What kind of signs do you leave behind?

October 17, 2019 | 20 comments

While driving up the Alaska highway last August, my wife and I stopped at the Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake, Yukon. What a sight! I’ve never seen so many signs in one place.

The collection of signs got me thinking about what the most important signs are that we leave behind when travelling through the adventures of life. It seemed to me that it’s not the material placards, or engravings of, “I was here,” that counts so much in the long run, as the works we do.

I explain in this video…

“Leave signs following wherever you go”

20 thoughts on “What kind of signs do you leave behind?”

  1. This reminds me of something else I read or heard ages ago..that your life is like a boat and the wake is what is left behind as the boat travels through the water….and at the end we are asked “what kind of wake will YOU leave behind?”

  2. That’s so great and much needed and appreciated today as not feeling so good today with back pain. Your video just the sign to restore my spirits. Amen.

  3. Thank you, Evan, for the countless healing signs following from all your prayer, work, and generous sharing over these years, blessing all!

  4. Thank you, Evan.
    I am trying to help untangling a lot of conflicts in our school district and this was so helpful in guiding in being more humble in my actions and seeking guidance as we approach a big meeting tonight. You just made my day. As always, our needs were met when I just stopped to listen to the “still, small voice.”
    An added bonus is that you make me eager to take the trip to Alaska : )

  5. Inspiring! We can’t help but leave our sign as we go through our day-words of encouragement, support, healing prayer, forgiveness, steadfast faith , leave their mark and healing evidence in the lives they touch!

  6. Thank you Evan. I guess if you live your life with love and understanding you will attract likewise into your life. I work with adults who have mental and physical challenges once per week and it has been a gift for me to see past their material presentations. I love to hear what they are thinking; far more profound than one would imagine
    I am going to think about the ‘wake’ I leave behind.

  7. Thanks for the vlog today! Yes, the love we give and express is the most important “sign” we can leave behind. That’s what is remembered and held dear.

  8. The sun sets
    My mind sets
    All Life sets
    and sits in the
    Lotus Flower
    of God’s awakening….

    I think,
    I meditate,
    I wait….

    Surely God will
    answer my prayer

    Because my prayer
    is God’s Love and Life….

  9. Needed this today Evan. Pain and discouragement were setting in with two new challenges but your words, as always, were right on to meet my need and the discouragement has lifted. Thank you for always helping us no matter where you are.

  10. Peace, love, kindness, unselfishness, morality, goodness, integrity, generosity and faith should be the lasting signs of our lives, and of our times.
    Thanks to all today for sharing.

  11. Thank you Evan, for always lifting us up into spiritual mindedness.
    You steadily remind us to look at the things with our spiritual sense!
    You are right of course, only the good we express and do to our neighbor matters and leave signs of blessings and healings and comforting behind. Our neighbor, as we know, is everybody needing our help. It is such a nice and loving Vlog, thanks a lot, Evan.
    Today, I could talk nicely and kindly to some of my neighbors at home.
    And I sent some mails to members of my church. This resulted from your advice, Evan, to leave signs of Goodness behind – am so grateful for SpiritView! 🙂

    Thank you Maximo for your inspired poem. Glad you are back again to bring us your inspirations.

    1. I have to jump in here and say – what a GREAT Daily Lift for our “daily life”. These signs don’t follow but lead the way, I feel, and
      just LOVE the message! Thanks Evan!!!

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