lest thought seem to stray into believing matter is “something.”

    Appreciate this forum where highest truths are voiced. Love you all.

  4. What a great idea..vaccinate with Truth….vaccination is an injection so we should inject the Truth into the lie YES!!!

  5. Thank you, Evan for providing a firm foundation of specific truths to counter the aggressive beliefs of spread of contagion that are circulating. Your unwavering stand for the Truth is a firm support that strengthens my prayers. And Angie, today’s article is wonderful!! In this blessed forum we have everything we need to prove our immunity from fear of contagion!

  6. Article, “Effective Daily Defense,” by Deborah Huebsch, is also very strong.

    What a Family: SpiritView!
    Thank you for your dedication, Evan!
    Such a fine example for so many.

  7. Yes! We’re already vaccinated with Perfect Love. Hallelujah!! And Happy New Year to all of you! “The greatest moments are still to come”. This is the refrain from a song performed at the Toronto Parliament of World Religions.

  8. Absolutely!! As Mrs. Eddy also states that as we “keep our minds filled with Truth and Love, sin, disease and death CANNOT enter them.” (What Our Leader Says) I add emphasis to statements like this as well to affirm that it is 1000% true.

    Much gratitude for this blog post Evan, and all of your posts of kernels of Truth throughout the year. Looking forward to demonstrating dominion over false beliefs with you all in 2021 !!

  9. Dear Evan., I am so very grateful for today’s SpiritView; it is very comforting and helpful!!!
    Thank you, Angie for another link to a suitable and wonderful article.♡

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