Walk in Spirit

May 1, 2024 | 33 comments

Walk in the Spirit….

~ Galatians 5:16

If you’d like to walk with a buoyant step, a happy heart, and a light load, be sure to walk in Spirit.

Spirit knows no physical limits.  Spirit is God, infinite being, unlimited Life.

Thought inspired by Spirit sees boundless freedom ahead of it.

To walk in Spirit is to listen for spiritual ideas and then act on them.  Every step is an inspired step, teeming with love and gratitude. 

Walking in Spirit is not the same thing as trying to walk in matter.  Trying to walk in matter focuses thought on muscles, bones, and physicality—all the realm of the finite.  When one leans on the finite, one gets finite results.

The better way is to lean on the infinite.  Let Spirit inspire your thought with spiritual truth, and in turn, the inspiration that moves your thought, will move the body in proper ways.  

Real walking is thought advancing from one inspired idea to another.  The body that is governed by a free thought, expresses that same freedom. 

For the best walking experience, walk in Spirit.  Let Spirit inspire you, motivate you, lift you, move you, empower you, and guide you.  There are no limits on Spirit, and thus no limits an anyone expressing Spirit in action.

Walk in Spirit and go significant places today.  Spirit is the power that gets you there.

33 thoughts on “Walk in Spirit”

  1. Perfect for me today Evan. Divine Mind always directs you to come up with the right daily thought. Thank you for my daily dose of Truth. I couldn’t do without it! L. X

  2. Thank you, I rush each morning to find these inspiring suggestions to start my day!

    1. Cynthia I love the thought of you rushing to see what wonderful uplifts SV has to offer us each day. We should all move quickly toward Truth and away from error.

      Today’s message is much needed. My husband (not a CS student) exhibits the false appearance of limited mobility and pain in his walking, and has for some time. He was recently offered a somewhat invasive medical treatment to block the pain and is considering it but he has some concerns and reservations about it.

      Evan’s explanations about walking in spirit help
      me tremendously in praying to see he can only move freely with “a buoyant step and a happy heart” as is his divine right as the expression of God.

      “Real walking is thought advancing from one inspired idea to another.” Thanks for that Evan, good to have a true definition of walking.

  3. We used to have this saying when I was a younger, trying to rule my life with my own though of living in a material universe; “Easy for you to say.” But the more I learned and began to use what I learned through Christian Science, the better results became for me. It is not selfishness that frees us from ourselves, our own ideas of how life should be, but that acceptance that we are not King of this universe, that recognizing God as our creator and walking meekly upon this experience with our fellow mankind will create a path much better for all. That path will be one that we could not have possibly created without that humble acceptance.

    1. Ah, Josef, so right you are!
      This inspiration today is so helpful in today’s world. As you wrote, “recognizing God
      as our creator and walking meekly upon this experience with our fellow mankind will
      create a path much better for all”. With all of the hatred that seems to be manifesting
      itself these days, against other fellow beings, it is our thought that we need to walk
      away from it all and take thought in the spiritual direction.
      Walking through nature through Mind and Spirit, we settle in to a peace that eradicates
      whatever mortal mind tries to throw at us into believing, even if we are not “physically”
      walking, but being motivated through spiritual thinking.

    2. So right, Josef! Your comment ‘That path will be one that we could not have possibly created without that humble acceptance’ leapt out at me this morning – I’m only beginning to realize just how much humility and trust are demanded of us to leave our burdens with God, Truth, Spirit. To feel the release of personal responsibility is extremely freeing – allowing us to joyously move forward with gratitude. Thank you Josef, Evan and all!

      1. Thank you Evan, Josef, and Jennifer for the ideas and expansion of ideas on humbly walking in Spirit. The Daily Lift for today also spoke of the need to “receive and humbly accept” the good God leads us to on that spiritual path. https://www.christianscience.com/christian-healing-today/daily-lift/itadakimasu-i-humbly-accept?cmpid=ema:JSH:DL:20240501&src=newsletter

        Thank you for all the other comments as well. They are always so uplifting and gratifying.

