Breaking the mesmerism of technology

October 15, 2019 | 14 comments

Have you ever had to compete with a device for the attention of another person?

Here’s a heartening video about a step one woman took to renew old friendships despite the proliferation of technology.

“The Other Person”

Translation of the quote at the end of the video is “Sometimes we just need an excuse to be friends.”

14 thoughts on “Breaking the mesmerism of technology”

  1. Thank you Evan led me to these:
    “Judge not according to the appearance , but judge righteous judgement” John 7:24
    “Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” Isaiah 60:1
    When we see ourselves in our true light, our true nature shines forth, we become as one, and the following is demonstrated in shared Love.
    “The intercommunication is always from God to His idea, man.” SH 284:31-32

  2. This video is so warm, lovely and compelling. It reminds me of church where for an hour or so a week we put aside the distractions and come together for a spiritual meal so to speak. We greet old friends and welcome new ones with warmth and gratitude and for the next hour pray for each other, sing together and worship our heavenly Father-Mother. We each bring to the table what we have in our hearts, our gratitude, devotion and energy to collectively join as a church family. When I was a child and would whine to my parents about having to give up my morning TV watching on Sundays and go to church this was the answer they gave me. “God has cared for you and watched over you every hour of everyday this past week. Can’t you give Him just one hour?” Can’t we do this for each other as well as God’s children? Very thoughtful post, thank you Evan.
    of praying to

    1. You touched my heart, Karen. I never could translate the happening in this heartwarming video into such a wonderfully loving christian scientific manner! I love what you commented, thanks a lot!
      And thank you very much all commenter friends up and below for your lovely and inspiring comments!
      Dear Evan, I am utmost grateful for your very uplifting and healing SpiritView of today and of every day – so loving and comforting !
      My answer to your first question is: no
      But I also cherish such a loving, joyful personal contact, chatting and laughing togeher like in the video here very much.
      Thanks for SpiritView!!!

  3. “Sometimes we just need an excuse to be friends.”
    Perfect timing! I was wrestling with relationships at church (my own struggle) and this comment jumped out – “what better excuse than belonging to the same church?!”
    Gonna keep that in thought all day.
    Thank you.

    1. Wonderful and just what I needed today. I am a professional author and am, more and more, faced by tech use all around me. Yes, I use some of it, but still value the printed word most highly. At a recent writers’ conference and also at recent public book signings I have been meeting people who either very rarely read at all, or, when they do, read and communicate only on a tech device. This SpiritView gives inspiration and hope to one who loves reading words in print on paper–and talking rather than texting. THANK YOU from Radine

  4. Thank you Evan. If you are curious about a cool way to bring folks together go to “the turquoise”. Kristin has brought communities and friends together and you can too just by simply putting a picnic table in her front yard and painting it turquoise.

    Enjoy a tech free day with all God had bestowed to you.

  5. This video is great and the message so needed in today’s world. A friend had told me she went to visit far away relatives. Her grandchildren were constantly fiddling with their video games, even at the table, her daughter in law was talking to someone on the phone during the whole time and her son and she sat and listened to a one-sided conversation. She just went home and Cried. She felt horribly ignored. Now she has passed on and that time shared could have been so much more valuable. Technology can be good in many ways, but can also be a distraction to sharing our hearts and soul, some of whom could really cherish the sharing.

  6. Lovely video Evan. Thank you! Each person at the table brings a rich experience with a different kind of food, different experiences, different ideas! Lovely! I got to do this last Monday night a week ago and it was wonderful!

  7. What a timely video. Thank you Evan and all responders. We attended a surprise 50th birthday party last week with food and cake, etc. about 30 people from 21 to 86, some family and many friends. There was not a cellphone in sight, no iPads, just phones for taking pictures. What a glorious time everyone had, recalling meetings with each other, sharing stories, getting acquainted , Love was evident among different faiths, even different country origins. Breaking bread together, expressing the Christ spirit was so evident. It was glorious! And is still possible in a tech savvy world.

  8. “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies”.
    Psalm 91
    Never thought that the enemy would be electronics. Just trying to communicate with someone in business is a challenging experience of punching in numbers and codes. The best process is to exhibit extreme patience and perseverance. And courtesy when finally reaching someone who isn’t artificial intelligence.
    I’m grateful for the table full of the expression of communicating over the plenty of togetherness.
    There is no void or frustration there.
    My grandchildren have been encouraged to leave the cell phones and go outside and be active!
    Thank you for sharing today.

  9. I loved this. So often from all of this no one can seem to concentrate on a conversation.
    I love feeding people so I posted this on my FB page.

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