The “God says” quotes illustrated

October 16, 2019 | 13 comments

On September 23rd, I posted a blog titled, “Listen to what God has to say,” that was very popular with readers. It’s a hypothetical conversation between what a person in a limited state of mind might say, and what God with an unlimited view might say in response.

Several Reading Room librarians asked if they could use the quotes in window displays, and I told them that the content is in the public domain, easily found on the internet, so I didn’t see any reason why not. One librarian took the initiative and had a poster designed right away, and the result was inspiring, as you can see in the picture posted with this blog.

If you’d like your own poster, you can order it in three different sizes from Lyn Drake, the graphic designer.  You can email her at [email protected] for information.  Thanks Lyn!

Lyn’s work can be found on the web at

Listen to what God has to say


13 thoughts on “The “God says” quotes illustrated”

  1. Thank you very much for this information about these posters. We are in the process of renovating a former shop into our new church and reading room and posters like these are one of the things we will be needing for our window.

  2. Thank you Evan – such a wonderful idea! I will order it, then translate it into German and let it print here; or as an alternative, perhaps could ask Lyn, if I post her the German translation, that she let it print for German readingrooms. I am a Readingroom Assistent here in my Readingroom and would be very interested in such clear and inspiring Poster. That can easily be understood by non-CSLER. I love those quotes about “Listen what God has to say”.

  3. I am one of the librarians who asked about the quotes, and they are part of our Reading Room window right now. The poster is great, and I am passing it along to other RR staff who do window design. I do it sometimes, but we are fortunate to have someone who is very creative and does wonderful windows. I do think this idea is well worth using, in some form, more than once.

  4. The intercommunication is always from God to man. Asking to hear his answer is an opening of thought to the voice of Good, always there to be understood.
    The colorful graphics are uplifting. They extend the thought to everyone seeing this to seek this communication.
    Only good cam come of it. Everyone has something to contribute in some way to uplift those in need. A part of loving our neighbor as ourselves.
    Thank you for sharing this Lyn and for encouraging it, Evan. Too often we hold back trying to consider the appropriate use of spiritual treasures. Sitting on a book shelf, guarded by copyrights, works from the prophets, poets, remain unseen and unrevealed by those who need them most of all. Those who pursue these instructions know where to find and study them and are uplifted. Now we are forthwith commanded to share what we have found. Give of your heart’s rich overflow. Lots of these words are not mine own. But they occupy a larger part of my though daily. Sharing is caring. Thank you all for that sharing and caring.

  5. Evan and all, I was so delighted in that day’s SV and when I read that the material was in the public domain I made up.a poster for my Society’s Reading Room window pronto. I just picked it up from Staples yesterday and am planning a window it. This is so relevant given that Thanksgiving week, coming up soon in the US, is also National Bible Week. How beautifully this dovetails together! It shows how one thought of love can germinate so many wonderful acts of inspiration. What cannot God do? Thanks all for being such a force for good.

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