  4. So inspiring, Evan, and so filled with Truth. I need to be mindful of this every moment.

  5. Thank you, Evan, for your inspiring thoughts on walking. Very helpful, and thank you for all your blogs. With much gratitude and love..

  6. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Evan… and I’ve kept this thought with me all day…I’m truly grateful for all your encouragement ❣️

  7. Hymn #592, “We Are Walking in the Light of God” is beautiful in it’s
    reference to walking in Spirit.
    For those unfamiliar to it, it goes,

    “We are walking in the light of God..
    We are all God’s children, expressions of one Mind
    Living in the radiance of Spirit all divine.
    Every heart and nation is answering the call
    To a true salvation knowing God is All – in – all.
    We are praying in the light of God…
    As we turn our faces up to the light of Life,
    Harmony replaces all pain and fear and strife.
    See the heavenly harvest so bountifully poured
    As we raise our voices being all of one accord!
    We are singing in the light of God…
    We are walking, we are praying, ooh,
    We are singing in the light of God.”
    So lovely!

    1. Thank you very much, dear Carol for giving us the whole text of that hymn, because we never sing from the new Supplement of the old known hymnal book. However I do love the old hymnal.
      But I’m grateful to you, Carol for the whole text; it’s utmost comforting, encouraging and healing, so needed!♡

  8. Thank you very dearly, Evan for today’s wonderful and inspiring SpiritView!
    The two last sentences here are fulfilled by me today. I went significant place always having in mind that my driving and walking is in Spirit. This significant place was my church which I visited for testimony meeting. It was a lovely meeting; am thankful to God for it!
    We sang a lovely hymn, namely, let my hands do everything with love, and let also my feet move for you alone , dear God! So in that sense. I’m sure you all know the hymn I mean. All movement, all doings in Love to the glory of our God!♡

    1. Thank you, Uta, for reminding me of Hymn 324.

      “Take my Life, and let it be Consecrated, Lord, to Thee. Take my moments and my days, Let them flow in ceaseless praise. Take my hands and let them move At the impulse of Thy love.

      Take my feet, and let them be Swift and beautiful for Thee. Take my voice and let me sing Always only for my King. Take my lips and let them be filled with messages from Thee.

      Take my every thought to use In the way that Thou shalt chose.. Take my love; O.. Lord, I pour At Thy feet it’s treasure store. I am Thine and I will be Ever, only, all for Thee.”

      With gratitude and love to all❣️

  9. Thank you Evan for today’s SpiritView. Thank you Rose. My husband also (not a CS student) exhibits the false appearance of limited mobility and pain in his walking, and has for some time. Your statement helps me to my prayers “to see he can only move freely with “a buoyant step and a happy heart” as is his divine right as the expression of God.”

  10. Thank you dear Evan for sharing this correct view !!
    -what a contrast: holding to this Truth, obliterates lie

  11. Don’t you just love it, when reading a hymn as a poem rather than singing it, the words seem to take on new meaning. Spiritview has to be the first port of call everyday. Thank you so much to all who share here

    1. I agree, jb. Hymns read are so inspirational. I have found comfort
      in the hymnal so many times and often randomly open to just the
      right inspiration needed at that moment, as if God opened to that
      particular page, not me. It is a beautiful feeling.. The hymn you shared
      is lovely, as are the others shared. I appreciate so much all who
      share here, also…. And thank you, BarbaraUK and SpiritView Friend
      for your kind words.

  12. O Lord, wherever Thy people meet, there they behold Thy mercy seat;wherever they seek Thee, Though art found, and every place is hallowed ground.Hymm 227 xx

  13. Yes, I am also very grateful for every single comment here. Today did not yet get SpiritView though it is Evening in Germany. But nice to talk today on yesterday’s platform of Evan’s SV!:)

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