What happens after death

September 25, 2008 | 3 comments

A reader just sent me a link to a thought provoking article on the distinction to be made between mind and brain.

Reports of Near Death Experiences have been around for decades, but medical scientists have yet to come to terms with what they mean. Dr. Sam Parnia is one scientist who wants to understand and has been conducting extensive studies on the subject.

What happens when we die?” posted on Yahoo News, tells about some of his discoveries and thoughts about NDEs.

I’ve had patients over the years tell me about their NDE’s. They were genuine and sincere in their stories. They had no reason to make them up. Typically, they keep their experiences very private for fear of what other people think if they were to talk about them. But the evidence is so compelling that life continues after death, and that the mind is separate from the brain, that scientists will inevitably have to deal with this question and resolve the questions it provokes. This appears to be happening with Parnia’s studies.

I especially like Parnia’s observation at the end of the article where he describes how a new science is needed to explain how the mind works independent of the brain.

Could that needed science be divine Science? I think maybe so…

3 thoughts on “What happens after death”

  1. In answer to this question, I have found what Mrs. Eddy says in Miscellaneous Writings to be the easiest to understand. She answers the question, (page 42 of Mis. Writings), “After the change called death takes place, do we meet those gone before?–or does life continue in thought only as in a dream? I sometimes feel that this material existence has a very definite (Adam) dream quality. Death doesn’t make matter a reality.

  2. In the July 2, 2001 CS Sentinel, Howard Johnson wrote a wonderful article called “Death Did Not End My Life”, which I keep on my nightstand. You might check it out.

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