What is influencing your thought

November 1, 2023 | 16 comments


What is influencing your thought today, the human mind or the divine Mind?

Mary Baker Eddy writes,

In a world of sin and sensuality hastening to a greater development of power, it is wise earnestly to consider whether it is the human mind or the divine Mind which is influencing one” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 82).

The divine Mind always has the best influence.

Mind’s influence inspires with new and grand possibilities.

Mind loves us, comforts us, strengthens us.

Mind is a constant and faithful companion, a nurturer of our progress, a supporter of all right activity,

Divine Mind always has our best interests in view and gives us everything we need to realize them.

The human mind is paltry compared to the divine Mind. The human mind entertains finite views, sees limited options, believes in disease and suffering, accepts pain as normal, even agrees to failure at times. The human mind is not our best friend.

The divine Mind is our Best Friend! The influence of divine Mind is always the best influence.

Companion with divine Mind and prosper!

16 thoughts on “What is influencing your thought”

  1. Working on a spiritual solution to a financial problem this morning, I read that it is impossible to serve two masters. Serving two masters will only bring worry, doubt and fear. It is imperative that I take my stand by God and trust His wisdom to unfold a principled solution. Human reasoning cannot be relied upon. I vow that I will not give in to fear today.

  2. I feel the need to start each day with: where are you living?
    It takes a while to tip the scale to the one Mind. Mortal mind offers chaos no clear thoughts. When that was all you knew you sorted through the trash for something that might have a kernel of help
    I liked Bicknell Young saying if you don’t know what to do tie a knot and hang on. Something like that. Means to me we don’t give in to the sea of mental garbage but hang on to truth like a rope and rise above it and listen.

    1. Nadine, so true what you said. Looking to mortal/human mind for answers is like sorting through mental trash trying to find help. Its answers, as Evan said, are paltry, small, myopic, severely limited. He says the human mind is not our best friend. It is not our friend at all. God, divine Mind is our dear and best friend.

  3. Thank you Evan and all. I love this idea, in Evan’s explanation, that divine Mind always gives us all we need to accomplish.
    I have had this experience in a number of projects both short term and long term projects and divine Mind has never failed. In Science and Health we read, that, “divine Mind has infinite resources with which to bless mankind.”

  4. “From earth’s fears and vain alarms, safe in Her encircling arms, S/he will keep us all the way, God, our refuge, strength, and stay.” (3rd verse of Hymn 53.) (I switched some pronouns)

  5. Thank you Evan and all, always, for thoughts shared here. I am reminded of Hymn# 264,
    “Onward Christian soldiers, Marching as to war,
    With the cross of Jesus Going on before…
    Like a mighty army, Moves the Church of God, Brothers we are treading
    Where the saints have trod…
    Crowns and thrones may perish, Kingdoms rise and wane,
    But the Church of Jesus Constant will remain…
    Blend with ours your voices In the triumph-song;
    Glory, laud and honor Unto Christ the King; This through countless ages
    Men and angels sing.”
    Sometimes it seems we are in a battle against the warring of little minds against the
    One Mind/God. So many conflicting erroneous thoughts tempt us all of the time to
    believe in – limitation, lack, war, crime, chaos, and so many other tugs in the direction
    against the One Mind of Harmony and Peace. But we have within us, an abundance
    of renewed inspiration, the resilience like the sun’s warmth and perseverance to
    overcome any “little mind” allure that would try to take our thought in a limited direction.
    Our thought marches together towards Peace and Love for a better world.

  6. I love the hymn that starts out;
    Day by day the manna fell
    Oh to learn this lesson well
    Thank you Lord for our daily bread..

  7. Oh my goodness! This is such a wonderful post … so powerful! I will watch single thought today! Very inspiring.

  8. In reading again this beautiful message above and the radiant ambient light warming
    the lovely and peaceful scene, “We Are Walking in the Light of God” (hymn #592)
    gently flooded into thought like a silver lining of heavenly expression. The hymn glorifies,
    “We are walking in the light of God…
    We are praying in the light of God…
    We are singing in the light of God…
    We are all God’s children, expression of one Mind,
    Living in the radiance of Spirit all divine.
    Every heart and nation is answering the call
    To a true salvation knowing God is All -in – all…
    As we turn our faces, up to the light of Life,
    Harmony replaces all pain and fear and strife.
    See the heavenly harvest so bountifully poured,
    As we raise our voices being all of one accord!”

    Reflections of light honored peacefulness and calm.

  9. thank you even this message is so needed today. I just finished watching a videos of someone criticizing christian science that I kinda got upset of how bias and wrong he was and while it popular online I feel bad that there was no way to correcting this.
    Thank you for this message to remind myself where my focus should be.

  10. Thank you very much, Evan for today’s important SpiritView! It’s revolutionary that human thoughts are not really good but only God’s spiritual thoughts are good. And we can and must listen to God’s thoughts in order to do right. I have heard the saying “let go and let God”. As I understand, it means to leave the human, .mortal thoughts and listen to God’s thoughts and ideas and so follow the divine guidance. That’s very desirable!

    dear “J” thank you very much for the article “The power of “let” !

    And thank you for the wonderful hymns. I love them all. ♡

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