What would you do differently if…?

November 29, 2018 | 27 comments

What would you do differently if you understood eternal life? No, honestly. Millions of people claim they understand eternal life, yet, they don’t live like they understand it. So, the question needs to be asked.

When you understand eternal life, you never fear for tomorrow. You never fear losing something good, or someone precious and important to you. You aren’t stressed about having enough time to do things, missing opportunities, or missed opportunities. You don’t worry about not having enough. You are fearless about your health because you know you’ll never lose it.

There are huge benefits to understanding eternal life.

The ultimate benefit is losing all fear of death. In eternal life, there is no death—ever—of anything good, or of anyone good.

To understand eternal life is to live at the point of maximum good each moment of each day. It’s to accept all of God’s goodness here and now to explore, experience and be a part of. It’s to enjoy each moment fully and completely. It’s to know infinite, unending, on-going good that is never, ever, lost. It’s to experience the best Life has to offer!

So, how would your day be different if you truly accepted life to be eternal? What fears, worries and anxieties would you quickly drop if you embraced eternal life? Probably many….

Waste no time fearing death. Enjoy life. Live Life. Be everything God created you to be, today, and every day!

27 thoughts on “What would you do differently if…?”

  1. Thankyou thankyou thankyou, dear Evan! That is SO helpful. I realise now that I have been subconsciously fearing various things , as you say . A good Christian Scientist, Joyce Grenfell, once wrote: ” There is no time, only this minute and I’m in it, thank the Lord.”

    I shall start living my eternal life right away! And I’ll print out the S/view to keep by me.

  2. Oh thank you so very much for today’s so valuable SpiritView, dear Evan! Will keep it,too.
    You posed a question and will reply to it.
    I would be utmost happy, of course not worrying about anything, and I would long to help my brothers and sister to be as well and happy as I am!
    Once I heard – it’s always today, yesterday is today and tomorrow is also today.
    MBEDDY says – SH p. 468 – ,,Eternity, not time, expresses the thought of Life, and time is no part of eternity. Time is finite, eternity is forever infinitude. ”

    Am glad and grateful that Christian Science teaches us this Good which God is – what a precious Pearl it is, worth giving everything for getting that Pearl -CS –

  3. As read in our Thanksgiving Lesson, “Thanks be to God for His unspeakable Gift:.
    I thank our Father-Mother God for giving you these Angel messages to share with
    us~ And thank you, Evan for sharing them here! This is Wonderful! 🙂

  4. I love this statement and the article Evan…I have “There is no outside to Infinity” on a post-it note on my computer but I think I will replace it with “Keep on living your eternal Life – there is no other choice” .

    Thanks for this blog which keeps my thought in line with Truth every day.

  5. Let go of fear & live eternal life…we have Mrs Eddy’s marching orders! Thank you, Evan for your daily reminders. Much gratitude.

  6. Webster: “eternal – To have an abiding fellowship with God”

    No clocks~Calendars~Pressures~or Time!
    Only pure peace, and perpetually unfolding goodness and love.

    Thank you for the reminder, Evan.

  7. As I understand eternal life it holds an expectancy of only good. At 85 I am ready to experience this, to be literally absent from the body, with all of its impairments, and to be present with the Lord. There is nothing on earth that I desire that I am capable of doing.

  8. Wow! This melds with what I have been holding in thought…the fact that Love is all. 100%. No mixture of good and bad. Since Life is eternal and Love is all, fear has no place to exist. Thanks Evan!!

  9. Thank you Evan. I agree with others that this is an excellent message you shared with us today!!!

    I’m nearing what is considered in the U.S. “early retirement age” and I’ve realized I need to guard my thinking against the idea that I only have XX years left and therefore I have to live based on that premise. Instead I’ve been reminding myself that life is eternal and therefore I can live with the understanding that there is no time. The true definition of eternity does not mean “infinite time”. It means “an experience in which time does not exist” (timelessness) and therefore time does not have to be a factor in decision making.

  10. Thankyou so much for posing this question – really needed – and a very clear answer. A real wake up call.

  11. WOW — Thanks Evan. What a great reminder! Thanks Sue for sharing the definition of eternal -“To have an abiding fellowship with God”. We all must embrace the fact that we are living eternal life now ! We are constantly in the secret place of the Most High abiding and expressing Life! Nothing can diminish Life. What a joy to know!

  12. Excellent! Thank you for sharing this! Makes all the difference in the world to our present experience. All there is, is the eternal now!

    1. This is a great message and definitely a keeper. Thank you Evan for all you lovingly share with us. Your clear thoughts bless us all and the fine comments from list members also bless. Love to all.

      Looks like there are two Peggys now. I’ll be Peggy H

  13. Thanks so much for the message today. I love Mrs. Eddy’s definition of YEAR, and especially the statement on 599:1-2: “Eternity is God’s measurement of Soul-filled years.” I think of that often, and hold to the moments of love, joy, peace, harmony, etc. Those are the moments of NOW, and we can never lose them.

    1. thank you Daphne, its very helpful and so true. And I love that truth sentence also. It is evening here and I will now read the passages, you mentioned in your inspiring comment!

      Evan, thats a gorgeous foto – it gives peace and spiritual freedom and iternity – thanks a lot for it!

  14. wow. I did not expect this. I was reading S&H early this morning and its ironic I read the quote mentioned on P.468 and then I started reading again Recapitulation. I was awakened around 3 am by anxiety seemingly out of no where and it was clear, I needed to fill up my spiritual ‘tank’. In the spirit of dealing with error now and not climbing up the hill to freedom, this is especially welcome. I appreciate everyone’s comments.

  15. Wow! So powerful and sooo healing ! We can really hold onto this and prove it ! Thank you again and again, Evan !

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